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Jaqlynn Lesniakowski
Jaq Mild
Jaq Ou 812
Jaqs Jaq
Jaquita Brown
Jaqualla Unknown
Jaque Mihada
Jaquiline M
Jaquita Mills
I'm me and that is all you have to know!! if you wanna know more just ask! I'll tell you when you ask!!
Jaquida Davis
Jaquice Spears
Jaquinta Haynes
Jaqueline Battle
Jaqualynn W.
Life is what you make it so make it right. So about me. (I HATE DRAMA) I think of myself different then other girls. I don't dress like a star or what not. I dress like I want that day. I can be stubborn and whatnot but I think everygirl is. I don't care if a guy is in to me because of me. I Will Not Change For Any Guy I no guys try to change girls but if you don't like how I look or am then go find someone else. Serisouly I hate when guys try to change people its just wrong. I don't put up with lies. I don't put of with people playin games. I don't put up with people who think they are all that because they have lots of money or what not. I hate how people sit there and talk about how fucked up they are or things like that. I mean I don't care who else would. I love my tatoo. I have lived in Everett all of my life. I'm about 5'0 to 5'2. Im short and im blonde. My eyes change colors. I work. I can be a bitch but im really cool most of the time. I love to meet people and have fun. I don
Jaquay Parker
I like to have fun all the time. For right now you can call me Mr. Stress Relieve and I'm here to relieve your stress lady's. So reach me sometimes when you get a chance to. Peace... i'm interest in single woman tat want to have fun or love me and i'll take care of the rest
Jaqueline Reed
Jaquelyn *~d.j. House Fan Club President
Jaquan Lane
my name is Jaqueline..... i have a boyfriend his name is Russo.... not interested in anything but friends here.... i'm not a chatty person..... please don't ask me to join a lounge..... please don't post them on my comments (they will be deleted)... not interested in nsfw pixs ..... if you want to see a woman nude go to a porn site or another chicky....this chicky isn't into that..... no you cant have my yahoo or any other id's..... i'm not afraid to block anyone....
Jaqueline Castro
Jaquan Lee
Jaquie Brandenberger
Jaquan Stinchcomb
Jaquawn Gmitter
my first name is jaquawn im currently in high school i play baketball football i love 2 go out wit my bois have a couple drinks and party all nite im not in a relationship at the moment im 5"11 and thats basicly all
Jaquilla Burrell
Ja'quan Bryant
Jaquez Columbus
Jaquan Wrice
Jaquincy Bailey
Jaquan Hurricks
Jaquavus Carswell
Jaqueline White
Jaqueline Doyle
Jaquan Clay
Jaquan Clay
I lik playin basketball and football and I dance and My fav music well it's on my homepage listen u know wat I don't give care wat people think of me I might might be short but I don't care. u know I do play around sometimes but I am wanted them friends u will want.If u don't want to be my friend I respect u but u goin to want to be my friend I will be friends with any bodyso I am hear most of the time.tick tick
Jaquan Link
Jaquon Pegues
Jaqueline Guzman
Jaqueline Kramer
Jaquez French
Jaqueline Martinez Contreras
Jaquan Smith
Jaquin Hernandez
Jaquelynne Daugherty
Jaqueline Alago
Jaquon Spikes
Jaquan Stinnette
Jaques Michaud
Jaquez Wheeler
Jaquan Gogarty
Jaquan Coley
Jaquan Thomas
Jaquelyn Perez
Ja'quez Smith
Jaquan Joye
Jaqueline Sammy
Jaqueline Mcdowell
Jaquan Stewart
Jaquan Wood
Jaqueline Rivera
Jaquita Brown
Jaquan Austin
Jaquan Ymcmb Cypress
Jaquantez Ruff
Jaqueline Garcia
Jaquan Clark
Jaquelyne Elfrisca
Jaquarious Mitchell
Jaquavias Caster
Jaqueline Michel
Jaqual Black
Jaquarius Scott
Jaquaruse Jones
Jaquell Murray
Jaquez Jones
Jaqueline Cowan
Jaqulin Williams
Jaquise Mitchell
Jaque Le Berry
Jaqueline Xú
hi.. i'm jaquilyn 22 years old, single.. i'm looking for someone to have fun and meet up also.. if you are interested just add me on my *S*K*Y*P*E* prettyjaquilyn i'll wait :*
Jarad Hartman
didnt i just answer all that?lol like i said before, music is my be lost w/out it, but i like to chill, drink sometimes, just live life w/no limits.
