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Torie Smith
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I have a city girl mentality with a country girl heart. I love being around people and especially meeting new ones. I live with my family and my wonderful boyfriend. I couldn't be any happier right now. I am here only for CASUAL conversation, and of course to play all the games . I am addicted to Texas hold em, so send me a request anytime. Hit me up!
Tori Wilson
Torie Goodyear
Tori Gay
Tori L
Tori Storm
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Tori Rosa
Name: Tori Lane Rosa. [ Yes i am named after a famous pornstar. ] Age: 18 Am I still going to school: No not currently been looking for a collage with make-up artist classes. Smoke: Yes Drink: Yes relationship Status: TAKEN BY NIKO XD. Sexuality: Bisexual. : ] So the hottie ladies are welcome. obsesion: Big Boobs : ] Haha Am i emo: No i would call myself that but have been placed in that catagory. Here for: Relationship, Friendships, Comvorsation, and The girls a bois : ] Kids: Nope love em' and want em just not yet : ]
Torin Bolena
i am very out going i love movies im a huge movie buff i love to dance i love the out doors
Tori Tahsler
I am a sophmore in college right now I am a very social butterfly, love to hang and do just about everything with friends I have a sweet car that i love to drive everywere just got out of an engagement I work and go to school full time so i'm perty busy i guess I love to meet new people to chill with. I'm pretty laid back and like to have fun hangin out with friends, going to parties, just about any social event, gun range, video games, movies, music, meeting new people, cruzin and racin', going out to eat, history, dirtbikes, camping, drag racing, street racing, hookah smokin, chillin
Lets see i have brown curly hair, brown eyes, i wear glasses, i'm 5'2 about 155lbs, i have a pretty white straight smile, i have 11 piercings. i have three tattoo's one on my foot, one on my back btw my shoulder blades, and one on my inner wrist. i'm half white half hispanic, i live in Fort Worth, TX! i did graduate HS,and i've attended some college, I'm a single mom! i have a very handsom 5yr old lil boy, his name is Haidyn! my son comes before any one and anything! I love Children!! Yes i have a kid and if that bugs you then i have no time for someone like you!!!!!!! Love your kids, you were a kid too so you know what its like to be one!! I love taking Haidyn to the park, movies, mall, zoo, baseball games ect... and interacting with him! i mainly grew up in Crowley...When i have the free time which isnt very often!! i like to go out, watch movies, play pool, dance, go clubing, i like to 4-wheel, jet sky, go mudding, camp, fish, travel, i love spending time and devoting my love to my
Tori Forman
i am an emt for my local ambulace corps. i enjoy helping out when ever i get the time of course it is not that offten anymore since i have started my 2nd job bahhh i am busy as all hell two waitressing jobs ems and trying to move so i can be with my man aahhhhhh very exhausting but someone's gotta do it lol i do love that man so it is all worth it i love going out on the weekends with my girlfriends to have a few drinks and let loose lol we get a lil nutty sometimes but hey who doesnt???????? dont lie lol you know you do ..... any way we have good times at THE EAST SIDE BAR AND GRILL one of my jobs lol we are a disfunctional biker family but we love each other
Tori Sanders
Tori Brooks
I uploaded some sexy (nude) pics on my sex dating profile So Click here to see them (you have to login to verify your over 18) i like to please my man in any way he likes to be pleased.Whenever possible I read and write voraciously, work incessantly, travel widely.SOUND GOOD....stuns you to silence its so amazingly beautiful.I have recently started Sheridan College taking art fundamentals.
Toriano Jenkins
Tori Vaughan
Tori Crocker
Tori Smith
I am person of informed and discriminating taste: a connoisseur of fine wines. I like to spend my time working with my hands, I am good with craft work.I am looking for my soul mate,a lover and a partner..someone to love and cherish,someone to walk the miles of this world with, I like to fish,camping,race cars,motor bikes and all the good things of life, I love music, dancing, holding hands, sun, sand, water, sunrises and sunsets. I also love the holidays. I love to travel especially to romantic islands,cuddle in front of a fireplace with a glass of wine,l love to Read,sometime l go to movies,on shoping and Going to beach sometimes, love to laugh,I love good music,good food mostly sea Food,good company. I love soccer,music, arts,gardening and cooking yes...
