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Confessions Of A Mad Man
So I woke up this morning and smiled. For the first time in a very long time I woke up happy. Alot of things have been happening to me that were very unexpected. A person I was in love with destroyed me. Much like most of the women from my past, she was exactly like them. I turned off...I didn't care or even want to care about anyone or anything except for myself. And was living just fine that way. Well, I got tripped up by a series of happenings in my life that have proven the selfish person I was is not the person I want to be. Over the next few days im sure you will see alot of changes in my profile as well as attitude. Hope you all get to meet the person I really am. In the meantime......I think I'm pregnant. I'm sitting here watching Star Trek eating cookies and olives O.o People who point out their puns are like comedians who explain their jokes: they both think you'retoo stupid to get it. The only good thing about the phrase "pun intended" is that it saves you time whenyou want
Cosmic Deconstruction
ok, this just grosses me out....what in the world do people get out of sharing pictures of their dicks TO THE ENTIRE WORLD, not even a select group of people, no you have to share with EVERYONE and please, ladies, explain to me how a picture of a dick smothered in it's own cum is attractive? have you never seen something like that before? does it just blow you mind? you're probably getting flashbacks to your middle school years slutting it up in the boys locker room. honestly...and i don't even do this blog shit but fucking christ! i mean don't get me wrong, i love dick just as much as the next chick on here, but have a little respect, what happened to the mystery of sexuality? i guess some people are just starved for attention...clearly they didn't get enough lovin somewhere in their childhood that they feel the need to share their junk with the whole world. that's what the "family" is for you know? you want to share your shit then by all means KNOCK YOURSELF OUT, but
Dear God, Today someone needs you. her name is gram and she needs your love to heal her back to health. Her family needs you too. i love this family with all my heart and im hopeing you will answer this prayer and heal her back to health. The family needs you to touch them love them and most of all heal gram. I know it sounds like alot but it would mean the world to me if you did this for me. I believe in you and i believe that you will answer my praywer and heal gram. I will be praying and hoping gram will heal and get healthy. So please god answer this prayer. I will be forever grateful if you do. with all my love Half Pint
My job is collections for a well-known bank for home mort. Well I called this one guy that yelled at me cause he got 3 calls that day from us, like I can control that, we are on an automatic dailer system so we just take the call not dail them. Well he is yelling at me because he cant pay his bills, then I start to end the call by saying Sorry, that we call you 3 times today. And he goes thats ok, u sound cute tho. and Click hangs up. I just started cracking up- he yellin at me this entire call but he got the balls to end it like that? what a moron. hahahahaha
Meet Me In The Stars
As I am saying good night at the end of the day,And you are not here, but many miles away,My heart is so empty and so lonely inside,As I wipe away a tear I am trying to hide.I close my eyes and try to go to sleep,But with the sadness inside I begin to weep.Suddenly I remember what you once said to me,Just meet me in the stars, waiting for you I will be.When distance tends to keep us apart, Remember I still hold you near in my heart.When the night together, can't be ours,Just close your eyes and meet me in the stars.Meet me in the stars, I'll be waiting there for you.With a bottle of wine and glasses for two.Just close your eyes and there you will see,Waiting in the stars, just for you I will be.Remembering those words, I begin to smile,And gently close my eyes, lessening the miles.I can see the stars, oh how beautifully arranged,But you are not there, no hug to exchange.I sit alone waiting, with hope in my heart,No longer wanting to be kept apart.Suddenly in the distance, a shad
Old Blogs
Without you there is no light Without you there is no dark Without you there is no happiness Without you there no sadness Without you there is no reason Without you there is no rhyme Without you there's only stillness Without you there is no time. Without you I am so empty Without you there is no us Without you there is no future Without a future what's the fuss Without you my life is empty Without you should I continue Without you my life's a mess WITHOUT YOU....... Me... I love you dearly, I wish you could see... my love will end ... forever This is from my heart, I am crying as I write this, I cant imagine a life without you in it Thirty days have gone and pastmy heart weighs heavy,my love still lastsyou hurt me deep into the coreyou said our love ,is never moreeach day my thoughts do not grow lessmy love for you, has failed the testwith every day there is still hopeits just the way, that I can copeI hope one day, you will seethat this is a love that's
Nsfw!!(consider Yourself Warned)
I have been a little sick these past couple of know the drill: emotional, achy, feeling like crap, and the whole "why me" feeling-sorry-for-yourself kind of thing...BUT..(yes, that should last about 10 minutes, not ONE second longer!! in MY book..) minute 11, I thought..(yes, sometimes, in rare occasions, "ideas" come flashing by..and being, well, ME, I HAVE to share them: Really?!?! "why me?" there are a LOT of others, unfortunately, that have it even WORSE than us, some of them, unfair as it sounds, children...and in these times of the "memememe", "what are we going to eat?" "what are we going to drink?" "how many presents will I get?" there are people like us, who don't even have a roof on their heads,much less food to eat, or presents for their kids.....and isn't it better SHARING than HAVING? we are all looking (yes, VERY guilty: ME... ) to be "understood" and "loved"...but I want to turn it around, if only for the holidays..(hey, who knows, it might stick with me...w
Tell Me Or Ask...
iam looking for friends . i like horses walking sitting at a park being with friends. cooking out iam 43 i have six children 4 grandkids . iam a mellow person .
Our Culture, Fitness, Sex
So I bet we have all seen and heard what is considered ok and what is not ok regarding sex. Me, I'm tired of the missinformation and cultural pressure to have less joy than I should!!! How bout you? The following links have interesting and educational info on the subject. For example, how many of you feel that religion/the bible are negative toward sex. How many of you believe that the bible says that oral sex is wrong? Well God and what is written in the bible are for sex and oral sex is not described as wrong in the bible. But for some reason, we keep getting the message that it is. Ever hear sex discussed in a positive manner during a Sunday sermon? Our culture has enforced the filtering of what they don't want discussed. So where do your critical views of sex come from? You were raised conservatively. The American media in particular are outright prudes. Photos, ads or film of breasts, nipples, G-strings and ass are taboo (you guys are behind the rest of the world, grow up!). You

Aloe Vera
Aloevera relates to the Aloes kind of northern Africa. This plant grows around the warm areas of Asian countries and the continent of Africa. It is actually farmed largely for the healing qualities built in. Typically the sap of this plant is applied in numerous makeup products and medications. It's got a therapeutic and tension relieving impact on dermititis and is particularly utilized in the relief of diabetic issues. Right now, it's well known as a healing herb and growing strategies stick to boosting succulence. That is to ensure the surviving of the herb even amongst lower rain fall. The actual herb indicates inability to ice and low temperatures and is immune to insect and aphid strikes. This herb performs perfectly in well drained and soft sandy ground and desires a good amount of natural light. Aloe-vera is considered to be really good at relaxing burns and abrasions. It is usually used frequently around the treating of chronic wounds and boosts the process of recovery. Scient
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Truly Blessed
I can still feel it all, as if it is happening now. I need to replace these, thoughts somehow. Suddenly I think NO, don’t look at his face! Put yourself somewhere else, a happier place. Then I see her, my baby girl. And I remember how she saved me, from this despicable world. How something so small, created so much. In me, She gave me another chance, just enough. To keep going. To see the bigger, picture. My life as it should be, beside her. Protecting her from the world, as I know it to be. That is one sight, she’ll never have to see. Because I have done my time, paid my dues. Lived in this world, the way she’ll never have to. She is my gift, my reward for surviving I guess. And with her in my life, I am truly blessed.
The Portals: Symbols And Myth
Symbol-Myths are energy portals between the fourth and fifth dimensional realms. Time-Solvoid and Eternity-Cosolid, and in the epistemic ranking of human consciousness they are of the first order in the quest for meaning and context.Being in their presence is like facing something totally beyond yourself. They appear as beings of greater maturity, aliveness, and internal complexity than you. Their capacity to generate an energy of a different and more intense nature than you are capable of generating elicits the classic sublime response, which transcends beauty: joy combined with horror at the rush to the infinite.This response has let to their being interpreted as divine and anthropomorphized as gods and daemons. But a symbol-myth is ultimately neither a subject or an object. It is definable only as a portal, an entity characterized by its capacity to transform....Symbol-Myths reveal Mystery: they do not act as devices that decode mysteries into something else. A conundrum, such as
Working Out Frustrations
They took the elevator from the lobby to the 21st floor, standing close together in the small space, their arms brushing. She looked up at him as he looked down at her and they both smiled somewhat shyly. When the doors opened they headed down the hallway, her small suitcase in his hand, and when they reached his room she waited while he slid the card into the lock. With a faint click the lock released and he turned the handle, standing back as he held the door open for her. She walked into the suite and looked around briefly before bending over by the closet to unlace her boots.Standing in the doorway, he watched her for a few seconds before closing and locking the door. He stood still behind her, watching, as her movements caused her jeans to strain across her bottom. Setting her case on the floor he took a step toward her, his hand reaching out almost involuntarily to brush across her ass. She stilled her movements when he touched her but didn't pull away, merely resumed unlacing he
First Scene
Anticipation By Lisa aka Vicarious The day started out as any normal day would, then the phone rang. It was Him and the sound of His voice sent shivers all over my body. He spoke few words but was direct with His command “Come to me tonight and wear nothing under your dress except stockings” and then He hung up.The rest of the day I tried to stay focused on doing chores and running errands as usual, but my mind kept running into what the night would hold in store for me. Had I done something wrong and in need of punishment? Or was pleasure on His mind?I bathed, shaved, and picked the most accessible dress I could find in the closet and matching stockings. His commands were playing over and over again in my head and my whole body trembled with excitement.Pleasing Him and being His good subgurl makes me feel so complete as a woman, knowing that He truly appreciates all I do. I race to the car and drive as fast as legally possible as the anticipation builds inside of me.
Pics I Like
The Watcher
Always looking in from the outside, I watch. Watch the happiness of others and wishing I could feel it. My feelings mean nothing. I am nothing, but the mask I wear. A mask of false emotions to hide the truth. When the mask begins to slip and the truth revealed, I slink to the shadows. The shadows hide insecurities and imperfections. I am insecure. I am imperfect. I am nothing. Time to fade into darkess. Disappeaer. I should have died a hundred times. Most days I wish I had. The pain, constant, is the only thing I can count on in life. Hiding it from everyone, it increases until plans to end it begin to cross my mind. Who do I give my possessions away to? Who will take care of my cats? Will anyone notice I'm gone? Will I be remembered? I've spent years trying to compile a suicide music playlist. The music seems more important than the actual method. The Cure, Nine Inch Nails, Alice in Chains... Pills, gun, razor blade, bridge jump... If it could only be as simpl
Not Finn-ished
Guys and girls alike I'd like to know if you can help with this predicament, every year it seems like it gets harder and harder to get the attention of the opposite sex, so how do you find love if your not seen? What should you do if your not the kind of person who has superstar looks on their side, what if your that geeky kid who doesn't stand out? Men and women of fubar, I ask of you your advice on a very important and real vent issue, how do you get the person you have a crush on to notice you? How do you get them to fall for you? How do you get the opposite sex to really want you? How do you escape the friend zone? And all those other issues that plague is when it comes to romance. If you have good advice then please jot it down here, I wish to create a true guide for the uncertaine and feeling hopeless so that they can find their sole mate, if you have any thing that you'd like to share but feel unsure as to posting then you should simply send me a message instead, and all input i
Fu - Uped Stuff
Words be nimble Words be quick Words resemble walking sticks Plant them they will grow Watch them waver so... A true scary story. It's simply a track of my life. I got to see my sister getting too close to the fireplace and burn. She was almost 6, I was almost 3. She died. I didn't get to see the truck that hit me at 18. Managing a little chain of bookshops in DC in the early 1980's. Horizon Books, Ever hear of it? A severe concussion because of a poor decision... Living through cancer was wild when I was 26. Malignant Lymphoma. You never know the true terror of chemotherapy unless you been there and done that. Living through hard core addiction after I kicked cancer ass was a nightmare. Losing my little sister in a freakin' car wreck was tough. She was 30 and me at 36 and locked up at the time. That was 15 years ago. Mom is gone and Dad followed 5 years later. Yay. I got to be there to see them go to peace. The moral of this story is to be like Pink Floyd. Build

About Me
I wanted to tell you some things about me. I have been told that I am the sweetest person and very honest. I will tell you what I am feeling and what I think is right. I love making new friends. I was born in raised in Dallas, Texas and have lived in Austin, Texas, New Port News, Virginia, Val David, Quebec, Rowlett, Texas, Carrollton, TX and now reside in Plano, Texas. Family is so important to me. I have had a busy life and its been sad and stressful at times. I take my days one day at a time. My parents are wonderful people, don't know where I would be today if I did not have their full support. I have two beautiful daughters and stay busy. Anything else you want to know about me, please feel free to ask. I am just on here to have fun and make new friends. I am not looking for anything other than that. Sorry. Good luck and have a wonderful day. Hugs and Kisses! What do u want to know about me? I am 33 years old and live in Plano, Texas. I am 5 feet 2 inches tall and have brown hair
I Have To Name This Shyt?