Jara Vande
Jarad Hoskin
Jarann Laidlow
So what do people want to know about you. your hight and weight thing like that i dont really think so coz i coundnt care less about how much you weight or how tall you are and that just me keeping it real with ya. If you really want to know something about me it that im not a fake person i will never lie to you and if i dont agree with something im going to say that i dont agree but thats just me this doesnt mean that im a b*tch it just means that im real b*tch But dont think for one minutie that i cant be a B*tch coz i can but that side of Jazz never really comes out So what else do you want to know about me huh? how bout what i like to do well im not the typical round the way girl (if you know what i mean ) if any really know me then the would know that im all about Music every thing that i do i do it with music in my ears TRUST!!!! even in exams at school back in the day i had my music in my ears and never got catch that make me the number 1 G of all time !! but if i don
Jarah Frazier
Jaran Pate
Jarad Bellows
Jarah Frazier
Jarad Williams
Jarad Smith
Jaramy Riddle
if u wanna know jus get at me
Jar Adkison
Jarad Drye
Jarad Heger
Jarad Truesell
Jara Nope
Jarame Kibbe
Jarael Sexton
Jarad Hughes
Jarard Blackwell
Jara Willis
Jaral Shilling
Jaramiyo Herrera
Jara Wilson
Jara Fitzgerald
Jar Barnett
Jarc Getnit
Jardine Smith
Jardy Torres
Jared Carmouche
I love to party and do everything a normal guys always up for meeting new people
Jared Paulson
I am a 21 year old male from mid-western wisconsin. I work at an automotive parts store and on the weekends i like to get sloppy ass drunk and be crazy! I like working out at the gym, skateboarding, snowboarding, and most of all, PARTYING! Mouse Fitzgerald Bumfights
Jared Rockwell
5;;11 brown hair hazel eyes athletic body fun person very talkative and a nice guy all arround
Jared Buntin
Jared Ruchins
Jared Wicks
Jaren Dog
Jared Clarkson
Jaree Strozier
i'm the coolest chick eva. i'm all about havin good times, laughin bout dumb shit and just chillin:) cheese is my idol anything funny. none of that romantic comedy shit. i hate that.
Im 5'10" and a sophmore in college. I live in Minnesota and go to the U here. I grew up in North Dakota so I'm a small town guy. Like to listen/play/make music mainly in the punk/classic rock genre. I like video games because basically they are a huge time waster. Sports are huge, I play goalie in hockey and Midfield in Soccer. I love to go out to drink and have a couple beers.
Jared Leabo
Jared Weyers
Jareth Nyght
Jared Mccubbin
I'd love to let you know about me, but I want to do it artistically. If anyone knows how to post backgrounds, pics, etc. please let me know!
When you meet me, you know me, yet the good stuff is still a few pages coming. I'm funny, I have a kind heart, and you'll never find a nicer guy. I believe that honesty now will save you pain later.
Jared Perez
Im to dance, go to the clubs, Go to the beach, listen to music for hours at a time for no reason. love watching movies... love talking about nothing for no reason.... Music, Clubs, Beach, Partying My Mom, Dj Tiesto, Paul Oakenfold, Baby Anne, Dj Icey Star wars, American Pies, Old School, Scarface, X-Men,
Jared Vanlaningham
Jared Marshall
Jared Jodrey
Just a fun loving guy looking to maybe have some fun, and have a fantasy or two.... let's see.... music, sex, fantasies, and games. Any takers? Hmmm.... Too many to list
Jared Johnson
well as u can see im a hottie! lol im into anything and everything! SPORTS AND HANGING OUT
Jared Larson
Jared Palmer
Jared Dough
what up.... my name is jared AKA smurffyLee... im 21 years old, livin in the great BaY aReA cal. i get along with almost everyone. if yah got any questions feel free to ask School AKA cooking,hangin with friends, drinkin, any and every sport, dont like to watch much sports but ill play anything no idols really, i like to be myself, no CoPyiN anyone here anything with edward norton... American history X and fight club are my two fave movies boondock saints donny darko (TRIPPY) Half baked grandma's boy... there are too many to count
Jared Orcutt
Jared Elliott
im a friendly guy if i think i might like you. dont piss me off and we'll be fine,if you do i will kill you. i love to joke around and mess with people so if you think im mean im just playin or you really pissed me off. but if you ask i'll tell you. i am one of the most feared students at my school b/c of my size, im 6'2 and weigh 235 lbs. and i can fuck someone up if i want to. i have almost black hair, brown eyes. and dont really like people i like playin music and hangin with my fiends. sweet goth girl. i love them. joey from slipknot cause i play drums, and amy lee. and my older brother i really dont care for movies unless there a lot of death and destruction, and gore
Jared Forest
if your interested, come find my page on myspace.
Jared Stanfield
Jared Burnette
Jared Rogers
Jared Mclendon
Jared Ponte
Jared Burnette
Jared Buck
Hi, I'm Jared Buck. Just turned 23 years old. I was invited to join here by my friend and sister Ashley. I don't mind if you leave comments on my pictures or general comments about me, but please do not say anything inappropriate or offensive; doing so will get your comment deleted. Clear? Good. Enjoy learning about me here. Jared I enjoy reading science fiction and fantasy novels, playing video and computer games, writing (when I have the inspiration to do so), and finding out the newest scientific discoveries through the Internet and in print. I 'speak' American Sign Language as I'm deaf, but I also can speak bits and pieces of other languages, most notably Dutch and Russian.