Tori Foote
Torian Hills
im cool layed back guy...who loves football and is focused on playing..very athletic, chill, down for what i dnt hate unless i try....def if u wanna know more dont be shy ask me, you never wat can happyen unless u try... football, music, eating, hanging out, watching movies is the shit. and relaxing after a hard days of wrk
Tori Givens
Tori Mcdaniels
Tori Jacobs
look at my picture, what else is there to know(; i LOVE sex(: and guys(: and making out with the same sex(: if you have any of the same interests...hit me up(:
Tori Lucier
im tori, 19 yrs young. very very happily married to a US Army/OIF vet. im from cincinnati ohio, currently living in GA where my husband is stationed. my friends and family always come first no matter what. fuck with them you fuck with me and you WONT like it. i hate guys that dont know how to read profiles then ask if your single or try to hit on you. thats pretty much it, if you dont like it then get the fuck off my page biyotch!!!
Tori Gonzalez
I'm Tori. 20 years old. getting ready for college. getting ready for lots of music. getting ready for my life to take off dad doesnt really want me to sing. Mom- loves it, and cries everytime I used to say that i had many friends, but few best friends. now i say, my band mates i go on tour with are. even through all the crap i would give and get "ting" I started from the lowdown bottom, and now Im at the top. I wont brag, but I'm... A GREAT LOVER PASSIONATE DANCER. HILARIOUS DRINKER. -SIGH-what else.. oh and i looooove pizza and beer.
Tori Macdougal
calm, content, searching for real friends....which i know is impossible to find. i love my hubbie shaun. i love my family and i believe they will be the only ones in the long run happy go lucky. i always see the cup half full....but then drink it and want it filled again... i work two jobs, 3 beautiful babies....and so on...ask me if you wan to know more then, k!
Toris Ramize
Hi my name is Tori and i am looking for a good woman who can spoil me. I love playing with handcuffs and i love it when a woman handcuffs me. I live in Gresham Oregon
Toriann Hengels
Toriano Jones
Tori Vesco
Tori Fox
Tori Willian
hey yall my name b tori.. ima out going kinda chick love havin fun and partyin thats it just ask anything
Torie Krull
Tori Joseph
Tori Lawson-lee
Torie Sanders
Tori Drake
Tori Lewis
Tori Johnson
Tori Gillespie
Torin Beattie
Tori Vega
Toriano Van Cobb
Tori Smithson
Tori Lynn
Tori Ford
Tori Kelley
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Tori C
You are Strength Courage, strength, fortitude. Power not arrested in the act of judgement, but passing on to further action, sometimes obstinacy. This is a card of courage and energy. It represents both the Lion's hot, roaring energy, and the Maiden's steadfast will. The innocent Maiden is unafraid, undaunted, and indomitable. In some cards she opens the lion's mouth, in others she shuts it. Either way, she proves that inner strength is more powerful than raw physical strength. That forces can be controlled and used to score a victory is very close to the message of the Chariot, which might be why, in some decks, it is Justice that is card 8 instead of Strength. With strength you can control not only the situation, but yourself. It is a card about anger and impulse management, about creative answers, leadership and maintaining one's personal honor. It can also stand for a steadfast friend. What Tarot Card are You?Take the Test to Find Out.