OMG, I SO need to blog for a minute to release some of my inner "cobwebs". My mind get's filled with all kinds of crazy shit and I just need to let a few devious things out every now & again, or I'll burst! I am sick and tired of seeing all these freakin Bowflex commercials with scantily clad hotties showin off their "Oh so svelt" bods...ugh. Promoting that certain diet pills or exercise machines will build a better me. What's wrong here? Everytime I turn on the television, the radio, hell, even with stupid pop-ups on the internet...I'm bombarded by images of these unrealistic bodies! It's messed up people! Men with abs that look like they were chiseled out of stone, arms so big, they resemble tree trunks, rather than human limbs...women with extremely tiny waists and ENORMOUS fake breasts, all preaching to my lazy ass about fitness...sigh. WTF?! Like ANY of those people share common ground with Jared (That subway guy). They don't even look real!How am I, or any of you
100 Uses For Peanut Butter
1. Feed large globs of it to your dog for cheap entertainment. 2. Keep contacts firmly in place. 3. Spread it on the dog's back to watch him go crazy. 4. Squish it between your fingers in the lunchroom muttering "Only two more hours and I have so much left to study..." 5. Plug holes in your paneling walls. 6. Make sure you have some stuck in your fingernails whenever you go on a blind date. 7. Roll finger-sized pieces of it in sand and leave them in your neighbor's sandbox to stimulate his anger toward neighborhood cats 8. Use it to stick things if you run out of duct tape. 9. If you see a freshly poured sidewalk drying drop globs of Peanut Butter into the cement to create "holes" later. 10. Conjugate it in Spanish class... Yo peanutbuttero, tu peanutbutteras, el peanutbuttera, nosotros peanutbutteramos, ustedes peanutbutteran, ellos peanutbutteran.... 11. Have an art class paint "still life" pictures of it. 12. Rub it on sore muscles. 13. Save it up so
New To Lost Cherry
Lost In Lostcherry Land
just got here... finding my way around... pretty much lost.... hoping to have a guide soon to take me places here
Just Checking This Thing Out
My Roommate has been stuck on this lost cherry page for weeks. It used to be myspace, but this is his new addiction, so I had nothing to do and I thought I would check it out. I don't know maybe I'm just used to myspace but I guess this place is ok. I like that you don't have to be someones friend to leave a comment. Okay well I'm going to play aroung and see what else you con do on here. If you have any tips let me know ^.^ sammie
Read Your Emails
Southern Girl
I was just letting you guys know to becareful getting comments. I just got a racecar one out of and it had a virus in it and it took over my brouser and My pc is going crazy so hubby is cleaning it out. wanted to warn you though. Loriesc4 Hey there sweeties hope everyone is having a good week so far. I had a good weekend!!! I got my car in the shop today suppose to only take a week to get it fixed and painted. So you might see me alot on here the rest of the week. hugs and kisses.. Your naughty lorie great corsette and dildo update today. thursdays different sets of pics of me indoors and outdoors upskirt pics kinda like voyuer kind of pics. You know me always giving you that sneak peek hehe!!! hugs and kisses..Lorie e-mail me anytime- my yahoo fan club- remember for adults only!! Sexy & Romantic glitter graphics from Sexi Sexy & Romantic glitter graphics fro
For Witches And Like Religions
Come to the right lounge
My Photo Yes Or No
INHALE Your heart is exploding with anger and lust.... Grab hold my hips tightly torn flesh with every thrust... Hurry up find your place on my shelf along with the dust... Because I have no use for an excuse of a girl... Your nose painted red from the white you inhale... Pleasure this guilty is often times wonderful... Cought red handed with you in my arms... Though who was the rogue that stole myself.... Now theres justice that binds us and justice that finds us... Yet neither one comes close to catching the theives... The air in the spring brings new trees to the leaves Fall into love and gently surrender as our bodies and minds writhe they try to remember This is a song of such sudden sarrow a tune I shall sing for every emotion I found thats been begged and barrowed I've been in the same room for every century, not much has changed except the scenery and maybe the entry Though how could one tell the difference between heave
Points Needed
hey peeps i need some points so i can become a tight cherry plz plz rate my stuff and get your friends to rate me plz i need to lvl up
Love Poem #247744 Perfection by Travis R. Perfection Its in the eye of the beholder When I see you. It gives me direction You are the everything that is sure When I think of what I know Or anything good. You seem to occur In my mind, many times in a row You have the qualities within And are beautiful on the outside You dont commit a sin And my mind goes through a ride Where I know many things One being how I feel And when I think of u. And where it brings Me and my heart Because of your perfection You are my angel That gives me direction
Beauty Tips
BEAUTY TIPS FOR A BETTER YOU For attractive lips, speak words of kindness. For beautiful eyes, look for the good in other people. To lose weight, let go of stress, hatred, racism, anger, contention, and the need to control others. To improve your hearing, listen to the word of God. Rather than focus on the thorns of life, smell the roses and count your blessings, giving thanks for each one of them. For poise, walk with knowledge and self-esteem. To strengthen your arms, hug at least 3 people a day. Touch someone with your love. To strengthen your heart, forgive yourself and others. Don't worry and hurry so much. Rather than walk this earth lightly, walk firmly with determination and leave your mark. Doing these things on a daily basis will certainly make you a more beautiful person. author is unknow
Holy Crap.
After hearing about this place from various sources and someone on my Myspace list talking about how much better it was then Myspace, I decided to check it out. Now I'm not the dullest crayon in the box and I'm not the brightest either. I admit this site is slightly confusing at the moment but that's because there are so many options! I can't remember the last time I used a website with a million different options/choices. It hurts my natural blonde head. :(!
Things Made For Me
Iam A Lil Lost!
iam a lil lost wit this any help..tanks
Why Do You Bother Adding People???
why do you bother adding people if you are not interested in talking to them? ehhhhhhhhh... maybe some of you should go back to myspace. friend list popularity whoring is rampant there so GO GO GO! tom is waiting for you! sad buggers.
for those of you that have welcomed me here thanks alot. i will probably not be on here as often as i would like , but you can if you want to hit me up on yes , i know myspace (why?) don't really have an answer. you can also email at thank you
Talk To Me Im New
im 18 female from omaha ne
ok people flash us your tatts
that people don't even take the time to view bulletins any more? lol i just think its funny all these bulletins get put up but 90% of people don't even bother to look... hey everyone i very recently had my first photo shoot ..i had a blast to...anyways i have posted all the pics i have so far new one will be posted when i get them ..i hope you like them and i'll see all ya'll later
He's come back from the dead, again. We dated for a while when we were 16, then he reappeared 14 years later to mess with my head (which is not easy to mess with, anymore), and now, after disappearing for months, he wants back in? Oh, please. I deserve to be someone's top (or nearly top) priority, not rock bottom or maybe even not on the list. Lord. Remind me to watch my back...remind me that this isn't worth it. Remind me that I'd rather date girls! Bleh. Return often and take me, Beloved sensation, return and take me- When memory of the body awakens, And old desire again runs through the blood; When lips and skin remember; And the hands feel as if they touch again... C. P. Cavafy (1863-1933) "Return"
Cant Upload Pics
I do have pics but cant upload them here because they're not JPEg or whichever else they have to be. I do have pics I can show on yahoo or msn if u ask sorry for inconvience Mark
Im A Milf
Fully Clothed Females with Nude Men Well this is very interesting, I went to the wrong strip clubs & parties when I was younger apparently. In the USA these private parties are setup for women, with strippers and lots of booze. I went to a few strip clubs and while you werent really allowed to touch their cocks, the strippers were allowed to tempt you, hell they even stired my drink with their cock. Of course I never drank it after that, who knows where that thing had been LOL. I do remember going to a bachelorette party when I was 19, was a good friend of mine, so I figured I would bring my mom along since she didnt get out much..Oh hell that was not a good idea, my mother doesnt drink, she had 2 drinks that night and it was all over ..when the strippers came out and started to do the lap dance to my mom, she grabbed his bare ass with both of her hands and wouldnt let go..LOL ok its funny now but at the time, I was so embarassed I wanted to hide. I remember scolding my mother(yep
Charla@ Cherrytap
Panic At The Disco
No Doubt
(1)Don't Speak(2)It,s My Life(3)Running(4)Hey Baby(5)Just A Girl(6)Ex-Girlfriend
Neil Young
My Day
hi all this is my nephew he needs some cherry love stop by his page and check out his pics and leave his some cherry love . thanks mark yeah please do go show this guy some love and his uncle too they are both really sweet. so do your best in showing them both some cherry love it will be greatly appreciated.thanks to you all who do this...hugs SUNSHINE here are both of there links please go show them some love....thanks again to those who do and please repost so this gets around mark---there,s a reason for everything@ CherryTAP JackAss@ CherryTAP MY DAY HAS WENT FROM SHIT TO REALLY GOOD IN THE MATTER OF SECONDS THE WORDS I HAVE BEEN WANTING TO HEAR FOR A WHILE I JUST GOT TO HEAR....RIGHT NOW I AM FEELIN PRETTY GOOD HOPE THAT DOESNT CHANGE FOR ANYTHING I WANT TO STAY IN THIS GOOD MOOD FOR THE REST OF THE NIGHT INTO TOMORROW.... THIS DAY HAS TO BE ONE OF THE BEST DAYS IN MY LIFE I GOT MY BROTHER BACK.....WELL BESIDES GETTING MY B/F BACK I WOULD HAVE TO SAY THOS
!!! Jenny's Survey For Gabe !!!
~ Have you ever been stung by a bee? Yes and it sucks, thank god they die after they sting u once lol :P :D... ~ How BIG is your bed? Big enough for me and whoever I have over ;), or maybe 2 someones depending on how lucky I am lol... ~ Who is the last person you hugged? Jessie
What Level Do I Have To Be To See Adult Pics?
Hey we are new here and were wondering what level we have to be to see adult photos? Also besides invites, what's the best way to get our points up? Thanks.
Herbie's Happenings
Update Well,... Here we go. My Sister will be having gastric bypass surgery at 11 am today and I'm at home with my phone and the numbers of her friends to let them know how every thing went. My Older sister and my father will be with her at the Hospital oh yeah as well as Steve. My cousin is staying at her house so the kids will have someone there when they get home from school. I forgot that it's Thursday because my days off from work are Wednesday and Thursday and I thought it was the weekend so I was a bit retarded and ask her why not just have the kids stay at my house LOL. Duh, they are in school. Hopefully everything will go well, I am a bit nervous for her but due to her medical condition, she had to get it done. Ok, now on about me. Nothing has changed. I went to Florida, saw some friends and family, got stuck in Atlanta due to the weather, finally got home and poof, went bad to work. Still single, still lonely, still um here LOL. Oh, I posted some of the photo'
"Hottie Game" This is called the "Hottie Game" Repost this, see how many MESSAGES people give you... [a] Perfect [b] Hottie [c] Gorgeous [d] Amazingly Beautiful [e] I'd marry you right now [f] I would ask u 2 be my gf / bf [g] I would make out with you. [h] I'd hit Dont be scared to repost or see what people think of you.
Arrow And A Song..