Jared I
Jaresa Frye
Jared S
Jared Kruger
im calm when im not drunk. i hate to argu with people its a waste of time. love to party. mmmmm i dont know how to describe myself without sounding stupid so ill just leave that up to someone else so just ask someone that knows me well ALCOHOL. partying and anything else that teens like to do
Jared Marsh
Jared Duron
Jared Clift
Jared S
Jared S
Jared Casison
Jared Bell
Hello my mellow!! -Dustin Yes, I am da Rokk. Not to be confused with, The Rock. Im way cooler. Sike! My real name is Jared. Im very laid back and enjoy being in comfortable situations. Much of which can be any kind of situation, if I make it that way. A lot of times I like going out, on dates or with friends. But sometimes, I feel like sitting around the house to relax. I work full-time and attend school part-time right now, so I need my rest. Jesus Christ is my main influence, but music and movies inspire and motivate me also. I love nature, and being surrounded by it. Architecture is way cool; ancient and modern. Right now, Im not sure what I want to do with my life. I want to go outside my own boundaries by far! I want more spontaneous paths to take. More events in my life that will affect my being for the better. I want to learn the interesting things there are to know in life. Go to the places I see in my dreams. I want to have eternal companionship with the ppl that mean the most
Jared Maxwell
Well since I'm in the Marine Corps, I like to blows shit up, shot guns, drink beer, eat concertina wire, piss napalm, and kill bodies, Oh yea sex is fun too!
Jared Bever
Jared, you're an Observer! That means you're one of the more kind-hearted people around. You are unusually intuitive, and you probably understand yourself, as well as others. That also means you're a good mediator though you may prefer to spend more quiet time on your own than most. Because of the self-knowledge you already possess, you are better equipped than many to steer your life in the right direction. Understanding more about the components of your personality will reveal unique information that even people like you might not realize. And the better you know yourself, the more confident you'll be making decisions that affect your life. How do we know this about you? Because while taking the test, you answered questions that measure the basic traits that make up your personality. You're not about to move into a shack in remote Montana all by yourself, but then again, you'd rather do that than be bugged all the time about how you're feeling or what you're thinking about. That's
Jared Say
I'm a SAGiTTARiUS * -- Spontaneous. -- Great when found. -- Loves being in long relationships. -- The one -- So much love to give -- Not one to mess wit -- Very pretty. -- Very romantic. -- Nice to everyone They meet. -- Their Love is one of a kind. -- Silly, fun and sweet. -- Have own unique sexiness. -- Most caring person you will ever meet! -- Amazing n bed!!! and i work in only rocken lounge i'm Jared and I live in Minneaplis MN. I have 6 piercing, 5 TATTOO and I also like to work out a lot and play basketball. If you thing you can handle me .SEX, SEX, sex, is that all you girl think about! me TO j/k so whats up to alcohol, art, baby blue eye, bars, bartender, basket ball, big chevy trucks, camping, cat lover, coffee, concerts, cooking, cuddling, drawing, driving, driving fast, fishing, hiking, hunting, i love kids, kick boxing, late night walks, making porn, motorcycles, movies, music, night life, oral sex, outdoor, pets, piercings, playing darts and pool, sagittarius
I shoot, ride motorbikes, play video games, go fishing on occasion. What else do you need to know?
Jared Franklin
Jaresi Seyer
Jared Brandon
Jared Smith
Jared Widlak
Jared Widlak
I am a Junior at Salem High School. I'm 5'7", 145 and i am better than you. period. I look and act tough but i am really shy and have a HUGE heart. I am alot like a girl in most ways, sensitive, generous, wmotional, but i could still beat anyone on the basketball court or soccer field. I Like Basketball, Soccer, Video Games, and being with my friends.
Music Video Codes By I enjoy meeting new people so get at me if your interested in getting to know me more....
Jared Melancon
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Jaren Mitchell
Jared Denton
Jared Hall
Jared Stone
Jared Miller
Jared Dannenberger
Jared Pawlowski
Jared Edwards
Jares Bak
Jared Vankoughnett
Jared Wayne
Jared Crump
Im 5'10, IM half Black/White i got green eyes i got an athletic body from all the sports i played im a real easy goin guy im liked by everyone im a helpful guy when it comes down to helpin someone through some hard times thats bout it. Im a country boy through an through i love wheelin in the mountains here at home, i love to rodeo an watch it,im all bout partyin an havin a good time hell if yall wanna know anythin else jus give me a holler
Jared Lea
Jared Fox
Jared Nunez
Jared Walker
i dont like talking about me you have to talk to me in order to get to know me... lot of stuff just ask
Jared Barfield
Jared Williamson
I;m 5'11", blonde hair, green eyes, very athleticly fit. i hate stupid people.. i alway can make sht fun usually anything that there is to do i can make it fun or atleast funny. i have a good sence of hummor, i love to joke around and freak people out. i'm pretty easy to get along wit as long as you act like you have some kind of sence, i graduated college for electronics systems technology in 2005. I like scary movie and comedies. action movie wit blood guts or drugs is always good too.
Jared Morris
I am taken....yeah Your Aura is Violet Idealistic and thoughtful, you have the mind and ideas to change the world. And you have the charisma of a great leader, even if you don't always use it! The purpose of your life: saying truths that other people dare not say Famous purples include: Mahatma Gandhi, Martin Luther King, Jr., Susan B. Anthony Careers for you to try: Political Activist, Inventor, Life Coach What Color Is Your Aura? What interests me? Hmm.....alot of stuff....yeah....