Torin Green
Tori Twiztid
Tori Mccormick
i live in northern new york, im 25 years old. im pretty open, if you want to know more just ask me
Toriano Winston
visited 25 states (50%)Create your own visited map of The United States
Toriano Dossert
Tori Harper
Torin Tthomas
Toria Williams
my name is tori. i'm a down to earth girl. love to hang out with friends and my little boy. i dont like drama so i try to stay away from it. i can be a bitch but i try not to but. i'm really sweet and fun to be around so if you like what i said hit me up i like hanging out with friends, mudding and having fun
Tori Keegan-ramirez
Tori Hodgman
Tori Sherman
Gretchen Wilson i like all kinds of movies, but mostly horror, thrillers, an drama
Toris Boone
Toriq Djibran
Torice Shevemichattjelyyta
Tori Mcvaney
Tori Stanfill
Tori Huffman
I'm here just to make friends and meet new people from around the world! I have a man that I'm crazy about, very happy with and am MARRYING ON SEPTEMBER 7, 2013! So if you're looking for someone to cam or talk dirty to you, keep looking 'cuz I'm not interested. If the only comments you care to make in my shout box are sexually explicit, don't bother, I'll probably just ignore you and block you, just sayin'! No I will not give you my phone number! I only give my YIM to my family, SO DON'T PESTER ME FOR IT! That being said, if you're sincere about being friends, say hi and introduce yourself. Let's see here about me, hmmm. Well, I'm a chef/restaurant manager, I love to cook. My favorite kinds of food to cook is the Italian and Irish food I grew up with and the southern and Cajun food I came to love when I lived down south. I'm Irish/Italian and have the temper to match. My favorite addiction is tattoos, I have 17 at the moment and of course plans for more. I like working on computers an
Torian Pegram
Tori Morrissette
Toriq Bey
Tori Daniello
Tori Black
-*Hey Stalker, My name is Victoria "Tori" Black. And im the sweetest bitch youll ever meet. I smile all the time. I love music. I'm an only child. I love to party like an animal. I love food.Everyone does,. I dont give a fuck about anything. I do whatever i want whenever i want.Im Loud rude and ill tell u whats in my mind even if it hurts ur feelings and im honest! I don't give bullshit nor do I put up with any. I don't live to please anyone else but myself and God. Partying is my weekends.Summer Night that never end Partying is my everything. I love hanging out with my bestfriends. Horror movies will SCARED THE FUCK out of will always be my favorite movies. i DONT GIVE A FUCK abt ANYTHING! I would Laugh at pointless shit!!!! Nights i'll never forget and nights i'll never remember (; . Need to know anything else? Ask*-
Torie Blassingame
Tori Martin
Tori Duer
Tori Ervin
Tori Mae
Let's just put it this way, If you got a nickle for everytime you met a girl like me, you'd have 5 cents. I am a complete stoner , amateur tattoo artist, fun-sized, Intelligent, Comical, Witty & Sarcastic, Adorable, Level-Headed, Highly Opinionated, Shameless, Fearless, Determined, Goal orientated, Careless, Open-Minded, Spontaneous && Free-Spirited. I'm a punk rock sweetheart
Tori Mccoy
Tori Handler
Tori Coon
Torie Jeffries
Tori Corso
Torii Ivie
Torin Armstrong
Torissa Utter
Tori Helle
Tori Perry
Torild Albertsen
Torian Tevis
Tori Hines
i like texting an hangin with friends an a guy friend who may become boyfriend. i just want friends!!! all kinds cher all kinds
Tori Aimes
Tori Smith
Torion Laury
My name is Torion Luis Surrey Laury I'm 20 Love to do a lot of things hmu Sports,games,chilling, and working
Tori Taylor
when the devil is busy and death's too much, they call on me for my special touch....and it's easy when you're evil. this is the life, you see when the devil tips HIS hat to ME!!!!!!!! best movies: nightmare before chirstmas boondock saints
Torian Holder
Tori Williams
Well the names Tori my birthday is january 19th 1994 I live in ohio but the city you dont get to know. I hate drama so them that at the door. I am bisexual, and I am single but not looking if someone \happens to fall outta the sky and say i like you more then a friend then I'll see where it goes. I am not confident about myself I have very low self esteem. To many people leave my life with out saying bye so I dont get close to anymore. Ummmm idk what else to say so bye. I like to draw write be artistic and play video games. I love photography. I love tattoos and percings, my out look on that is your body is a living canvas what you do with it is up to you.
Tori Le
Tori Hill
Tori Trudeautravers
Tori Foster
Just ask me anything and I will do my best to answer your curious mind. BUT! Please no stupid or really dirty questions I have had to many and quite frankly they are rather annoying. If I start the questions like that it is a different story.....Well then my mind is in hell and it is taking a stroll down Candy Land Lane.
Toribio Sanchez
I love the outdoors love going camping fishing skiing mountain climbingI'd be crazy to say I didn't like mountain climbing because I'm from California plan palms Mojave Desert I'm into a lot of sports I like NASCAR hockey football my favorite NASCAR driver is jr hockey I like the penguins my favorite football team the Steelers. I like plying my ps3 .