My Pic
Losing Love
Love is something so powerful then all of sudden its torn from your arms for no reason your love never stops its always there reminding you everyday of that person There is never no closure its always flowing through your brain and heart never dying
Yes Officer
Ashley drove down I-79 with the top down and the radio blasting, on her way home from the beach. Seeing as it was almost 9pm, she thought she could speed just a little to make the trip go faster. Going 85 mph down the highway Ashley couldn't wait to get home. Looking up into her rearview mirror she saw the flashing lights of a squad car trying to pull her over. She turned down the radio and pulled over to the side of the road where she waited for the cop to come to her car. "Do you have any idea how fast you were going young lady?" The cop asked with definite authority in his voice. "Yes Sir, I was doing 85mph in a 65 mph zone." And of course it was the honest to God truth. He was shocked, normally when he pulled over hot young girls they either tried to lie or flirt their way out of it. Not this girl, she was up front honest about her crime, and that was a major turn-on for him. "Oh, umm, okay. Since you knew you were breaking the law and you didn't lie about it, let me se
Baby Names For A Girl
So i finally got the nerves to stand up for my self and tell my bitch of an ex to fuck off. I told her that i was taking custody of MY daughter and if she didnt like it to bad. I am finally happy for once in my life and dont understand why i stayed with her in the first place. I now know the strugle all you moms go through and damn it people need to realize that it is alot harder to do it on your own than anyone knows. well i gotta get back to the baby so have a nice day everyone. i am havin a daughter in jan and i need some help from my LC friends and fam to think of some good names. Just leave a comment and re post Thanks
Kekikoito (means "this Is Kiko's Stuff")
Closing Time well i hope that i don't fall in love with you fallin in love just makes me blue well the music played and you just play a part for me to see had a beer and now i hear you callin out with me and i hope that i don't fall in love with you well they're not just funny things inside a man these old tomcat feelings you don't understand well i turn around and look at you you light a cigarette wish i had the guts to bump one but we've never met and i hope that i don't fall in love with you i can see that you are lonesome just like me and indeed oh, well you lack some company well i turn around and look at you you look back at me the guy you with he's up and split the chair next to you's free and i hope that you don't fall in love with me well it's closing time the music's fading out last call for drinks and i'll have another stealth well i turn around and look at you you're nowhere to be found search the place for your lost face and i'll have anothe
Party On My Profile(check Out My Music It's The Hot Shit)
check out my new pics Yo just lettin everyone know that I have the hottest music on CT in my profile so if u stop by chill for a min and hear some shit u know and some shit that aint even on the radio!!!!!!!! Ya Dig!!!! I made this playlist at out this MySpace MP3 Player!
Mens Word While Being Married
How to Make a Woman Happy How to Make a Woman Happy > > It's not difficult to make a woman happy. A man only > needs to be: > > 1. a friend > 2. a companion > 3. a lover > 4. a brother > 5. a father > 6. a master > 7. a chef > 8. an electrician > 9. a carpenter > 10. a plumber > > 11. a mechanic > 12. a decorator > 13. a stylist > 14. a sexologist > 15. a gynecologist > > 16. a psychologist > 17. a pest exterminator > 18. a psychiatrist > 19. a healer > 20. a good listener > > 21. an organizer > 22. a good father > 23. very clean > 24. sympathetic > 25. athletic > > 26. warm > 27. attentive > 28. gallant > 29. intelligent > 30. funny > > 31. creative > 32. tender > 33. strong > 34. understanding > 35. tolerant > 36. prudent > 37. ambitious > 38. capable > 39. courageous > 40. determined > > 41. true > 42. dependable > 43. passionate > 44. compassionate > > WITHOUT FORGETTING TO: > > 45. give her compliments regularl
Death is a vortex, he slowly draws you in You can try to escape, but he won't let you win Run away, call out, "catch me if you can" But he sees always to where you have ran Go seek a doctor, they may help you to run But when its their time, death will have more fun All try to escape, none ever succeed You only delay time and suffer a slower bleed Death will swirl around you, thats when its time He will draw you in, its the end of your line
A Bit Of Traveling
I am leaving tomorrow morning for Birmingham, Alabama. My flight begins in Oklahoma City, I switch planes in Houston, and then on to Birmingham. I will spend the night in Birmingham, then wednesday morning drive out to Atlanta, Georgia, and then Thursday morning go back to BHAM. I will spend a big part of Thursday evening there before getting back on a plane headed for Oklahoma City. Thats a lot of traveling for 3 days, lol. Anyone is welcome to visit my Myspace page. ( I will post all of the pictures that I take on there once I get back!
yo you are kool yo you have a myspace
Okay, I don't know what the hell is going on with my fiance but he's being a complete jerk. He's doing the one thing that pisses me off the most and that's telling me I'm perfect and I never do anything wrong. When I know I'm not perfect and I can accept my own flaws. I don't know what to do, he's driving me insane and I don't want to argue but it seems like that is what he is pushing for... Anyone have any ideas on what I could do, please let me know.
What Reindeer Are You?
You Are Vixen Sexy and sultry, you're the one all the other reindeer dream about. Why You're Naughty: That fur pulling spat you got into with Dancer over Santa. Why You're Nice: Because even when you're nice, you're still delightfully naughty! Which of Santa's Reindeer Are You?
hey guys I have new pics up in default and in feb.2007 rate them for me plzzz! I have a couple real friends on here I dont ask for much but it has gotten hard as hell to level up can you guys plzz help me!!!
Hello, Hello
Her essence is not of her own just a shadowy imitation of reality that plays on the drums with borrowed words She's the voice of reflection which bounces freely from wall to wall repeating you word for word patiently awaiting her next opportunity to mimic Could she be the air that we breathe verbalizing any insignificant comment and breaking its vow of silence in order to be acknowledged? Is she loneliness amusing herself by stealing words that escaped its thoughts finding strength in emptiness she rents the vacant room yet cannot live in isolation for silence is her prison?
Smoke E. Digglera
Add this music player and/or SMOKE E. DIGGLERA as a friend!
The life is not a bed of roses- an English proverb... I knew it. I knew it. Just wanted to remember it for You.
Grrrrr Life.
ok~ everyones askin me what hap~~ best friend+husband+drunk==divorce while i was sick in bed and heard every word that was said., like i love u and want to take care of u for ever and then it get quite over and over , i asked them to keep it down , so i couldnt sleep i walked out there and there were holding eachother i asked what they doing said nothing both of them acted strange round me, so when Z got home from work i told him she told me all of it , and he was like"oh u wernt spost to find out" so needless to say i kicked both them out, i dont know bout u but sounds like an afffair to me.. and there alot more so ask if u wanna know , lets just say{unpretty} amber got her fuckin bitch on ~~~~~ oh i forgot to mention the she slit her wrist part after i seen them huggin~ yea for real~ poor thing~ , a good friend of mine would say"remember kids its down the road not across the street" do it right attention whore~!~ but i promise im doing ok .. thanks eddie!~
My First Time
you said to get on and I'm here. Hope to hear from you soon. I long ou. Song o gong e tong o nong.
hey whats up hope everyone is having a great time drink one for me
Whats Up With This
Whats up with the whole roadkill thing just cause I"m new. I'd have to say I'm more of a beast.
Vote For Me In Sexiest Tattoo Contest!!
Marvin Gaye
Adults Only
4 Those In My Life
Love Is Not Jealous - How many of yall can say you have never wished to have sumtin some1 else has , be able to feel what some1 else feels.... Love Is Not Vain - How many of yall can say u've never become obsessed wit ur own feelings..that uve never wrapped urself in a bubble where only u matters...cared so much for urself that others become to not matter one bit? Love Does Not Leave You Standin Out In The Rain - How many of yall can say u've never hung anybody out to dry for ur own personal gain....that u've never turned ur back on a person Love Is To Kno Wit Each New Day U Are Embraced - How many of yall wake each new day and look forward to what it brings....and how many of yall see each new day as an opportunity to make others lifes miserable becuz urs are inflict a posionous spin on it...or to try and make every1 else as negative as u r? The Difference Between A Friend N A Judas ...a friend will be happy if your happy.. ...a judas will hope ur ha
A Soldiers Mother
Its only been two days, since I reluctantly dropped off my son Alan at the recruiters office in Reno Nevada. As I sat in his room, holding his pillow with tears pouring down my eyes, I could not help but think that this young boy will be a man when he returns home to me. Is it selfish to worry, and wish that he had made a different choice in his career? When you give everything you have to a child, you protect them from harms way, and you want so much more for them then what you had as a child, it is very difficult to let them go into the world and suffer hardships that you cannot protect them from. While they grow up it is a mothers duty to love them, guide them, and protect them from things that may hurt them. So why do we have to let them go out to the military and put them strait into harms way? We send them to a boot camp that breaks down everything that we have instilled into their lives, morals, values, and traditions and they rebuild them the way they need them to be. I kn
My Poem
you say that you love me, yet we both know that isnt true. i believed all the lies you told, all the lines that you said. i wanted to be with you, until my very last breath. i had given you my heart, you promised to keep it safe. you are just like all the others, just in it for yourself. i would have done anything for you, given you the world. you will never find another like me, not even if you try. you just hurt the girl, who would have been the best. um......yeah i have no idea why i wrote this, but i did. its not so much how i feel at the moment, yet parts of it are things i have gone thru recently. comment on it, or not. its my heart that hurts. as I sit here broken hearted, thinking of what I could change. wondering if it was something I did. to make things happen like this. please tell me. help me to understand. don't just ignore me, don't ignore my feelings. don't leave me here alone. wondering, thinking, waiting, going crazy.
i sit and think on how much friendship means to me and how you can pick out the true friends from the ones that are really just after something that you have or things you can do for them..... in all accounts the true friends always seem to remain in the sifter like seeds after you have sifted through the rubbish that is the plants of life..... true friends are the ones that are able to accept every apitome there is in your life....... with every aspect of you life that friend is there to encourage or pick you up and dust you off....they are also there to understand that if you have other things in your life that seem to take up more time that usual that you are not ignoring or brushing them off but merely handling what is of most importance... not say that friends are not.......... they are at all times on the mind and in the thoughts ......... the choices we make in our life is just that *our choices*....... if you are not there to understand and with stand through out it then you
Interesting People!
wow i have sure met some interesting people on the net. cant believe them though ,i guess i come from a diffrent time or generation rather when people said what they really mean. now days they say stuff just to play with youre head. how sad its all a game to them ! but when it comes down to it people!life is real and sooner or latter u will find that out! hopefully it wont be too late,because life is short and time is so preciouse! when its all said and done u cant go back and do it again! so just remember everyone is human and we all have feelings ,and some of us out there are really seriouse because we are already wise enough to see that.