Jared Maclean
Jared Ibison
i guess im just a country boy i like just to go hang out in the barn drink a few beers with the buddies then go out to the rodeo for the weekend rodeos are my life thats all i like to do is ride my idols are any 1 from chris shivers to tuff heademan to lane frost 8 seconds cowboy up
Jared Matte
Jared Hess
Jared Schmidt
Jared White
Hey there I am in the Coast Guard. Been in a lil over six yrs. I am orginally from New Mexico but stationed in Tx.
I'm huge, and my gf begs me for it every night. This is jsut here as a big waste of time and mild amusement for me. Sex, sex, more sex, kinky sex, freaky sex, outdoor sex, sex in public, sex in private, sex all the time.
Jared Baker
ask me Cool Myspace Contact Tables snow skiing, wake boarding, partying, LAX, beer pong. Pretty much anything active. Don't like to sit and watch sports to much, but I will play anything really. I love to just chill with friends, and party it up. I am a fun guy, but just to warn you in beer pong.. its a must, and i talk shit. Other then that i am pretty much like an other hard working stoner. Is that an oxymoron?
Jared Pruette
I'm a rather laid back guy. I have fun with my friends and party. I can act like I'm 5 or act mature when absolutely necessary.
Jared Dearing
Jared Maynard
I am just your average country boy. I like to go out get my truck dirty and have a good time. I work harder and play even harder yet. At the end of a hard day I enjoy an ice cold beer. I like my trucks lifted my cars vintage. I like my woman like I like my whiskey. Rough and harder but a nice smooth after touch. If you dont like my Country ways thats your own opion. I fly my southern flag to show my rebelion to our goverment yet I take my hat off when ever old gloary passes by. I want to say to every man and woman who has or is fighting for this country thank you for all you have done and Godbless your souls. And to everyone how dont agree with that can go straight to hell for all i care. Thanks for takin the time to view my profile and hope to talk to some of yall soon. Catch me at miredneck75 for aim/msn or you can find me at rodeoman2004 for yahoo. God Bless and GIT-ER-DONE. Oh one last thing im going to say im sorry to any one out there that thinks im trying to ignore them. its no
Jared Northup
Jared Kidwell
A volunteer fireman for two companies. I love fishing, sports cars and trucks. I work as an engineer doing land development. Cars, trucks, firefighting, fishing, drumming, music, fitness
Jared Dahlvig
Jared Junkin
Height: 5'7" Weight: 140 lbs Eye Color: Hazel Hair Color: blondish brown Umm... about me... well I said some general things about me in my interests... I'm 19. I'm enlisted in the Navy. I'm scheduled to leave for basic training March first. Currently I reside with my family which consists of my fried uncle, my pain in the ass sister, and my parents. I like Art, Guns, and Girls. I'm sadly however perpetually single. To be a 19 year virgin is quite the ego blow in my opinion. I am an artist. To see a few of my works go here: I am an Artist and an otaku, which means I love Anime. a large chunk of my life revolves around fictional characters and concepts. I enjoy genres like fantacy and scifi, as well as horror. I love The Lord of The Rings, and Star Wars, and most things of that nature. I can't say I have any idols... I was very fond of Steve Irwin though. I also envy the artistic talent of Louis Royo. http:/
Jared Robbins
Rock Climbing, Hiking, Snowboarding, Caving, Inline skating, Gymnastics, Scuba Diving, Fishing.......... ECT...!Webcam chicks at their finest! (part 2)Get more content like this Get this video and more at This Guy Is Insane, and Its Awsome!!! Get this video and more at Who Does That???? Get this video and more at PimpMySpace
Jared Kittle
My name is Jared, I was born and raised in Pennsylvania. I have played 12 years of football and am now enlisted in the PA Army National Guard as a Field Artillery Cannon Crewmember. I live with my father David(State Trooper) and my mother Brenda (Criminal Investigator). I enjoy paintballing, and just being able to hang out with my friends. You scored as Goth. Your A Goth!Goth90%Skater75%Rocker, Mosher65%Emo35%Chav, Townie, Rude Boy, Ned, Kev30%Trendy30%Prepy20%What Group Are You? Chav, Rocker, Skater, Emo, Goth, Trendy, Prepy Ectcreated with Right now I'm attending Bloomsburg University to get a degree in Criminal Justice, then I will either do 20 years military service to retire, or 20 years of state trooper service to retire. My Grandmother for always being there for me Final Destination 1-3, Saw 1-3, Resident Evil and Resident Evil Apocolypse, both Jackass Movies, Pitch Black, The Chronicles Of Riddick, A Man Apart, Knockaround Guys, all Fast and the Furious Movies, all
I'm on myspace as well: 25 year old Marine Corps Veteran... Native Texan. I'm a metal head, pierced up, tattooed Most of what you can learn about me is in the other sections, but I can reitterate those if you'd like. I love to write, 'specially poetry and songs on Political Activism and TRUTH. I'm very open minded and will always look to both sides of things and then discern what is more accurate to my tastes. I'm non-Christian, get that straight off. My faith lies more in the regions of Modern Satanism, standards set by the Father Szander Anton Lavey...yet I have branched from his thought b/c of the fact I found out most of his teachings about his own life were fraudulent...therefore I have as well studied a bit on Traditional Satanism. I love studying and reading about Ancient History, Mythology, Religion, philosophy..anything that allows me to use my mind and expand my knowledge, for "Knowledge is Power," and those that wield it can s
Jared Gilbert
Hey all, i'm just a poor college kid that wants to meet some exciting people! I like to have fun, but I know when I need to work. I like to skateboard, snowboard, geek out on the computer, meet peeps, and party hardy!