Tori C
Tori S
Your moms box and your sisters ass lol Best Movie Of ALL TIMES is....... Grandmas Boy!!!!!!! yes......
Tori E
Hi. I'm a 49 year-old "married(?)" woman. My husband's a good man, great provider, but he's out of town a lot and doesn't do it for even when he's home. So I look elsewhere. It's not right, but I can't help it. I need more than five minutes of grunting twice a month. Men AND women (especially young ladies) eighteen and up. Love to show off and see sexy ladies showing it off around town.
Tori Mcgrath
Torian Slade
Torie Kennedy
Im 35 ive been in a very happy relationship for almost 6yrs i have 4 children one girl three boys I have the best mum inlaw in the world i love my family and friends would be lost without them I love spending time with my family and friends love afl footy Go carlton blues i enjoy life and everything bout it My idols are my family and friends Horror thrillers comedy action i like old movies chicflicks tearjerkers My favourite movie of all time stand by me the funniest movie ive seen is the pest
Tori Etmanski
Toribio Marquez
Torjay Tanoy
Torjuan Mcclain
Torki Saadi
Tor Kristian
Torkil Kl√łvning
Tormented Disturbd
Im a 26 year old married mother of a beautiful lil girl named Alyssa-Marie. My lil girl is 6 years old,is in kindergarten,is in advance readin, is learnin spanish. She is my world. Without her id be a lost soul......first before all i love my daughter alyssa-marie she is my my husband ...he tolerates my crazy my my my friends...i love art..vincent vangogh & manray are my favs..i love black nailpolish..fake obsessed with piercings... love gettin ink.... love pretty things... love my 2004 2 door sport chevy caviler... canary yellow.. with rims n charcoal drawings... my favortie art medium for me to use is oil pastels.... obssesed with eyes....stars....lips...... love silver glitter... love my boston terrior suzy-q she is all our new puppy bubba he is half american bull dog half lab... love my four cats callie .. jezzebell..tink...alli
Torm Wilson
Tor Marom
Tornado Texas
Torn Miklaz
Tornell's Spot
Torned Into A Million Torned Into A Million
Tornado Black
Torn Saechao
Torn Saechao
Torn Thought
Torn David
Tornike Pipia
Tornado Meatthruster
Torodd Johnsen
Torok ~
Toro Sanders
Toronto Security Guard
Toronto Security Guard , Toronto Security Guard Companies and Toronto Security Guard Company Toronto Security Guard Company Takes pride in the quality of customer service provided to all customers, big or small. The level of service offered, is the direct reason for our success. As a customer of Metro Protective, you are assured to receive a personalized service that is unmatched. Toronto Security Guard , Toronto Security Guard Companies and Toronto Security Guard Company Toronto Security Guard Company Takes pride in the quality of customer service provided to all customers, big or small. The level of service offered, is the direct reason for our success. As a customer of Metro Protective, you are assured to receive a personalized service that is unmatched.
Toro Negro
Toro Loc
Torpa Obear
Torque Daddy
Torquil French
Hello all, Firstly my name is Torquil(unique name) also known as Dark,Darkman,or Babyboy.i am originally from a small island in the Caribbean called St.kitts. i love cooking, chatting, fishing, driving, working out. im a pretty laid back guy. i try to keep away from things that will upset me lol feel free to stop on my page and say hi. ask anything....ill be honest with u.i'm young and talented and will do anything thats fun. willing to try almost anything twice :) Lets101 Quizzes - Fun Quizzes i like having fun, anykind of fun u u name it and if its fun i wanna try it or do it
Torque Sandoval
easy goin stoner
Torrey Price
Torrey Jenkins
im handsome, smart, funny and i like making people laugh~! im going to school right now for computer tech and net working at matc,tech. i love smart independent girls. my hobies are lifting, fishing and clubing~! MySpace LayoutsFunny Videos
im emo...what else is there to torri. im 16. 5'2" 130. hazel eyes. brownish red hair. 11 piercings and a tattoo. i have a myspace so check me out there. i dont think im going to be on this one much. its. . thats about it. later
Torrie Wilson
Torrey Baker
Torrie Gioffre
My names Torrie. In a few short months im getting my own house and doing gothic porn on a website. I am engaged, im probably going to be having sex with him most of the time, unless in that short of time i can find another female. Yes im bisexual. Im going to become an internet sensation. I model for a (normal) agency right now, but its just for extra money. I love photo comments , so give me some. I love to talk to people so talk to me too. Anyway can add me, i dont care. If you dont want to talk then dont talk, if you do then use the shoutbox im usually here. I shoot photos in my spare time. Any requests, go ahead and tell me. Im not doing nudes until i get my own house so dont request that you'll get told no. I have a yahoo, TioBloodyTears and i have an AIM/AOL KillerCraz3 You can talk to me just dont tell me that you wanna fuck me or whatever you WILL get cussed out.