1.Who was your first prom date? Summer. 2. Who was your first roommate? Sammy. 3. What was your first alcoholic drink? Margartita. 4. What was your first job? Retail. 5. What was your first car? 1993 Mercedes Turbo 2. 8. Who was your first grade teacher? Mrs. Canon - I still don't like her. 9. Where did you go on your first ride on an airplane? I think Houston. 10. When you snuck out of your house for the first time, who was it with? Don't think I've ever needed to do that. 11. Who was your first best friend and are you still friends with them? Sammy, yes. 12. Where was your first sleep over? Ahad's place. 13. Who is the first person you talk to in the morning? Myself - "Damn, its already time to get up?" 14. Whose wedding were you in the first time? Cousin's. 15. What is the first thing you do in the morning? Wonder how many more days till... 16. What was the first concert you ever went to? Never been to one... Saddly. 17. First
Raven's Psp Family

Just Sharing Thought
I'm sitting here viewing the inner workings of my mind that are hidden from the view of an eye.Cannals of a bruised mind by emotional blows.It;s a mixture of pain and misunderstanding with different perceptives.One is man ,two is woman.Generally neither one is all right nor all wrong but the most devastating is the children who are often scared from the adults emotional feelings.I can remember as a child the first thoughts of their relationship.I would ask my mom why she stayed every other day.And here I am been through 2 divorces,I guess besides living unahappily it made me not want to fight for love or just give up too quickly.Something thats suppose to be so precious seems to be only a dissapointment these days.Giving secrets away to someone who had inspected them and walked away Saying by virtue of actions that I am not enough!I guess if our physical bodies knew no pain we would have no way of knowing when we were going too far,and injure ourselves beyond repair because nothing wou
From the Halls of Montezuma To the Shores of Tripoli; We fight our country's battles In the air, on land and sea; First to fight for right and freedom And to keep our honor clean; We are proud to claim the title of United States Marine. Our flag's unfurled to every breeze From dawn to setting sun; We have fought in ev'ry clime and place Where we could take a gun; In the snow of far-off Northern lands And in sunny tropic scenes; You will find us always on the job-- The United States Marines. Here's health to you and to our Corps Which we are proud to serve In many a strife we've fought for life And never lost our nerve; If the Army and the Navy Ever look on Heaven's scenes; They will find the streets are guarded By United States Marines. Johnny1, get your gun, get your gun, get your gun Take it on the run, on the run, on the run Hear them calling you and me Every Son of Liberty Hurry right away, no delay, go today Make your Daddy
Naughty Stuff
Just for the record I did not lie on any of these answers. - take your own poll! 1. How old are you?24-26 2. What is your sexual orientation?Straight 3. Have you ever given someone oral sex?Sure I have 4. Have you ever received oral sex?Yes, of course 5. How many sexual partners have you had?5-10 6. What is your pubic hair style?All natural 7. What kind of underwear do you wear?Boxers 8. Have you ever taken, or been in, naked photos?Both taken and been in them 9. Have you ever been to a nude beach, or nudist area?Nope, I am modest 10. Do you watch porn?Yes, of course. Who hasn't? 11. Have you ever watched others, or been watched having sex?No, neither 12. How large are you...ya know, in the pants?About 6 inches 13. Have you ever expirimented with another man?No, I'm straight as can be 14. What is your favorite sexual position?Anything that gets me off 15. Are you circumcised?No I am not 16. What gets you off fastest?Inter
Im Sorry I Was Bitchy.... Its Just Been A Day You've Owned My Mind.
Ive heard this song I think prolly like 12 times today... Every time I turn on the radio... I have it one every CD in my car and today it has seemed to be stuck on replay... And well yea its your ring tone... I remember the FIRST time you sung it to me... It was bout 3 in the morning on a Saturday... You were so tired and so was I(so was Traci... Remember I made her stay up to make sure I didnt fall asleep when your phone would drop the call... Damn mountains)... It was a long drive you were going home for the weekend... Your words were simple... "This ones for you sweety", "I know my singing sux but hey"... It was the most wonderful thing I had ever heard... I guess thats why it became your ring tone... I still care about you, I still love you... I dont know if I should... If I still have that right, but I do... Your the only one that can make my heart beat faster and slower all at the same time... Happy Valentines day my love... I love you baby!
Valentines Thoughts
Ya know when you had that girl who would give you the world then you give her up... Your BAD!!!!!!! Ya know when you see your EX in a club and you wanna make her jealous so you start to rub up on your current just to make it look GOOD!!!!! So SAD!!!!! See you need to realize... We got it like that... and YOUR replacement will always be 10X hotter!!! Unlike yours!!! See you lost your dime!!! Now your messin with not even half of what you used to have... AWWWW POOR THING!!!!!!!!! REMEMBER WHAT YOU HAD!!! CAUSE YOULL NEVER SEE THIS ASS AGAIN!!!!!!!
Stay Classy, San Diego.
this is pretty cool. a little more dangerous than facebook, but thats okay. im okay with it.
R.i.p Pual And Lucas
on saturday night Paul Haggerty and Lucas Deen were killed stabed outisde of a bar. i knew them well and it's very sad to loose two people you know and were friends with them both and i hope the guy who stabbed them will be sentenced to jail for a long time. it's wrong to take two poeples lives away. i miss them dearly and to other poeple who knew them or there family i'm truly sorry for your loss. R.I.P PAUL HAGGERTY & R.I.P LUCAS DEEN FOREVER IN MY MEMORY I'LL MISS YOU BOTH
I Was Borrrred
So I took all kinds of quiz and survey things. You're a Romantic KisserFor you, kissing is all about feeling the romanceYou love to kiss under the stars or by the seaThe perfect kiss involves the perfect moodIt's pretty common for kisses to sweep you off your feetWhat Kind of Kisser Are You?Geek / Nerd40 %Goth40 %Punk40 %Hot40 %Emo Kid30 %Jock20 %Ghetto
what happenen still here bolg me something any body was to talk or what evrey
how 2 hooking my profile up? im new with cherrytap ... stop by say hi and lets do what ever and make it better ,peace
Kirby's Dreamland how much time the Academy Awards program allots winners to deliver their acceptance speeches. 45 seconds.... 1, 2, 3, 4, ...tic toc... I think that there's a bit of a microcosm of modern life contained therein. I really do. Think about all of the hard work that goes into stepping into creating a character who seems real...or a movie that comes alive...or about any creation or accomplishment for that matter. Think about the struggles you've endured to achieve your goals. Now, try to come up with a 45 second summary of just how you got there (to that place for which you are now eternally grateful). Forest Whitaker said something very powerful that really grabbed my attention and spoke to me in his speech. For one second, I felt like he was saying the exact same thing I've been trying to express whenever I really contemplate about finding meaning in life's great mystery. This is his whole speech: "Thank you. Thank you. Just a second,
Sailor Moon Episodes 1-40
Think About It
Enjoy! The work of Steven Wright, he's the famously erudite scientist and comic who once said: "I woke up one morning and all of my stuff had been stolen and replaced by exact duplicates." His mind sees things differently than most of us do. To our amazement and amusement, here are some of his gems: 1 - I'd kill for a Nobel Peace Prize. 2 - Borrow money from pessimists -- They don't expect it back. 3 - Half the people you know are below average. 4 - 99% of lawyers give the rest a bad name. 5 - 82.7% of all statistics are made up on the spot. 6 - A conscience is what hurts when all your other parts feel so good. 7 - A clear conscience is usually the sign of a bad memory. 8 - If you want the rainbow, you got to put up with the rain. 9 - All those who believe in psycho-kinesis, raise my hand. 10 - The early bird may get the worm, but the second mouse gets the cheese. 11 - I almost had a psychic girlfriend.....but she left me be
School sucks! I Have this punk ass kid talking shit bout me. so i gotta kick his ass, im flunking out of school but trying to stay in at same time. My friends beat the shit outta me for fun. but other than that i love my school and my shops awsome. those guys always got my back.
Im Sorry
I'm sorry that i bought you roses to tell you that i like you I'm sorry That I was raised with respect not to sleep with you when you were drunk I'm sorry That my body's not ripped enough to "satisfy" your wants I'm sorry that I open your car door, and pull out your chair like I was raised I'm sorry That I'm not cute enough to be "your guy" I'm sorry That I am actually nice; not an asshole I'm sorry I don't have a huge bank account to buy you expensive things I'm sorry I like to spend quality nights at home cuddling with you, instead of at a club I'm sorry I would rather make love to you then just f**k you like some random guy. I'm sorry That I am always the one you need to talk to, but never good enough to date I'm sorry That I always held your hair back when you threw up,and didn't get mad at you for puking in my car, but when we went out you went home with another guy I'm sorry That I am there to pick you up at 4am when your
Please Read
hi there my name is sarah im 25 and a mum to 4 with a 5th on the way i love being a mum and love life in general don't get me wrong i have had more than my share of heart break but i dont stay don for long pls come along and say hello
New Pics
hey i got some newwer pics out now come and leave a comment please
come and talk to me.
"Loath there do i see my father, Loath there do i see my mother, and my sister's, and my brother's, loath there do i see the line of my people, back to the begining, now they do call to me, they bid me take my place among them, in the halls of valhalla, where the brave may live forever." I may not be scandanavien, but i just love that line.
Kaz On Remote Viewing!
Hi everyone! I am a professional remote viewer of some 32 years. Remote viewing in essence is 'psychic spying'! The 'Cold War' was helped by 'Remote Viewers' by both Russian and American trained Remote Viewers who were employed to remote view top secret files in secret military installations of opposition countries and report back on their content. I have a doctorate degree in 'State Specific Science' which is the science of altered states of consciousness and part of my research was in the field of Remote Viewing. I now work as a professional remote viewer for "What Lies Ahead" : I remote view the minds of people my clients want me to report on...... I get many clients wanting to know exactly what their partners think of them, how they feel about them, what their intentions are with them, if they will be reunited with estranged or errant partners, if their partners are having affairs.... so I simply remote view the minds of those my clie
I'm Here, Who Could Want More
Ok so I'm new here but lets get this straight...I am not new to sex. I love it. Lets get started.
imposible is nothing ..............
Sleeping In A Cemetery
Most people have a hard time understanding why it is I spend some of my nights wandering sleeplessly through cemeteries... Sometimes even I don't understand it; but for some reason, it helps clear my mind. I'm always in the same cemetery, sitting between two people I lost thanks to the negligence of others. When I first started visiting, I felt weird. The place felt empty, as such a place probably should feel. I would visit, stare down upon the plots of dirt of the people I cared deeply for, and I'd stay there in silence, feeling nothing. As time passed, each visit started to grow more and more meaningful. Whatever started to spark the feeling I get now when I make my nightly walk, I will probably never understand. To describe how you feel when you're encircled with the deceased is not the easiest thing to push yourself to do. Its almost like talking about some taboo subject; something you know people will never understand. When I'm in my usual spot, I feel... alive... mo
Tasty Thoughts
Man... You know what be trippin' me out? When you are browsing CherryTap and you look at the little thumbnail and see someone who looks soo fine... When you go to their page and see the big picture they ugly as all get out.
Please Explain
Help My Sister
Help My Best Friend!
Jade's Cell
The footsteps rang out on the stone floor as they approached the heavy door of her dungeon cell. The feel of her binds around her ankles and wrists cut sharply into her tender skin. Each step closer her heart pounded faster and louder, surely her Master could hear her fear. Not once had he spoken nor looked at her as they made their way down to the place she dreaded so greatly. Maybe if she begged or pleaded then he would relent and forgive her, but she knew this time she had pushed his love just too far. Looking up she saw it, the cold, dark cell. He stopped and took out his key. The sound of his keys clashing together broke the silence. Still he did not dare to look into her pleading eyes. She knew that this hurt him almost as much as her self. The door creaked as her Master Darius threw it open. Then he turned to her, his face full of sorrow but they both knew this time she needed to learn a cold harsh lesson. "Inside now" he commanded, and with that the tears welled up in h
My daughter was born June 10th, 1998 weighing in at 8lbs 2oz. She was so beautiful. She was a very happy and healthy little girl for the first 10 months. April 17th 1999 we were sitting at home and she started having a seizure. I was only 19 had no clue what was going on. So scared. She wasn't breathing. She was taken to the local emergency room. They found ot she had aspirated during the seizure (vomited and it went into her lungs). Then they had her life flighted to the nearest childrens hospital. At this hospital they find bleeding in her brain. As a young motr i am sitting there trying to remember if she hit her head hard on something or what, when a Dr. comes to me and her father telling us that she has shaken baby syndrome. Talk about shock. I am the one taking care of her 24/7 and these Drs are look at me like some murderer. They get children services involved and telling me i won't get my daughter and stuff. For a month and a half my baby is laying in a hospital bed and the drs
My Love
My love my heart stays with one person that cares and shows no matter what is going on in our life he is there for me ...Each moment that i think of things that have gone on and that he stands at my side i love him more and more each day. I stand at his side with deep pasion and respect for him and no matter what i love him with all that we have for each other Im cloeing now talk to u all later ~* Mandie *~
I Want One!