Jared Ryals
im 22 im about 5'11 260pounds just more to love its all good i like to race and i like to fish and camping
Jared Resurrection
Jareth Lycoris
You scored as Very Kinky. You are very Kinky. Yuo are not over the top but you like kinky arousements and you are willing to try something new every time. You will make a very fun sex partnerVery Kinky80%A Sicko60%Average50%A WUSS !!0%How sexual are youcreated with You scored as Nightcrawler. Nightcrawler is a very symbolic X-Man. He is persecuted by society because of his devilish looks, but it is his faith in God that gives him strength. He is a very gentle x-man but he does know how to fight and he enjoys fencing. Powers: TeleportationNightcrawler90%Rogue85%Jean Grey75%Wolverine70%
Jared Wise
Jared Evans
Jared Blackledge
i'm a 21/m singel, i go to college, and work two jobs, i live at homw with my mom and sister. w i like to talk to girls, i like to work on my car, have a goodtime,
Jared Powers
Heres a lil' about me: Imma wild spontaneous nigga wit a lotta energy so u neva kno i might surprise ya ! im 5'8'' chocolate skinned wit a nice toned body, medium lips an long hair/braids for da ladies 2 play in! I AM A FR3AK!! FREAKS GET AT ME !!!!But if u cant run wit me dont try cuz ill have u cummin back! Anything else of course u gotta ask. Wat I like In A Girl: Relationship wise: My ideal girl is of course a girl who is faithful to her man, especially if he's a rare find. She doesn't have to be fine just as long as she carries herself well. She's gotta be as freaky or freakier than me with a romantic side . Relations wise: She gotta b down 4 anything cuz like i said b4, I AM A FR3AK ! Wat i pitch sh gotta bat back u kno! she once again dont gotta b fine cuz i can see da sexiness in da most unlikely ppl! Imma Scorpio 2 so she gotta b ready 4 anything i throw I got SOME pics but they 4 da freaks! Imma ha' da rest lata jus keep passin thru an dont 4get 2 sho some love y
Jared Cordell
Courtesy of I LOVE THE WILDCATS Courtesy of MY BIRTHDAY IS IN Courtesy of Courtesy of Courtesy of Courtesy of Courtesy of Courtesy of
I'm a Juggalo and all I want is my shit! 24 years on this earth and you try and walk in my shoes and see what happens. Some people say I am Insane, I just say that I like to have fun on a different level not familiar to them. It's not my fault that you can't understand it. The Love of German girls, cause no matter how much the country fucked over my homeland for centuries, they sure bred some fine ass woman out of that place. Hee Hee. Believe me, I would know, cause I am with one of them and "Fine" in an understatment when it comes to her. I don't really idolize anyone. I think Todd Lockwood, who's work graces this page is the shiznit. The wrestler Chris Jericho is awesome. Other then that. Nah. All is all. So many movies and so little time. Kevin Smith is the shit. His stuff is some of my favorite.
Jared Donaldson
Find out
Jared Russell
I am 19, gay, and living in Reno, Nevada. Hit me up if you want to chat!
Jared Burnett
Jared Katz
i am a funny guy. 6'1 brn hair blue eyes 165 lbs, quite the lover fun to be around. women, girls, booze, sex, cars, drums, partying. Take the Superhero Quiz at Quiz!Free MySpace Quizzes & Online Quizes.
Jared Johnston
Boats, Planes, My dogies (two of them), my work, and life in general. I would also like to write a book about the end of the world as we know it and the people who take part in changing the world in the future. I dont really idolize anyone. I really appreciate a few people though; Nicola Tesla for inventing things with the intention of benifit to us all, and not profit just for him self. The inovators of techno in Detroit and House music in Chicago because they started something that echoes around the world to this day (electronic music/techno and house). Last but not least, my family for being supportive. I like a lot of movies, from funny ones to science fiction.. The Abyss, The Worlds Fastest Indian, The green mile, just to name a few..