Torrance Evans
i'm a very caring hazeled eyed man who love life to the fullest,whom love his kids i'm interested in everything except drama
Torrey Mathers
Torrid Model
Torrie Scott
Torrance Baker
I am 5'10' black man 33 years old i am a good person 2 be with and a fun person 2 i like 2 go out 2 the show and out 2 eat and i like spending my time with the right girl it is not much more 2 say but i do know that u will be happy 2 be with me. I love a girl 2 be funny and like 2 go out 2 the movies and out 2 eat and she got 2 have 2 know what she want out of life and funny and look good 2 ht about 4'11' to 5'9' and love 2 spend time with me and have a good head on the top and have agood job and that is it.
Well first off I am not all into myself so I am not really sure what to say.let's see here I am 30 bisexual female. I am funny, smart, and love to meet new people and make friends. I desire honesty above all else so if you wanna be someone your not you may as well leave now!If you can manage being yourself drop me aline to say hi or whatever. You are 56% Bisexual You are bisexual. For you, sex is about having fun and the sex of your partner is of no consequence to you. You probably have a little bit of a preference either way, but you donít let that slow you down. Take this quiz at I like to try new things, I like pool, movies, music, cpu, magick, reading, poetry, swimming, going for walks and traveling.
Torrie Hall
me myself and i and dancing lol, i also like wrestling trish stratus, mickie james and me ofcourse
Torri -
Torry Hutton
I just turned 30. I work in customer service as a motel manager. I have 2 kids ages 8 and 10. If you wanna know anything else, just ask. :)
Torreall Burks
Torrey Gray
What's to tell? I'm 28 years old living currently in Germany. I'm a medic in the US Army, and loving my job. I grew up in eastern Maine until I was 19 and then moved around until I joined the army at the age of 25. I'm divorced for a year and I have a beautiful daughter who is about to turn 7. She's my world and I'd do absolutely anything for her. I'm into cars. Anything with them; driving, tuning, racing, shows, you name it. I love the fact that I can drive on the Autobahn every day. Driving fast is a rush. I love to have a good time. Parties, clubs, bars..all good things. I'm also big into rollercoasters. Nothing beats the feeling of being totally uncontrolled. As of October 9 2006 I'm a newbie. Thanks for the comments and I appreciate any pointers anyone can give me. LostCherry Images at Myspace tweaks at LostCherry Images at LostCherry Images at LostCherry Images at TweakYo
Torrie Murko
Buried at PhotoCasket.comBefore you read any further lets get a couple things straight - NO I will not post nude pictures, NO I dont want to cyber with you, NO I dont want to see you on cam and NO you will not be seeing me on DONT ASK!!! Also, I am not interested in friends for points! This is a social site and I want to be SOCIAL with the friends I have!! okay now you can continue reading, lol.... Formerly from Bakersfield, Ca I'm now living in South Alabama and trying to adjust to the totally different culture out here...I'm not saying anything bad its just a whole different world from the one I left behind...If I stop by your page and dont rate it then I ALREADY HAVE...I've rated a lot of profiles at this point and sometimes forget where I have been...forgive me I'm forgetful ...I dont know what to say about me...I'm Wiccan, bi-sexual, a mom, kinda quiet, sometimes spontaneous and looking to meet people, especially in South Alabama, but really from anywhere
Torrian Crawford
Torrey Hansen
sports,music of corse. cars, girls if they fit in :) camping, hiking,paintballing. that's all for now
I have 2 kids the first is a girl the second is a boy think im done. lol im addicted to farmville and online games. have a great boyfriend been together for a while but we started out as friends, which was great that we didnt have to learn eachother since we were already so close. I love my family! If you ever get a chance to hit me up, you'll find out quickly that my kids and my man are my life. What Is Your Inner Desire? LoveYour emotions tend to get the better of you. Love is your #1, and you like to love. You hate being sad, but cry when your heart feels its time. BE HAPPY! You go for lively colors like purples or pinks. How do you compare? Take this test! | Tests from Test
Torry Kennedy
Torrey Brown
i like to party with my boys and have a good time. I love to dance i can dance to anything. Drinking is really fun. Sometimes i like to sing with a couple of my buddies.