If anybody wants to apply just answer some easy questions ill let u know by the end of the day....hehe
~love*less~'s Problem
200 Questions...
Really Long Survey (over 200)What is your name?:angela Are you named after anyone?:no What's your screename?:i have to many to name Would you name a child of yours after you?:no If you were born a member of the opposite sex what would your name be?:i don't know If you could switch names with a friend who would it be?:i like my name so i'll keep it.. Are there any mispronounciations/typos that ppl do w/ your name constantly?:they call me angel Would you drop your last name if you became famous?:no BasicsYour gender::female Straight/Gay/Bi::straight Single?:yes If not, do you want to be?:i am so there Birthdate::april 1 Your age::36 Age you act::younger Age you wish you were::18 Your height::5'1 Eye color::blue Happy with it?:do i really have a choice Hair color::right now burgendy but naturally brown Happy with it?:yes Lefty/righty/ambidextrous::righty Your living arrangement::me and my 3 kids. Your family::yes i have one Have any pets?:no Whats your job?:mom Piercings?:only my ears Tat
Buddhas Blogg
Hey all, the music video I made for the movie Clerks 2 is in another competition. All you gotta do is CLICK HERE and it will take you right to the page. Sign up, comment on it, and rate it all 5's. Thank you my cherries, I'll be sure to return the favors!!! - Rob So I was checking out the other movie on that is featured alongside Bobby and Melinda and I noticed it had a bunch of comments and 5-star ratings, meanwhile Bobby and Melinda had none! Please Click Here so that we could end this tragedy, if not because I asked, do it because the other movie's comments were left by the people who made the movie. - Rob
I'm so fuckin horny the crack of dawn isn't safe!
My Ct Wedding
My Life :(
everyone knows that i have a heart condition that is called cardiomyopathy.well i can die from this and here lately i have been having really bad chest pains and im really getting scared i beleive i am getting worse and im afraid i might die.i have so much stress and i can't work so no money and i just don't know what to do.there is points i just want to give up cause all the pain and everything.i made an appointment to go see my doc. and im afraid what he will say.but no matter what happen i love and care about all my true friends that do care about me.well whoever reads this i hope you will put me in your prayers ty.
Troll World
I WAS THE INSPIRATION FOR THIS SONG for those who dont have sound Ken] Wanna go for a ride? [Barbie] Sure, Ken! [Ken] Well, forget it! [Barbie] I'm an ugly girl, my face makes you hurl said I have it, I should bag it Acne everywhere, unwanted facial hair I'm a relation to Frankenstein's creation [Ken] You're so ugly You disgust me [Barbie] I'm a bland homley girl All alone in the world I'm as flat as a board Thin and lanky [Ken] You're a dog, and a troll Were you hit by a train? Don't go near you 'Cause your breath is skanky [Barbie] Don't get touched I'm afraid 'Cause guys say I'm an eyesore I'm an ugly girl, my face makes you hurl said I have it, I should bag it Acne everywhere, unwanted facial hair I'm a relation to Frankenstein's creation [Ken] You're so ugly You disgust me [Barbie] Boo hoo, hoo, yeah [Ken] You're so ugly You disgust me [Barbie] booo , Ooooo Oh, let's go out and have some fun! [Ken]
Page 8
Ok, so if you read my last blog you know that I am just stoopidly in love with my baby, Jamie. She rocks my whole world and makes everything about me better. We're entered in this "Best Cherry Couple" contest. I'm sure my older friends are shaking their heads and laughing at me thinking of all the stuff I always said about contests in the past. lol Well I told you...Jamie makes me better and now I like contests, so nyah, nyah. :P Anyway, we're doing pretty well in this and I know we're gonna win, but if you guys could help us out some we'd really really appreciate it. I'm sure love and gifts will be flying all over the place. lol It's a rate and bomb contest, so if you got a few minutes come drop a few on us at the link below. Just click my face. Love you guys.....thanks for helping! :) I joined this site late last summer because I saw it mentioned somewhere and just thought I'd give it a look. I was hooked on it from the start, but at that time I had no idea that c
Imbadassmexican@ Cherrytap
Kat's Tid Bitts
Adopted a fur baby on June 4, 2007 Sweet boy named Hunter.
Other Things
A Somali arrives in Minneapolis as a new immigrant to the United States. He stops the first person he sees walking down the street and says, "Thank you Mr. American for letting me in this country, giving me housing, food stamps, free medical care, and free education!" The passerby says, "You are mistaken, I am Mexican." The man goes on and encounters another passerby "Thank you for having such a beautiful country here in America!" The person says, "I not American, I Vietnamese." The new arrival walks further, and the next person he sees he stops, shakes his hand and says, "Thank you for the wonderful America!" That person puts up his hand and says, "I am from Middle East, I am not American!" He finally sees a nice lady and asks, "Are you an American?" She says, "No, I am from Russia!" Puzzled, he asks her, "Where are all the Americans?" The Russian lady checks her watch and says..."Probably at work." Let'
Blah! Blah, blah, blah Ive got the blahs. HomeAbout Some Cool Science Sites Whether you like it or not, science holds a central and critical role in modern society. Even those of us who are science-adverse still have the cell phone, the car, and the TV that are the direct result of scientific innovation. But, beyond that, science has transformed how we view the universe, as well as how we view our place within it. It behooves all of us to know at least a little bit about science so that we can better understand the world in which we live. Here are a few science related sites I stumbled upon that are worth the visit. The American Institute of Physics, publisher of Physics Today, also runs the Center for History of Physics. Their mission (from their website): AIPs Center for History of Physics works to to preserve and make known the historical record of modern physics and allied sciences. Through documentation, archival collections and educational initiatives, the Center
My Blog
I was at my friends house for the hoiday weekend..on satuday I went to EB for a Sale to get Sonic Riders - Gamecune Castlevania Double Pack - GBA We just played games for the weekend..n
Anouk , One Word
ha ha...that subject line cracked me up...I'm just a wayward boy looking to see other peoples perspective on things{life} Just want to read others blogs and enjoy...And when i get the hang of it add some thoughts of my away...shootbox if you have to...ha...see cracked myself up again...
Merry Meet
Just thought I would say thank you to all that have given me a warm welcome, I have to appologise for being so slow with getting things going, I am a Wiccan was born that way, I am the author of the Biker Babes Bible series and don't get the name mixed up with any religious conitations cause the books are written for women just getting into the biker world, I have a website that explains it better anyway thank you all for the warm welcome Rubber Down Throttle up Love and Light, Throttle
This Sounds Pretty Good...
Beginning today I will no longer worry about yesterday. It is in the past and the past will never change Only I can change by choosing to do so. Beginning today I will no longer worry about tomorrow. Tomorrow will always be there, waiting for me to make the most of it. But I cannot make the most of tomorrow without first making the most of today. Beginning today I will look in the mirror and I will see a person worthy of my respect and admiration. This capable person looking back at me is someone I enjoy spending time with and someone I would like to get to know better. Beginning today I will cherish each moment of my life. I value this gift bestowed upon me in this world and I will unselfishly share this gift with others. I will use this gift to enhance the lives of others. Beginning today I will take a moment to step off the beaten path and to revel in the mysteries I encounter. I will face challenges with courage and determination. I will overcome what barriers there may
Join Me
Just My Thoughts
Thinking....I do entirely too much of it most times. I tend to hash and re-hash thoughts, ideas, and especially concerns and worries. It's Father's Day. I'm blessed with two children of my own, a son and daughter, and of course, I've quickly become the "father" to young Mr. James. I love them all with everything I have. I awoke this morning to find cards from my daughter, and my housemate and her son, as well as a nice video I've wanted. I was also given a Father's Day card from my other housemate and her two daughter' well as the assortment of greetings and comments left on "MySpace" and "Cherrytap." All in all, I welcome and treasure them. I'm blessed to be a father, whether by my own creation, or simply stepping in where needed for other children in my life. My housemate's children liven up, and make every day more interesting and unique. I'm old enough to be dealing with grandchildren, (none thus far though), but young enough to enjoy children in general in my day-to-d
My Mother
Jan, 26 1933 - July,18 1995 God looked around his garden and saw an empty place. He then looked down from heaven and saw your tired face He knew that you were suffering and a cure was not to be. So he put his arms around you and whispered 'come to me. With tearful eyes we watched,as you slowly passed away. And tho we loved you dearly,we could not make you stay. Many times we have needed you, many times we've cried. If only love could have saved you you never would have died. I miss you with all my heart Love your daughter and your friend
Words By Me
I cant keep crying all the time... Once agian you have me waiting on the line... I dont deserve the pain inside... Even as I write this I cry... I just ask that you be straight with me... If this the end, just let me be... Dont be greedy and keep me waiting... That's whats got me hesitating... I wish I could say the hell with you... But even saying that is the hardest thing for me to do... I dont know what I am trying to prove... Theres a hundred guys that wouldn't treat me like you do... I just cant seem to find love... Maybe cupid needs to give me a little shove... But even that wouldnt help... I seem to be playing the cards I was dealt... I hate to sound like woe is me... And reach out for everyones pity... But I want someone to love me too... I am so cold inside without you... I had someones love once before... And like the rest he ended up walking out the door... You cant even tell me the truth... It seems to be
The Test Of Time
Take a deep breath and exhale slowly. Remember that not everything will go bad, but rejoice when all is well. I know that at times things seem dull, boring, or tedious, but you must always think of things in the brightest sense. I have always felt that I should never be to far from the truth, but stand right next to it. I hope that others feel the same way.
Ok I have been on tap for 3 hours or so. I have tried to talk to people. No one will talk to me. Fuck i am on tap because I am board as hell. But I bet if I were female I would be so fucken shocked by the amount of people that want to talk to me. (try to get on me or send them pixs) If I where to get some pixs of some chick and create an account then I would have so one to talk to. (till they figured out I am male) But then both of me would get blocked from this site so. I am sick of the bull shit. If you read this and you are pissed I DO NOT CARE. Not like you where going to talk to me anyway. IF I WANTED TO BE IN A POPULARITY CONTEST I'D GO BACK TO HIGH SCHOOL! FUCK!!!! anyway if you feel the same leave a comment IF NOT JUST GO AWAY BYE. One more topic. Why get pissed if someone down rates you. If you do not want honest rates why put yourself out there. I am sorry but we are not all tens. It makes know scents to me but it is just dumb not to give honest rates. Go ahead down rate m
Ravens Nest
Silent Treatment
Not to long ago I was being harrassed by someone on here that went by "Cloker". I don't know who they really are... the pics they used were stolen from someone else. When I blocked them they started going to some of my friends, saying a bunch of crap about me and trying to cause problems. Fortunately these two friends of mine came to me and told me what was being said. However, recently I've had a few more "friends" flat out ignore me and or give me the cold shoulder. Which is making me wonder if maybe this Cloker person said something to them as well??? If that's the case then you being my "friend" why wouldn't you just talk to me about it? Why take some strangers words as truth? The person who's pics Cloker stole along with me have now gotten him kicked off of Cherrytap... although for all I know they created a new account. I doubt that my "friends" who are now ignoring me will even read this. However, I'm hoping that those of you who do, will tell me if someone has or st
Sexiest Butt Contest
Find Yourself!!!!
Ladies this blog goes out to u, too many times I have heard we are fend up,not being appreciated for who we are, but the only way we can get respect is to respect ourselves. In the words of alicia keys." Cause a real man, knows a real women when he see her, and a women know a real man ain't afraid to please her"So ladies don't settle for less, find that man who knows ur womens worth, and a real man can't deny that womens worth Im sure that theres somebody reading this who knows what it means when you say "Its time to find yourself, you know, when your mind is playing tricks on yah and its getting out of control. I always say "make love to the mind, whats making love to the mind? you ask,Its when you whisper something sweet in the ear then,kiss that ear to confirm,and once the mind has that confidents built up then act on it. once you have the mind the rest will follow. Sometimes its easier to fall under that mind control method, when your at a certain age, ladies exspecially
Korn Contest
Just click it once. Need some clicks to get higher. Help!! I will return the favor. Just click it once. Only 1 per IP. Need some clicks to get higher. Help!! I will return the favor.
Tired Of The Fakeasses
Hi all my friends Are you getting tired of people pretending to be what they are not? I certainly am because they are pretending to be me some of the time. I wish there was a way for these sites to weed out these wierdos who want to be a celebrity or someone special soooo bad. It sucks for people like me who have worked so hard to be where i am and have gotten so far in my career and kicked ass to do the things ive dreamed of for so long....being a pro wrestler has always been a dream of mine and i finally have become one and am very good at it to boot!!! im the first ever adult film star to cross into mainstream sports entertainment (wrestling) noone has ever ever done it...there was a few gals who went into the ring but ONLY as exaggerated valets we call them like Jasmin St Claire and backyard wrestler (if you can call her that ) Tylene Buck Dont get me wrong these gals are way kool but didnt quite make it to the level i have where im actually a step away from doing my first ever
Sir George's Poetry
"i Missyou"
Be honest....... If you really miss someone, friend, ex, love, or a family member right now.., And cant get them off your mind... Then repost this titled as "I miss you..." Within 1 minute. And whoever you are missing will surprise you ......Within 1 minute. And whoever you are missing will surprise you ......