Jared Dawson
Well, i'm kinda short, but i play a hardcore sport so whatever. I play lacrosse, i love it. I also go to the beach and chill almost everyday. i like to have fun too. I work in a pizzaria making pizzas for minimum wage..... woo-hoo..... I'm also into hardcore adventurous expidetions like zip-lining between 2 mountains or dogsledding on 9 ft of snow on top of a glacier well, i play sports like lacrosse and football, i like to camp and go to the beach. I also like to cook. and, of course i like the ladies
Jared Henson
Jared Levett
if you want to know something just ask i love to somke weed and hang out with friends my grand father ya i like a good movie
Jaren Saffle
Jared Matthews
Jared Hoyt
My name is Jared I went to Pomona and GRADUATED CLASS OF 2006 THATS RIGHT! I love the Playboy logo and thats about it for me but i am a fun outgoing guy love to go cliff diving, kneeboarding, wakeboarding, tubing you name it I more than likely have done it or want to. "I live for the nights i can't remember with the friends ill never forget :)" table, tr, td { background-color:transparent; border:none; border-width:0;} body { background-color:000000; background-image:url(''); background-attachment: fixed; background-position:center; background-repeat:no-repeat; border-color:000000; border-width:1px ; border-style: solid; scrollbar-face-color:000000; scrollbar-highlight-color:ffffff; scrollbar-3dlight-color:ffffff; scrollbar-shadow-color:ffffff; scrollbar-darkshadow-color:ffffff; scrollbar-arrow-color:ffffff; scrollbar
Jared Raymon
Im 23 single looking to meet a beautiful sexy girl to have some fun with. Im honest caring and know how to treat a woman im into sex, poker, money, cars, webcam fun is a favourite if your into that message me
Jared Best
Jared Frazer
hey folks, name's jared and welp, this is my tap! I'm a really weird mix. I'm half black, half honduran, and my friends say i act white (assholes!). But anyways, i'm cynical, a bit of a smartass, i wear a lot of black (if i don't have a stitch of black on at any time, there's something wrong) and i listen to alot of black. Need to know more? just send me a note or something. Video Games Porn Music Women Singing Playing the guitar (not gonna say i'm good, don't even have my own yet) building and breaking crap Anime so on and so forth
Jared Jewell
Jared Coleman
Jared Nims
Jared Sowatzki
Jared Sowatzki
hi i am a promoter for criminal active records we are working on our 2 cd it is hot my my myspace is
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Jared Crouch
The names Jared, I am gothic and am currently an active service member in the U.S. Army(interesting combination I know) and I am proud to be in it. Im currently stationed in Ft Lewis, WA and my hometown is Baton Rouge, LA, lived there my whole life until I enlisted and came here to my duty station, so yes I do have almost all the qualities of a southern gentleman, without the accent(although Im told it comes out here and there lol) I enjoy much of the simpler things in life such as music, the arts, movies, history...or anything that normally comes to mind. I havent been to much of a wild party goer, although that mostly depends on who I may be hangin with at the time. I am taken by a very special someone, so sorry ladies lol. I love to make good conversations and Im also a very good listener. I have gone through and bared witness to a lotta things in my life that has earned me a certain perspective on life and people, so theirs almost nothing Im not willing to talk about or listen to n
Jared Ellis
I am a vary out going, random, sarcastic, and romantic. I really enjoy "Real Things" (thats based on a Joe Nickels song). I love out door things, fishing, camping, water sports on and under, Skiing, Snowboreding, tennis, and off road biking. I enjoy theater,(musicals/opera) movies, and Photography. I love to fix things around the house work in the yard, I have been even known to garden a little bit. To me there is nothing more satisfying than a hard days work. One of the things I love to do is travel I have been scuba diving about 6 different country's. I am a easy going person and get along with every one. Grilling and Cooking are a passion of mine, I love going out on the town or staying in and watching a movie cuddling on the coach. Other than that I am really just a pretty easy going guy that that trys to enjoy life the best I can. Other than that I am really just a pretty easy going guy that that trys to enjoy life the best I can. I am strait forward and blunt about almost ev
Jared Maynard
Jared Maynard
There isnt much to know about ol Jared I guess I am what I am. If you want to know anything about me Just ask I dont get mad I am very open and easy going. So dont be afraid of making me mad. I do have naughty pics but I dont jsut show them to anyone. I guess the best way to get to know me is just start talking to me and asking questions. My Dad God Rest His Soul. To many to name I will get back to this a lil later on.
Jared Thompson
Jared Castleman
Jaren Collins
Jared Anderson
A little about myself. Well, where do I start. I like fishing, camping, rock climbing, bungee jumping, Working out I do every day, Meeting beautiful females like yourself ;), Listening to music, hanging out with friends and partying, I am in my opinion outgoing. My B-day is September 9th. My fav color is any kind of blue. I really don't have a fav food, but I would probably have to say Potatoes and fish. I love meeting parents because they always love me, I really never knew why but that always end up liking me. I don't watch much TV, I like playing Cribbage, I like every kind of booze and liquor. Pretty much I will try anything at least once. Well that is a little about myself.
Jared Grant
i like partting , snowboarding, surfing, and just chillin smokin weed
Waz up Fubar! Ok so I havent been on here in about 2years or so. Last time I was on here it was called CherryTap. I guess it doesnt really matter, there havent been that many changes I suppose. What would you like to know about me? I'm a Junior in college, soon to be Senior! I major in Japanese and Computer Science, and I plan to go back to Japan after graduation. Anyways I love anime, but not to the point of being an Otaku....I mean i'm weird, but not that weird. My favorites inclue: Kekkaishi, Inuyasha, Ruroni kenshin(i hope i spelt that right), Hellsing, Dragonball Z, Read or die, Yu Yu hakusho, and Naruto. So if you like anime get at me, cuz i'm always willing to expand my horizons on that frontier. 皆こんにちは。 オレはジャレルだよ。日本語が好きだけど、まだまだ。この
Jared Mccabe
Jared Freed
Jared Post, D.c.