Torrey D
Torrie Armstrong
i'm a 28 year old thug that likes to have fun!!!!
Torrey James Sr
hello this is torrey a romantic,loving,affectionate,passionate and outgoing but laid-back guy living in north dallas
Torrance Turner
my name is torrance turner. my nickname is toy. they call me baby shaq. i am 22 age. i am 6'4. i am proud of deaf. i was baby deaf by 2 or 3 age. i am use sign langauge all the time. i can talk alittle and pretty a good read lips. i am sweet, funny, honest, smart, nice, friendly, treat to lady, respect to lady and listen to lady. i am love to play basketball hang out with my homey, shoppin, mall, party, clubbin, go out eat, go out movie, six flags, white water and travel other state. i want meet to white woman and mexican gurls. i want sexy woman are so beautiful and hottie.
Torrance Pierce
Torrey Warren
Torrey Waldon
Torrence Tucker
Hi Im Torrence im 25 I like hanging out with friends and going clubbin. if you want to know more about me ask me anything you want. im an outgoing person i love to watch movies... i like meeting new people...... -------------------------------------------------------------------- i like hanging out with friends, meeting new people. I love to go to concerts and hnging out i am a social drinker and yes i do smoke.... i hate fake people.
Torry Dalton
Torri Cech
Torrie Satterfield
im a very layed back guy. just like to enjoy everyday for what it is. not looking for anything serious cause life might be short but its long enough to meet enough people that you actually know who the right one is. if you want to have a good time doin whatever and probably laughin your ass off then im that guy! Its no worries with me you'll learn that.
Torrey Punchard
Torres Miguel
Torrick Friels
Torrence Thompson
Torrey Graham
Torrance Patterson
Torriano Harrison
Torrey Critton
[VicTORIa] .and in my world me and my friends are the best there is. Ęĺ i am a music fanatic! i love to poetry and music°¶ ::)) i believe in love!
Torrey Thomas
Torrell Berry
Torrie Lesser
Torri Blah
My name is Torri. I live with my bestfriend/roomamte my mom... yea yea laugh it up.. but meh its where i like to be but anyway.. I'm laid back until u piss me off lol then i'm ur worst enemy... I'm not your average Chick.. I do what I please and you if you don't like it get the hell off my page haha.. I listen to alot of different music.. Mostly Rock,metal,tech n9ne, Icp, rap( EMINEM),n anything i freaking feel like.. I refuse to be liked for who I am NOT... but loved to be hated for who I AM
Torriean Ready
Torrance Moses
Torry Piechowski
Torry Fossett
Torrian Evans
Torrance Williams
Torrey Henderson
Torrance Pearson
Torrence Beret
you'd definitely rather see me here...its much more revealing:
Torres Boyong
Torrie Morrissette
Torry Starwalt
Torri Smith
Torry Ward
Torri Grenway
To be honest I made this profile just to hook up and meet cool and exciting people. Iím not necessarily looking for a steady boyfriend, but instead someone who is looking 2 have a GREAT time maybe chill out party that kind of thing. I donít have any pre-conceived notions about these things I just want 2 see what happens so if your open-minded, like 2 party and just have a good time- Then I might be the one U have been missing. Donít be a stranger contact me I havenít had much luck finding Mr. Right- so now Iím just looking 4 Mr. Right NOW! I want to chat and meet up with someone who is outgoing, enjoys kicking back and chillin, and just having fun. If you like clubs, and bars, movies, parties, the beach you get the ideaÖ Iím an all around fun girl. I love sports, and outdoor activities skiing, rollerblading, hiking, swimming. I also love the girly girl things, SHOE shopping lol Right now, I am really liking the Twilight Series. Rather recently, I started to get into Romantic Comedies.