Moving Soon
To all my friends at Cherrytap, I'll be moving to Dallas Texas sometime next month. I don't have an exact date yet but will try to keep in touch. Brian
Hey There
Stay At Home Mom
Whinny Babys
I Live 4 U!
Great Job Posse! A huge thanks for all our friends. AND CONGRATS TO TEMPTED2TRY. We did an excellent job! ***NOW LET'S GET STARTED ON CRAZY COWBOY. REMEMBER RATES=10 SO GET THOSE AND BOMB BOMB BOMB!!!*** rates=10 Crazy Cowboy 15,000 give away at 4681 **STOP BY THESE TWO PICS AND RATE THEM PLEASE** **THESE ARE ALL GIVE AWAYS. WE NEED TO GET THESE OVER WITH BEFORE WE STARTING ENTERING MORE CONTESTS** rates=10 Crazy Cowboy 15,000 give away at 4681 Mizz Shady 50,000 give away at 17418 ~*~Tali~*~OF SHADY'S S*U*P 55,000 GIVE AWAY AT 704 Mizz Shady 90,000 give away at 55133 IT'S IMPORTANT THAT YOU LET ME KNOW OF ANY CHANGES. I WILL BE POSTING THIS OVER AND OVER. (repost of original by '*MsRetta* *#3of*S*U*P* *MsRacks07*' on '2007-08-10 09:13:13') (repost of original by 'MIZZ SHADY* LEADER*OF SHADY'S S*U*P*' on '2007-08-10 10:44:25')
More On Pdd,nos
There are many myths surrounding autism. It may be frustrating at first to determine whether information is inaccurate or factual. Below, we've listed some of the more prevalent misconceptions about autism. You may come across more. Autistic children can't be helped. Many people believe that a person with autism cannot learn new skills, but this is not the case. The treatments featured at Kyle's Treehouse, while varied and different, have all seen improvements in children's conditions. In many cases, these improvements have been dramatic and there are some cases where the person no longer has autism at all (including Kyle himself, the once-autistic son of the founders of Kyle's Treehouse). Cold or distant parenting causes autism.1 One of the original "cause" theories was the "refrigerator parent," which held that parents who were unloving created such an unattractive world to the child that the child became autistic. This theory couldn't be farther from the truth and is no long
Sir Dave's Stores
Cut and paste url below to visit My Store Check Out This Link. They Actually Pay You to use their site. I want to Thank All My Fubar Family and Friends who visited my online store and registered as a shopper. You will be receiving your "Free" $10.00 gift card along with a couple of catalogs in the mail this week. Gift Cards are always available for purchase. Just contact me via the online store or here on fubar. Thank You All! Sir Dave Cut and Paste into Browser to visit My Store.
You Know Who You Are
Goodbye Well maybe now I should just say goodbye You used to be my lover and my friend But I never felt I really was yours So maybe this is the end. I'm different from you,my love has no end Each other we've never understood When I do tell you goodbye again This time it will be for good Whenever I'm mad at you it hurts me so bad And you don't even care I don't know why, I just want to cry And someday I won't be here. The streaks on my arm they've done me no harm They're only made of pen But once they are blood that turns brown They'll be there again and again. If I hurt you, I only hurt myself worse But that doesn't really matter All I seem to do is hurt. And my spirit's bruised and battered. I do not know why it has to be so I really wish it did not But the way this has been going it is basically shot. You don't need me and worse yet, you don't want me And that's how I know These words are the ones I have to speak- I love you, but goodbye.
I like to be mysterious, I know I'm hot, and so will you when we hook up, a photo is ok, but I like to descibe all parts to you, use your imagination baby, tastytreat
True" Friendship None of that Sissy Crap Are you tired of those sissy "friendship" poems that always sound good, But never actually come close to reality? Well, here is a series of promises that actually speak of true friendship. You will see no cutesy little smiley faces on this card- Just the stone cold truth of our great friendship. 1. When you are sad -- I will help you get drunk and plot revenge against The sorry bastard who made you sad. 2. When you are blue -- I will try to dislodge whatever is choking you. 3. When you smile -- I will know you finally got laid. 4. When you are scared -- I will rag on you about it every chance I get. 5. When you are worried -- I will tell you horrible stories about how much Worse it could be until you quit whining. 6. When you are confused -- I will use little words. 7. When you are sick -- Stay the hell away from me until you are well Again. I don't want whatever you have. 8. When you fall -- I will point and laugh at
Single After 4 Faithful Years
well i finally settle down and im faithfull for 4 years and it still isnt good enough so now im seperated, well girls im back on the market and would love to take you out to dinner or a movie let me know whats up holla.....
Help Me Level Plz
i only need 11,011 to be a pimp, so i could use some help if you have some free time :) thanks
Lyrics Of Songs That Mean Something To Me
I'm a movement by myself. But I'm a force when we're together. Mami I'm good all by myself. But baby you, you make me better. You make me better. You make me better. You make me better. You make me better. You make me better. You make me better. You make me better. You make me better. [Fabolous] You plus me, it equals better math. Ya boy a good look but, she my better half. I'm already bossin', already flossin'. But why I have the cake if it ain't got the sweet frostin'? (yep yep yep yep). Keepin' me on my A game (what what what what). Without havin' the same name (that that that that that). They may flame (but but but but). But shawty, we burn it up. The sag in my swag, pep in my step. Daddy do the Gucci, mami in Giuseppes. Guess it's a G thing, whenever we swing. I'mma need Coretta Scott, if I'm gonna be King. [CHORUS] [Ne-Yo] First thing's first, I does what I do. But everything I am, she's my influ. I'm already boss, I'm already fly. But if I'm a
August 30th
So I had the bright idea of trying to tan my lily white skin today. I'm thinking that since there's nobody living in the house next door (it's the only one where anyone can see me) so it would be ok to go without my top on...WRONG!! All was good until I hear a door shut and look up to see someone going back into that was the realtor. I thought I was going to die! There's no way I couldn't have been seen as I had music going. It just so happened that I was lying on my back at the moment. I hurry up and grab my shirt and run for the back door. I don't think I'll be doing that again any time soon.
Auburn Football!!!
Yesterday I went to Auburn Univ's season open again Kansas State (or those who don't read my profile I'm an Auburn Univ Alum so War Damn Eagle!!!). I got into town around 10 central time. I had to walk around for a minute with my heavy ass pack n cooler before I found the tailgate spot. I spotted one of my old fraternity brothers and his wife. We sat for a minute and shot the shit while waiting on everyone else. Finally more n more folks started showing up. Lawd we had a lot of peeps come thru as the day progressed. Did a lot of talking, drinking, and eating and playin drinkin games...hahahaha. Yep then I was using my bartending skills to hook up drinks for everyone. We had some of our K-State fraternity brothers come thru as well. Was good to hang out with those guys. They made a 15 hr trip down. By kick off all the beer and most of the liquor was gone...hahaha.... Well went to the game and there saw a few surprises. Like 2 of our starters didn't play because of academ
First Names And How Confusing They Can Be...
I am so sick of these girls who act as if they are perfect, just what every man could ever want. And then, it turns out, when they get a guy worth a shit they go out and screw around on them. They take advantage of someone who's been restrained enough he would have done it with someone he looks at like a sister!!! Then they want to lie about the friend they opened up to! It's sick, it's twisted and I am DONE with it. I am tired of trying to run around and clean up messes. I'm not perfect, FAR FROM IT! I don't try to fit everybody's "perfect" idea, and make myself to be a chameleon. It's just ridiculous! I'm done ranting now.
Skin Mr. Undercover Made For Me
Thank you so much Mr. Undercover for making my skin for me. I just wanted to show my appreciation and this was the only way I knew how on a computer. Great Job. Love your work. Once again Thank you Mr. Undercover. Much love.
Pics And Friends List
Ok, I have 340 friends on my list and over half of those are fans of me too but anyways, half of them I don't think give notification of having new pics, I don't this for sure though, but if you have new pics let me via status message or shoutbox or private message, please and thank you!
The Blog Af Draons And Fairies
First of I'd like to start by starting I am the most ahppily married person in hte world looking only froe friend family and fun. If your here looking for someone to "cheat with" or anything else I am not your girl. as you can see from my profile picture that is my guy. the best one in the world. I have a wonderful imagination when it comes to dragons and faies and I am currently working on a fairy tale for my 12 yr old daughter. I have some medical issuees that get in my way. Until next time. NIKKI
Microwave Popcorn ... Health Hazard?
This is from the Pump Handle blog. So far, all of the attention has been on workers. This is the first case identified of a consumer getting popcorn lung by popping popcorn in his own kitchen. He probably popped a lot more popcorn than the average person, but two questions remain: 1. Is this a single case, or is it just the first (of many) identified cases that family physicians may have been overlooking? >>>>>Aren't these the same questions we've been asking over the years? But the only difference is is that we are dealing with a natural toxin vs a man made one, but at a much greater magnitude with more severe debilitating effects. 2. Where are our public health agencies. Even if this is an isolated case, shouldn't it have launched further inquiries and alerts? >>>>Good question.... Why haven't they? And finally, will this help the case for an OSHA standard? >>>>Well, duh!!! You would think so and we already have it laid out for them, such as the S520. We
Save Time Read This
Ok here ya go some Q&As for every one to know save time read this before you ask me thses questions. 1.Are you single?No im not been with the same guy for 5 years> 2.Do you have any kids?Yes i do they are my life i have 3 of my own 2 girls and a boy who has autism and i have 1 step son in michigan wich i hope to move back soon to be with them again. 3.Am i looking to leave the man im with?No im here to make friends and have fun so if i am flirting thats me it doesnt mean im going to leave Brandon to be with you. 4.Do i get naked on cam?No i dont please dont ask if i choose to do anything on cam i will do it on my own. 5.Do i want to watch you masterbate on cam?EEEEWWWWW no i do not get on yahoo to cam and watch men from all over the world jack off if i want to see a man jack off i will hold back from giving sex to my man ty. 6.Will i have sex or do anything sexual with Brandon on cam?No i will not. 7.Will i add you to my family so you can see my private pics?I pick
Valhala Are Waiting For The Warrior, Who`s Die With The Weapon In His Hand. The Biggest Hounor, Sitting At The Same Tabel As Odin
I`v often thinks, what kind of people there are in here. And of caurse it`sb an mirror of the real life. Therfore, i`v been thinking, why give a shit of what others beliwe about me. I`v decided to come out as the real me. If you can handel it`s ok, and if not so what, not a friend of my, anyway. I`m sick and tired of peoples intolerence, ewen it`s me which people says has none, not true. But only for the one i knows and care for. So up yours and Sieg heil. WW WP. Brix Division Denmark. Call me sick and i`ll tell you the truth Call me an hooligan and Ill prove it to you (FORZA FCK) call me an looser, i`v probelary got more monney than you, shitface. Call me an racist, I`m not. Call me an Nationalist and i`ll bow before you. Call me an peagent, i`m not. My beliwe is full legal in Denmark, so fuck all your Christianshits (Jesus were black, he were born were peoples not white anyway. Try to keep me down and I`ll grow bigger an stronger. Who am i? I`v just discovered, how redic
Work From Home?