About me... I'm a Doctor of Chiropractic and love helping the people that come through the office. It's very rewarding to help people by reducing their pain and getting back to an active life. I'm 29 years old and stand at 5'8" tall. Any questions - just ask and I'll get back to you ASAP! ;) ;) ;) ;) ;) ;)
Jared Rice
I love pencil and paper RPGs. Role Master, Dungeons and Dragons, Vampire, Exalted, just about anything that lets my mind be free. I love movies (Hence I work at a movie theater), reading, sleeping, writing, and just having fun. Yea I smoke, it might not be the best thing for me in the world, but there are worse things!
I am recent college graduate from the state of Ohio, and I currently do work in mutual fun accounting. In case you care to know, my name comes from the band Bobaflex and a song that they sing. I listen to a lot of music which is why added the playlist to my profile. If you care to know anything else, just ask I guess-and if I seem interesting enough that you'd like to chat on MSN/Yahoo just let me know. Finally, if you like anything about my page, feel free to add me as a friend if you'd like Neon Text Generator at! Myspace tweaks at College Football (Ohio State), NASCAR(Denny Hamlin), Rock/Metal music, bowling, golfing, Nintendo 64, TV/Movie comedies(The Simpsons, Married w/ Children, The Office, Dumb and Dumber, Tommy Boy), hanging out/drinking/playing poker with my friends I found this and just had to add it: CherryTAP Images at
Jared Thompson
Jared Hungerford
I am a Cherry worth Tappin who is all about having fun and BEING MYSELF. I hate fake ass people or those who are scared to be who they are. If I cant be myself around you then I dont need to be around you. Did I mention that I want to get a prince albert? I like to chill with cool non-dramatic people. Smoke a little weed and watch eclectic movies. Music really turns me on in a whole other level. I love how it can set a particular mood. My tastes vary to pretty much everything but recently I mostly appreciate r&b and chill/lounge/acid-jazz/downtempo/trip-hop genres. Ive been wanting to learn Japanese shibari but havent been able to find anyone to play with. Im a sucker for japanese samurai movies, especially the old b&w subtitled ones. I also indulge in indie flicks and epics. I love most types of pornography.
Jared Cravens
My intrest, other bois, and some girls. I build computers, play "classic" video games, it kidna pains me to call them classic makes me feel really old. Also, playing "modern" video games too. I like to bike and weight train.
Jared Winston
i'm 5"10 brown eyes short black hair stocky build i'm 21 probably more mature than most 30 year olds but still know how to have a good time. I like sports chillen drinking having fun going to the movies i have a girlfriend just looking for some friends to chill with.
Jared Caruso
Jared Grable
Jared Shepherd
Jared Dufour
lets see about me? im an outgoing single father of two veyr hansome boys. im 23. 6'1 160 lbs dark hair hazel eyes. if interested hit me up. anything else you would like to know just ask
Jared Miller
i live in florence alabama. it sucks here. im almost always with my fiance Cristina. i love here very much. i love her kids to. i work at Freds and am looking for a new job. another part-time or a full-time. so someone hook me up. thats all now. if you want to know more then ask My number one intrest is my fiance. i love art. im an artist. i do the art thing. i draw my own tattoos. i paint, design, alittle interior design. there is alot i do. i love music. i like to race cars. i love the adrienaline rush i get.
Jared Russell
Jared Whtimore
Jared Perez
Most would call me KiDD 6ut im far from one. Most usually love me or hate me. either way Fucc u. Ima man of very lil words 6ut when i speak i speak truths. I tend to love hard 6ut when u do me wrong I get my revenge. Most say im sweet 6ut at times im 6itter.I can 6e sumin outta of a dream 6ut also ur worst nightmare.I love to have is short. How i deal wit everyday stresses shit... i like to smoke. Ima rapper on mission, i feel da world owes me dues.I also like to drink I can take a 6ottle to da 6rain. With all 6eing said im juss me simple and plain. I got aim da S/N is Kiddacity hit me up Eatin Pussy,drinkin,And drag racin lifes essentials lol a> a> a>
Jared Jeffrey
hey whats up yall,this your boy jared, I am 21 single, i stay in grand rapids, I am a fun guy to be around, the life of the party, I do have 2 jobs at TGI Fridays, and UPS. I love to bowl, play basketball. I also love to party, club or just chill with friends. I ama laid back guy if u wanna know more about me just ask, hit me up
Jared Watson
Jared Hunter
Jared Gordon
Jared Wright
Who is your dragon spirit guide? Red DragonTake this quiz! Quizilla | Join | Make A Quiz | More Quizzes | Grab Code Your Mind is NC-17 Rated You're mind is so filthy... you should should be washing every part of you out with soap. If your thoughts can go dirty, they do. Almost everything is NC-17 to you! Do You Have a Dirty Mind?
Jared Leazer
Jared Armington
Jared Upshaw
hi. I'm someone looking to meet new people both in my area and everywhere else. i never know exactly what to put here so just hit me up to learn more about me.