Torri Icant Remember
Torrence Antwoin Freeman
Torri Lorayne
Hi The names torri Lorayne! 19 years old! outgoing, can be a little shy, but am a real girl! im goin threw ups and downs but am a strong girl! tired of bein walkd all ovr lets talk byes for noww!
Torres Fernando
Torrey Wilson
Torrey Winbush
Torren Budd
Torrence Tucker
Torres Roberto
Torrey Bey is torrey...jus here ta chill...maybe flirt a lil...if u koo...u down ta chill holla atcha boi...
Torrance Allen
Torrey Daniel
Torrie Adkins
Torri Atkinson
im 21 my names torri i live in oglesby illinois im lookin for new friends n stuff im real laidback if u wanna kno more just send me a msg umm computers games music and my family anything im not picky about movies as long as they r good i favor horror movies tho
Torrey Howard
Torrence James
Torry Polo Guy Miles
Torriee Virgil
Torrance Porcha
Torri Lloyd
Torrey Pursifull
Torrie Jones
18. Single. Not Your Average Person. Im The Goofiest Person You'll Ever Meet. Sweet Talker. Ladies Man . Flirt. A DJ. Basically Thats Me In A Nut Shell Women. Music. Love. Humor. Movies. Beach. Video Games. Money.
Torres Jose
Torrey Nielsen
Torrick Bissoon
I am a simple, cool, easygoing and thoughtful person. I enjoy poetry, long walks and interesting conversations. I am interested in poetry, video games, technology, vehicles, beauty pageants and helping persons in need. Gandhi, The Wright Brothers etc Action, Romance, Comedy, Drama and Horror
Torrie Gilbreath
Torrance Bagley
Torrey Pursifull
Torre Robinson
Torrance Johns
Torrie Turner
Torre Yosbel
Torria Wells
Torrey Ann
Torri Clark
Torry Diamond
Torri Parisher
Torr Warr
Torre Jamama
Torryce Beal
Torrean Whitlow
Torrie Goodman
Torrey Sanders
Torrance Mcdonald
Torrick Spangler
Torrey Pearson
Torrin Akers
Torrey Jenkins
Torris Miller
Torres Heron
Torren Amo
Torrey Palmer
Torres Felix
Torro Ramirez
Torrance Miller
Torres Johnson
Torrance Salazar
Torrance Salazar
Torrey White
Nikki Sixx Horror, drama and suspense, cuddle with a lady movies
Torsten Reil
Torsten Schmidt
Torsten Bache
Torsten Meyer
Torsten Norman
Torsten Baar
Torsten Keller
Torsten Gierke
Torsa Tadesse
Tortuga Delmar
Tortured Soul
well i am in a so called relationship of 7 years. i think i got the itch to run but i will nt and cant. we have a 2 year old together. In additon i am very spiritual, NOT A JESUS freak. sorry to those that it offends but i see the bible as one of the best story books of all time making far more money than anything else. I am rather shy in many ways but if a person were to meet my they would think otherwise. I fake it really well. and yess some spelling is wrong but guess what people make mistakes. well i think i said enough here and if anyone wants to know more they will need to send me an email. outside of that i am a 35 year old male with a 29 year old olady and we have a 2 year old little monster boy. I have many intrest. ostly things that are real. like acient history or about the wars and some documentrys depending on the person doing it or what it is about.
Torture Chamber
Torun Chele
Toruk Cardy
Tor Vincent
Tor Vic
Tor Walsh
Tory Coombes
Tory Foster
Tory Amos
Tory Dujnic
Tory Price
Tory Middlebrooks
Tory Failing
i am a 18 year old dude from las vegas. i love hot chicks and i havent had sex in a month!!!! i'm dying!
Well lets see what do i say about myself. Well first of all im here to make friends and have a great time. I am a kind hearted woman with a heart of gold. Will do anything for my frineds. I dont stand for drama or childish games. Pretty quiet and keep to myself. If im spoken to i will answer. I am a stay at home mother. Have been through a great deal in the last 7 yrs. Lost my husband in a car accident which left me to raise 3 kids alone. Found a new love and have been going in the right direction with my life considering i was a widow by time i was 21. Anyways hope to meet some more really nice people. Have met a few already and love hearing from someone new all the time. Yall have a good one! most recent movie seen and loved was firewall. absolutely hate romance movies. Horror is my favorite = )
Tory Acevedo
Tory Noling
Im in to football, basketball, soccer, all kinds of sports, i like to have fun go to parties and chill with my freinds
Tory T.