Im Listening
January 20, 2007 - Saturday just thoughts I lay here in bed listening to myself breath and think stranger. Maybe it's because i was always in tuned to hear the one i loved when i slepted with them. i know not what lays before me and if the future offers me comfort . But i will sleep and listen to myself . Myself being this stranger March 28, 2007 - Wednesday im listening I walk through darkness seeking it's comfort. It embraces me while wispering it's saftey, sheilding me from footsteps around me. Im asked not to hide but to go forward with comfidence on a path i do not know.How far im to walk i have not been told. My desires go unknown to me, Im not to ask. Im to learn with each step. Doubt fills me, confuses me. Yet darkness holds me in her arms and i feel safe. i wish to cry out and ask why? But i fear an answer, worse i'll hear nothing knowing im still standing here alone. Please answer me, Are you my friend or are you my prison keeping me hiddon away f
Speaking My Mind
Just different Boy, I dont wanna waste your time, just want to let you know you're fine, but I will never can call you mine cuz you got them ladies waiting in line. We're talking now every day, although you are still so far away, but I will continue to pray, so I might see you someday. I know we had again a little fight, and yes, my attitude isn't always right, but I'm still waiting for your call at night and be dreaming of you holding me tight. You say you love me and my smile and can't live without seeing it for a while. I never met one with your kind of style, and would go for you to the end of this world every mile. Boy, I don't know more what to do, all I think is about you, maybe soon you will be my boo and I hope you feel so too... BETTER THINGS ARE COMING I gave him trust I showed him love But that's not what he wanted He dumped me once And I let him dump me twice Cuz I never listen to advice! He stole my mind He broke my heart
Just Because
Tomorrow ....well today is pregnancy loss awareness day. At 7pm women and men will be lighting a candle in remembrance of the babies that have been lost. Our babies. Whether they were just a few weeks after conception and miscarried....or full term and born still, they will still be in our hearts forever. You will always be loved Shannon and Dylan. Mommy Graphics Okay, alot of you have asked for updates on how we fared from the hurricane sooooo here goes. My house lost a few shingles and the power was out for an hour. That is it. A firefighter friend of mine told me we had topped out sustained winds at 48 mph in Bryan/College Station, not sure how many inches of rain. So we got very lucky. The storm went east of us and spared us a great deal. Keep the people of Galveston, Houston and surrounding areas that felt thee brunt of Ike in your prayers and thank you for caring so much. -L-
This Is Not A Blog .
Violence is what you breed Racism is what you breed Hate is what you breed What do you expect me to be ? Peace brother, fuck you bastard I dont need your false friendship Freedom is a bunch of shit This is world of shit Misery is what we see Murder is what we see Ignorance is what we see What do you expect me to be ?
School, Life, And Love
PaRtY LiKe A rOcK sTaRAdd to My Profile | More Videos
Oil ... What's Not To Like?
The Arctic sea ice is disintegrating "100 years ahead of schedule", having dropped 22% this year below the previous minimum low, and it may completely disappear as early as the northern summer of 2013. This is far beyond the predictions of the International Panel on Climate Change and is an example of global warming impacts happening at lower temperature increases and more quickly than projected. What are the lessons from the Arctic summer of 2007? Climate change impacts are happening at lower temperature increases and more quickly than projected. The Arctic's floating sea ice is headed towards rapid summer disintegration as early as 2013, a century ahead of the International Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) projections. The rapid loss of Arctic sea ice will speed up the disintegration of the Greenland ice sheet, and a rise in sea levels by even as much as 5 metres by the turn of this century is possible. The Antarctic ice shelf reacts far more sensitively to warming temper
Aussie Jokes
Aussies: Believe you should look out for your mates. Brits: Believe that you should look out for those people who belong to your club. Americans: Believe that people should look out for and take care of themselves. Canadians: Believe that that is the government's job. Aussies: Dislike being mistaken for Pommies (Brits) when abroad. Canadians: Are rather indignant about being mistaken for Americans when abroad. Americans: Encourage being mistaken for Canadians when abroad. Brits: Can't possibly be mistaken for anyone else when abroad. Canadians: Endure bitterly cold winters and are proud of it. Brits: Endure oppressively wet and dreary winters and are proud of it. Americans: Don't have to do either, and couldn't care less. Aussies: Don't understand what inclement weather means. Americans: Drink weak, pissy-tasting beer. Canadians: Drink strong, pissy-tasting beer. Brits: Drink warm, beery-tasting piss. Aussies: Drink anything with alcohol in it. Americans:
Cheer Me Up Pls
my rat has just died and i'm gutted pls cheer me up
My New Computer
Hi friends , I've been saving my money for a new computer , so I finally broke down today , went to Best Buy and bought myself a new computer :) Here's pictures I just took of it (also put them in my photos )
Gurlfriend Application
I WANT UR NUMBER....... DONT CARE WHO U ARE. I BET U WANNA GIVE IT TO ME........ I DARE U! NAME:________________ NUMBER:_____________
If you are ANYTHING like this guy.....check him out his profile...... .... DO NOT!!!...I repeat! DO NOT!!! Bother comeing to my profile..Dont even fucking look my way....Its assholes like this that ruin it for the nice guys!! There's some mighty fine advice in these words, even if you're not superstitious. This has been sent To you for good luck from the Anthony Robbins organization.. It has been sent around the world ten times so Far. Do not keep this message. This must leave your hands in 6 MINUTES. Otherwise you will get a very unpleasant surprise. This is true, even if you are not superstitious, agnostic, or otherwise faith impaired. ONE. Give people more than they expect and do it cheerfully. TWO. Marry a man/woman you love to talk to. As you get older, their conversational skills will be as important as any other. THREE. Don't believe all you hear, spend all you have or sleep all you want. FOUR. When you say,
Help For The Wicked
Sports Bar?
Happy Halloween!!!
Three Things In Life.....
Three things in life that, once gone, never come back - 1. Time 2. Words 3. Opportunity Three things in life that can destroy a person - 1. Anger 2. Pride 3. Unforgiveness Three things in life that you should never lose- 1. Hope 2. Peace 3. Honesty Three things in life that are most valuable - 1. Love 2. Family &Friends 3. Kindness Three things in life that are never certain - 1. Fortune 2. Success 3. Dreams Three things that make a person - 1. Commitment 2. Sincerity 3. Hard work Three things that are truly constant - Father - Son - Holy Spirit I ask the Lord to bless you, as I pray for you today; to guide you and protect you, as you go along your way. God's love is always with you, God's promises are true. And when you give God all your cares, you know God will see you through.
December 4, 2007 @ 4:01 am Woman in Repose Lavender feeling, caressing, Reaching out to love unrequited. Lavender woman hourglass figure Graceful silhouette – subtle in repose, Defiant shoulder straight, erect, Wistful frame wanting to embrace the dance. Lavender woman skin satin silk, Alabaster sheen unblemished clear, Smiling lines border twinkle eyes, Downy hair neck waiting to be nuzzled. Lavender woman voice crisp, clear, Confidant, dynamic, sensitive, loving, Lyrical musings in barely audible sighs, Demonstrative yet plaintive. Lavender woman presence be known, Commanding with leprechaun underpinnings, Woman/child balanced, complex, desirable, A poetic rendering waiting to be read.woman sight serene, Blues eyes speak of moments anticipated, Dreaming of waiting beaus, To be received and swept to the Ball. Lavender woman blonde swept hair framing simple smile, Soft spoken lips awaiting the breath of a kiss, Sensual elegance in moisten lip
Fake Ass Bitches!!
Ok so i dont understand why bitches think, its fun to ALWAYS start DRAMA....Here i sit minding my own damn biz and this ONE BITCH..has to make sure to call my house, send shit to me, etc...dont she understand, she is makin herself look like a fuckin fool, and also, ima freak out on her ass, and fuck her shit up!!?? UGH..there is NEVER a dull moment in the LIFE OF BOBBI!! ;0)...So i guess i just needed to get this off my chest!!
Help Me Help A Friend
Jokes Wild - ۞ The Blogz You Love To Hate ۞ - ViPeR Pit FoUnDeR - Married to DJ Lacey@ fubar Come on 2 hh in a row lets get him to godfather thank you all so much DJPhilburg360
Are You Serious?!?
AAAAAARRRRRRGGGGGHHHHH!!!! So the new printer went freakazoid on me and blew itself up along with my two year old computer that was working just peachy. Now I'm stuck with this dinosaur of a machine that used to be my is slower than George W. Bush on heroin stuck in an ocean sized pit of tar! It's so damn frustrating...but at least it gets me online for my fix, lmao! No working cd drive, no port for my memory card, no photo programs...guess that means I'll actually get to talk to people for once! So y'all are just gonna have to bear with me since it's taking me forever and a day to get anything done here in the fubar world... Hugs - RS What's up with this crap? All I did was go to a new profile and I had to enter some stupid code...lame.
Australian Vacation
On Dec 5 through Dec 13th, I will be flying to Australia for vacation. I am totally psyched. I have always wanted to go and now I have the chance. If you are in the Sydney area and want to have a drink, let me know. I will be staying at the York. Peace out! I will document my vacay here :) Oh..and after Australia, I will be going to Indiana to see family. the Dragon
Kids Talking About Marriage
HOW DO YOU DECIDE WHO TO MARRY? (written by kids) You got to find somebody who likes the same stuff. Like, if you like sports, she should like it that you like sports, and she should keep the chips and dip coming. -- Alan, age 10 No person really decides before they grow up who they're going to marry. God decides it all way before, and you get to find out later who you're stuck with. -- Kristen, age 10 WHAT IS THE RIGHT AGE TO GET MARRIED? Twenty-three is the best age because you know the person FOREVER by then. -- Camille, age 10 No age is good to get married at. You got to be a fool to get married. -- Freddie, age 6 (very wise for his age) HOW CAN A STRANGER TELL IF TWO PEOPLE ARE MARRIED? You might have to guess, based on whether they seem to be yelling at the same kids. -- Derrick, age 8 WHAT DO YOU THINK YOUR MOM AND DAD HAVE IN COMMON? Both don't want any more kids. -- Lori, age 8 WHAT DO MOST PEOPLE DO ON A DATE? Dates are for having f
Where Is Your Mind???
Where your mind is What do you think about your current situation? What do you think about the possibilities that are available to you at this moment? What you think has a direct and undeniable connection to what you do. So it pays to keep your mind focused on the highest and the best. Where your mind is right now is where your life will soon be. The thousands of thoughts that you think each day provide the stage upon which you perform. The outer performance is driven by the inner thoughts. Thoughts of confidence, effectiveness, strength and positive achievement will lead to truly great performances. Consider all the things you say to yourself as every day goes along. Each one is an opportunity for you to direct your mind in precisely the way you choose. Use all your thoughts, the little ones, the big ones, and all the rest, to put your mind in a positive, empowering place. Enjoy the journey as your great thoughts lead you surely and steadily to greatness
Random Rants....
The tears of sadness roll down my face as my life is changing for the better and yet, no one has taken your place. The growth, the new sights, the anger and fears, so many emotions masked by these tears and yet, your voice is like nails on a chalkboard. The changes of life the one we once knew... you think i am still longing for something... oh, i am, but...that person is not you. We are both different now.. we have grown so much apart. My head is so much stronger now, as your starts to fall apart. I try to talk to you tell you how life should be.. I understand now, i fully know your heart is not with me. I try and show you, there is a different life I try and show you, she really isn't that nice. I long to hear your voice sometimes when you come back as my friend... but when I hear that voice, its not the one meant to mend. Still... all along, Your voice is like nails on a chalkboard. As much as I am here for you now.. I will be just the
Class Act
So it looks like Mike Lowell will be returning to the World Champion Boston Red Sox for another three years. I am overjoyed at the news. And may I add that I think our Golden Glove winning, All Star, MVP third baseman is a class act. He wanted to stay with the Red Sox and he turned down several 4 year offers to remain with his team. It is also reported that he left up to 20 million dollars on the table to stay where he is loved best. To me, that speaks volumes. That he put heart and love of the game above his bank account. That to him, being in the right place at the right time is more important than being among the highest paid ball players. Mike Lowell, to me, personifies everything that baseball should be. He plays for the love of the game, for the hearts and souls of the fans, for the cameraderie of the team. He is no sell out. My admiration for this man is immense. I am very grateful that we are hanging on to his valuable player. I was so afraid we would lose hi
The Wolf Pack Family
welcome everyone to the wolf pack family and thank you for joining us.I just want some simple rules for this ok and we will adjust them as we go so bear with me on this please. the first and formost rule is NO DRAMA, this means in the family and in the lounge. it will not be tolerated, and treat each person in the family with respect, and work together as a pack please. that is all i ask of the members for right now thank you for joining and have fun.