Jared Pacheco
Jared Sheler
Jared Racz
Jared Nilo
Jared Smart
Jared Gilbert
Cars,Woman, Smoking, Drinkin, Crotch Rockets, Sea-Dooin, Partyin, Fishin, Huntin, Huge Assed Trucks!!
Jared Miller
Jared Williams
i'm 21 years old, marine corps firefighter stationed at quantico in virginia. i like goin out with the guys and just chillin. i'm originally from cincinnati, ohio. attended UC for a year. currently single, kinda lookin' but not too much.
Jared Mastertask
Jared Moses
26 yr. old infantryman. I love hockey and rock n' roll. I'm laid back and easy to get along with. I have a very sarcastic sense of humor and i love makin' people laugh. It's been a while since I've been on, so I only have one updated photo (and I'm lookin' a little rugged). I will be updating soon, though. I love music. I'm a rocker at heart. Alice in chains, Godsmack, AC/DC, and any other metal group. I love hockey. I also like to drive around the countryside in my Jeep.
Jared Hargrave
Jared Ingersoll
Jared Atkinson
Me? Right now I'm terribly bored, which could explain why I'm here Hmmm, now what to say... -I like movies -I'm a writer. Currently I go to UNT for journalism and I'm alwo working on my first book which i'll finish.....someday. -I work at JC Penney which isn't the best of jobs, but my co-workers are interesting and they pay me pretty well. -I'm left handed, have a twin brother, and my parents live in the same neighborhood as Chuck Norris. -I own a cat that thinks she's a dog. -I love art, photography, writing/reading. -I am passionate about many things and love to learn. could watch the discovery/history/science channel all day. -I'm not an asshole and wont send you shitty messages like "damn u hot." because really, what's that all about? -I like intelligent people who are capable of actual conversations. -Any other questions, just ask. I read write draw take pictures of things hang out with friends go to work... occassionally go to school
Jarel Fernandez
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Jared Johnston
I think we (the human race) need to be learning how to find the common ground, rather than how to define the lines that separate us. Us = people of every walk of life, race, ethnicity, religion, etc. I believe things like sports, and music, and art are VERY important because they turn life into a valuable interaction between people. I think things like religion and politics are the worst INVENTIONS of mankind, only designed to set us in opposition and create rules that one group follows and another knows nothing about. I think that the day we all wake up and realize that we all pray to the same god, is the day all wars will end. And I know that there is no such thing as a
Jared Ballis
My name is Jared I love passionately, hate liars, thieves, and politicians. My ultimate goal in life is to be able to say that I've loved everyone I ever met (whether or not they had few redeeming qualities) when I die. I firmly believe that life is completely and totally about love, whether it be love for your soul mate or love for general man(woman)kind, without love in your life, you are nothing, and @ my 24 years of age, that's the only conclusion I can completely put my faith in
Jared Unlce Of The N@shvill3 Hardcor3
Well lets see I am just a good ole southern boy who likes to have a good time.
Jared B
What is there too say. Well fist off, I am 21 Years old will be 22 in May, I live on my own in a house in South Jordan, Utah. For work i work as a relay call operator for the deaf. If there is anything else you want to know just ask.
Jarett Robbins
Partying, relaxing, hangin with friends, playing my 360, Fun stuff like that. My favorite drinks are Molsen XXX, Labatte Blue, Bacardi, Bacardi Razz, Bacardi Peach. Favorite mix is Bacardi Razz and Mountain Dew... ya gotta try it.
Jared Plz Read About Me Section Before You F/r/a Me
I'm Jared a 31 year old divorced father of 2. If you want to know just ask. Interested in a local friend with benefits.
Jared Hartsuff
I JUST MOVED HERE. MAKING A NEW HOME AGAIN. I JUST GOT OUT OF THE ARMY. IM LOOKING TO MEET GREAT PEOPLE AND FIND NEW FRIENDS music, guitars, drippin paint as I switch lanes, procreation, drinking and procreation.......primates-usually ones that are fuzzy will suffice, weight-lifting especially and keeping my body gorgeous in the summertime!!!! my Dad and my Grandfather Untouchables, Mystic River, Happy Gilmore, Blacksheep, One flew over the Cuckoo's Nest........
This is going to be breif, but if you would like to get to know me then just shout at me and I will talk to you. I am a young man just trying to have a hell of a tyme! I work out of Birmingham, Al. I have many friends here, but am on here to make many more. I am 5'10 around 210, and have played college football in the past(total of 14 years of it throughout my life.) I hope through this site I may be able to accomplish this goal that I have set, that is to make more friends. Why would be on here if it were not for that? Leave some comments, post and even fan me. I try to do the same back. To You All, JustNTyme Well, I have many interest. I like to watch college football. Might be one of the most bareable things that I do now-a-days. I like to lounge when I have the chance. Not working would be one of my interest if it could be, but I have the bills to pay. Hanging out with all the friends and kicking it like we use to do back in the day. Going out to the bars(This would usually con
Jared Hanson
i am an 18 year old male, i have 9 tattoos. I am here to make friends and meet some great girls.

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