Yes Yes Yes....You have found the right page..... My name is Tory.I'm a 18 year old single black man that lives life to the fullest. I'm a real laid back Guy, but don't take my kindness for weakness cause I don't play that shit. I go to College (gotta get ahead in life cant be no dummy). I work two jobs so I am always wit da mumps in my pockets. I try to stay out of trouble at all times, but give me a problem and I'll solve it. That's just real shit. I'm a man of his word, so whatever I say. I do. No matter what it is. My word is my bond, so in the end that's all I got to give. If you got any more questions hit me up and I'll answer it to the best of my ability. Well in a woman I need one that is: Down to earth Sexy as hell Intelligent Can hold a convo Good listener Employed and or in school Respectful Opinionated Sense of humor MATURE (But knows when to cut loose sometimes) Fresh 2 Def Acts like a lady Etc..........................................
Tory Perkins
Tory Barker
i have lots of intrests MUSIC, hanging out, talking on the phone:) going to the mall, meeting new ppl, friends, drinking, smoking, going to parties, and money i like money it can be used for anything lol.... sports, hobbies i like them and seeing other ppls hobbies. thats all i can think right now but if u wonder if i like something else ask
Tory Cheney
Tory Shaffer
Tory Gillenwater
Tory Ritchie
Tory Mezick
Tory Hillman
Tory Mesick
Tory Mesizk
Tory Kerz
Tory Cannon
Tory Mccluskey
Tory Beccarri
I'm going to make this short and sweet just like me. I'm a single mother of one. My daughter means the world to me. I love to listen to music, cook, spend time with family and friends, watch movies, drink a little on special occasions, and much more. I'm a pretty easy going person. I enjoy being around new people and making new friends. I like to have my space every once in a while, just like everyone else. If you want to know more about me just ask.
Tory Corter
Tory Rasmussen
Tory Rockwell
Tory Fleck
Tory Boyd
Tory Wentworth
Tory Sabino
im interested in girls w/blue eyes and blond hair.
Toryn Johnson
Tory Austin
Tory Lessard
Tory Brown
Tory Kibodeaux
Tory Kloer
Tory Ulp
lets see my name Locco raised in North Bend, OR. im 24 spent 5 an half in the Marines. wile in i lived in Haleiwa, Hawaii for about 6 years. Fuk i suck at this i like cliff jumping, skyydiving, drinkingan partying hard, pretty much if its crazy an fun im in
Tory Orr
Tory Aberts
like to play basketball, hang wit friends, party, very easy going, takes alot to make me mad, cant stand liers, love meetin new pple, talk to me to find out more
Tory Whitfield
Tory Snavley
Tory Spells
Tory Cheney
Toryjean Hunter
Hi, My name is Vicky, I also go by Tory-Jean... I am a nice person, easy to get along with, until someone pisses me off! I Like to make people laugh and smile... And trust me I can pretty much make any body laugh! I have my ups and downs, just like anyone else... If you would like to know more about me, please feel free to ask! I like camping, fishing, hanging out with my friends and family! I like to watch movies, play my Wii, and play board games too... I like to cook sometimes and bake! I like pretty much all kinds of foods and drinks...Ect, ask if you'd like to know more! I have no Idols! All kinds!
Tory Grace
Tory Evans
Tory Buttiker
Tory Mcmahan
Tory Dupuis
Tory Hoodlum Cartel
Tory Boyer
Tory Vetter
Tory Amber
Tory Mccloud
T Osakue
Tosan Max
Tosca Wilson
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I love the beach and I love sex. What else is there??? Sex. Toys. 3somes. 4 somes. Girls. Men. Down for whatever.
Toseef Iqbal
Tosha Wood
Tosha Collins
I AM ME AND THATS ABOUT IT...IF YOU DONT LIKE IT TO BAD!! Im basically interested in anything...just ask!

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