Men Read And Please Take Notes!!! Wow
Imagine me standing behind you as the water hits your arms wrapped around your belly..pulling your body back against press your ass back against me..and you can feel I am more than my lips press against the back of your neck..mmmm...I lean my head back to watch your perfect ass as you rock your hips back..grinding against my cock, getting harder by the second..feel my fingertips as they slide up the front of your body..stopping just below your amazing you work your ass on my hard cock..feel my strong hands as they move up around your breasts and gently begin to massage you in small slow circles..mmmmm..I lean my head forward and nibble on your neck...whispering to you..telling you how fucking good you feel against begin to grind your ass harder on my cock..I can feel your rock hard nipples underneath my hands as you lean your head back...feel the tip of my tongue as I circle your lips, then kiss you tongue inside your warm m
Videos Of Bj At School Parties
B.J. is in the orange shirt ,they call him Brian at school.
Godfather Time
I Want to give Special Thanks to all the tight knit family /friends /fans that made this all happen with me & for me . I want to think everyone for the fun & friendships. i look forward to all the fun to come with everyone. I',m looking forward to keep give back the love forsure . Here's 4 of the Top Families that i can say have awesome friends as well that give luv to their family members . ~CONFEDERATE BOMBERS FAMILY OF FUBAR ~~HOME OF THE~GIT-R-DONE REBELS BOMBSQUAD~ MIZZ SHADY LEADER OF SHADYS POSSE S*U*P* Club F.A.R. Official Home Page DSC HOME ♥le♥rWhiteKnights R/l wife♥IC♥DSC♥outhernBadAzzCrew
DOG DIARY 8:00 am - Dog food! My favorite thing! 9:30 am - A car ride! My favorite thing! 9:40 am - A walk in the park! My favorite thing! 10:30 am - Got rubbed and petted! My favorite thing! 12:00 PM - Lunch! My favorite thing! 1:00 PM - Played in the yard! My favorite thing! 3:00 PM - Wagged my tail! My favorite thing! 5:00 PM - Milk bones! My favorite thing! 7:00 PM - Got to play ball! My favorite thing! 8:00 PM - Wow! Watched TV with the people! My favorite thing! 11:00 PM - Sleeping on the bed! My favorite thing! CAT DIARY Day 983 of my captivity. My captors continue to taunt me with bizarre little dangling objects. They dine lavishly on fresh meat, while the other inmates and I are fed hash or some sort of dry nuggets. Although I make my contempt for the rations perfectly clear, I nevertheless must eat something in order to keep up my strength. The only thing that keeps me going is my dream of escape. In an attempt to disgust them, I
Are you a Reason, a Season, or a Lifetime? Pay attention to what you read. After you read this, you will know the reason it was sent to you! People come into your life for a reason, a season, or a lifetime. When you figure out which one it is, you will know what to do for each person. REASON: When someone is in your life for a REASON. . . It is usually to meet a need you have expressed. They have come to assist you through a difficulty, to provide you with guidance and support, to aid you physically, emotionally, or spiritually. They may seem like a godsend, and they are! They are there for the reason you need them to be. Then, without any wrong doing on your part or at an inconvenient time, this person will say or do something to bring the relationship to an end. Sometimes they die. Sometimes they walk away. Sometimes they act up and force you to take a stand. What we must realize is that our need has been met, our desire fulfilled, their work is done.
Rules For Being Happy
There are lots of so called 'professional' opinions from professional people giving you professional guidance to being happy (with the term being self defining....YOU determine what makes you happy). One of the better ones follow: Remember the 5 simple rules to being happy: 1. Free your heart from hatred...FORGIVE 2. Free your mind from worries... MOST NEVER HAPPEN 3. Live simply...APPRECIATE WHAT YOU HAVE 4. Give more...IT MAKES YOU FEEL BETTER 5. Expect less...YOU WON'T BE SO DISAPPOINTED . Now, with that being said I'd like to narrow the focus a bit.....give you my very unprofessional input as to my rules to make me happy and for treating people. Like I said, I'm not a professional so I've narrowed my list to three items: 1. be happy (as I mentioned, it's self defining) 2. never intentionally hurt anyone 3. know love (if you have love everything else falls into place) With that in mind and with the coming of the Christmas season I'd like every one of y
The Morph Contest will begin tomorrow Saturday, January 12th at 12PM Pacific Time / 1PM Mountain / 2PM Central / 3PM Eastern Time! The Contest will last for two (2) weeks and will end on Saturday, January 26th at 12PM Pacific Time / 1PM Mountain / 2PM Central / 3PM Eastern Time! RULES! Please!! No Drama of any sort will be tolerated!! Comment Bombing & Self Bombing a must!! READ CAREFULLY CONTESTANTS!! Level 8 and Up Members with Salutes may Comment Bomb your Contest Page!! Fake Accounts & Newbies are NOT ALLOWED TO COMMENT THIS CONTEST!! Monitors will be watching to see that everyone is Playing By the Rules!! Those Members NOT Saluted and are caught Comment Bombing will be Blocked from Helping you in any further!! I wish everyone the best of luck!! Please Comment this Posting, so I know you have read the rules and understand everything expected of you!! - - PRIZE - - The First Contestant to reach 50,000 Comments will End the Contest & Win 1,000,000 Fu Bucks
Lacie Part 3
From: ~`*-._Lacie_.-*`~ ~`*-._Lac.. Date: Dec 19, 2007 4:33 PM Flag as Spam or Report Abuse [ ? ] Subject: RE: No Subject Body: You can't be proud of something that you had nothing to do with but DNA. For saw her one fucking time! That's it! She doesn't mean anything to you Eric. So stop acting like you wanna be a man and step up now. You went about this whole thing the wrong way for this whole time now. Isn't it enough that you haven't been here? And have done nothing but make my life harder? And the things you've done? I mean...come on Eric! You've done nothing right....nothing. And you wouldn't have rights if you signed? LMFAO whatever! How DARE you call her your angel! How DARE you act like you had a part in this. You saw her the day she was born. And you touched my stomach once. I called to have you come to the Dr. and you fucking "passed out" @ 4:15PM? Whatever! LoL. And you wanna be a dad? RIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIGHT! I gave you opp

What Drink I Am!!!
Take the Drink Quiz at!Make Your Own Quiz
The Poetry Spot
Another Hope I sit here with a broken heart thoughts swimming through my mind love unanswered left behind All that I hoped dreamed and longed for thrown aside lost forever In the stillness of the night I gaze upon luna and hope once again By Kevin aka DaBoMb "the pain of loss" you fill my mind eerie thoughts swim my soul cries out over and again the world spins round me always out of reach and always and ever thy heart beseech forever and always til time be done know that thou art the only one true love of mine heart true sound of my soul always the one always the toll By Kevin aka DaBoMb "Breath" I would like to be the breath that you take in for just a moment to be that invisible and that needed is all I could hope for By Kevin aka DaBoMb
You Gotta See And Hear This!!!
hello im an r&b artist from michigan . music is my love ,and first born . i invite you to check out my music page . i have a demand sticker located on the myspace page . click on the link if you like me to perform in your city. if not i understand . accept me to be your friend , and lets keep in contact. if i perform in your city and get enough demands in your city ,then maybe we can go to the club or bar , and have a few drinks . hope to hear from you soon , dont get too typsy lol.
My Aunt
Contest Update
Its always worth it. Just because the fairytale is not the script that you wrote, don't fake the funk on whats real. It sucks I know especially when time has been spent. Now its all in the way the you look at what was had. PHREEDUM comes when you can let go of the lost and cherish what you have found. There is good in everything cause God made it, as we get older you see that we are the ones who tend to mess things up. I am handing out keys and I guess this is one of love. It may stir up memories but I hope it manifest a thought. Be good Be safe Be beautiful Beauty is the word most prescribed for the essence of you Every moment with you underlines the context of this being true All I can do is think about ways I can make that smile spark Undeniable the love for which you will always have in this heart Toughiest of times we made it thru believing in one another If I could have made it last forever, that song would be full of wonder Fro
Cross Country Harley Trip
All Because Of Each Of You.....much Love
Wishes do come true with family and friends like each of you. There are no words too even begin too describe this pimpout. You all gave so generously too help me..Some are close friends and others were there just to help make my wish come true. Thank you too all of my friends and family for going above and beyond too make sure that I got SpotLight one last time. Im greatful for all the love you share. Much love too all of you. Take some time too meet a new friend.. Fan, Add, and Rate you wont be disapppointed.. ~ Phoenix FuOwned By Arthur 155 and Proud Owner of James~Rider of the Love Machine@ fubar ~Mz Attitude~ Shadow Leveler@ fubar LOBOSHEWOLF@ fubar ~*Naughty*~*Blinky~AKA~*Girlblink182*~*StewieGriffin's Wife*~@ fubar Christie@ fubar ~slave~@ fubar Ladygray@ fubar ♥Thyckie Thyck♥ Club FAR ♥@ fubar
Loves To Ride
hopefully by posting a blog , i won't be freshmeat for too much longer.....laffs
On The Road Again =)
Hello everyone! Im taking a trip to TX to see my son & his sweet family. We didnt get to see them for Christmas. Two of the grand daughters birthdays are coming up soon, a perfect excuse to visit! I dont know what time the Superbowl is but I will be flying back on the 3rd also. I could be in the Dallas airport at the time, lol. I might need some info on it when I get back =) Now that the Cowboys are out of the playoffs, they might not have it playing at the gates. Enjoy the game, u football fans out there. Have a safe month & stay warm my friends! Hugs =)
Own Me For A Month..
HERE'S YOUR CHANCE TO OWN ANY OF THESE SEXY BLUE LOUNGE STAFF, MEMBERS, AND FRIENDS FOR A MONTH!THE AUCTION ENDS AT 11PM CST SUNDAY JAN 20TH Shane aka 'DJ Lost Saint - #2 @ The Original Blue Lounge@ fubar DjSexyBiootchBARBI'S HOMIE 4-LIFE -I.B.I.C.-EvilAngelButtBuddie-CrazyA$$Sis2Meg-@ fubar BJ Barbi~Greeter @ The Blue Lounge AKA SIS TO BLAIRMARE~DJ SEXYBIOOTCH'S HOMIE~CALIGUMBO'S PORNSTAR@ fubar Blairmare Fu-Sis to BJ Barbie Fu-lover to Rev Tom worshiper of DG@ fubar Rev Tom [Co-Owner Slapps Happy Hour] Thizz iz What it iz@ fubar DJ Gem~Bar Manager@The Blue Lounge~FU-GF 2 My Hot Mama ~Crazy A$$ Sis 2 DJ Sexy & A Tru Blu Bitch'@ fubar Caligumbo@ fubar *Mamasita**FU-GF to DJ MAD& FU-GF 2The Sexy DJ Gem@ fubar Angel Bad Girl~Head Bartender @Club Adrenaline~FU-GF to King of Boriquas~@ fubar
My Names Is Kat!?!?
probli not of any interest 2 anyone lol bt i likes it =D x Are You .. 1. A Cuddler? yup 2. A morning person?: PAH ! 3. Are you a perfectionist?: sumtimes .. can b pretty lazy tho lol 4. An only child?: no (N) big bro & sis
The Auction Of Doom
Yo Thought Was Trippin'
So here's what Im gonna do and how's your life cuz obviously nobodys askin' so nobody cares. Fucked up your style too. It was a thought train wacked and spin it in phyco dude. Yeah you know thats how i'm goin down. Have you ever stared at the body as a figure, your mind was a julapi or a gilapi.
Be My Valentine Application....
This is the "Be My Valentine Application." Everyone knows there's at least one person on myspace or fubar that you want to be your Valentine. Heres the application for that special someone. Let's see who replys back with the following filled out. Have Fun. Area 1 Name: Age: Phone: Height: Do you Drive: State You Live In: School: Grade: May I Call You: Single or Taken: Would You Date Me: Kiss On First Date: Will You Send This Back To Me? Area 2: What would you do if I... I made a move on u? I kissed you? I lived next door to you? I started smoking? I asked you on a date? I was hospitalized? I ran away from home? I asked u to have sex? I asked u out? Area 3: What do you think about my... Personality: Eyes: Hair: Body: Area 4: Have you ever.... Lied to make me feel better? Wanted to kiss me? Wanted to kill me? Broke my heart? Kept something
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Lighting flashes in the distance casting his shadow on the stone work around him. A sound to his left brings him to attention slipping behind the a crumbleing wall where he is hidden. A woman dressed in fine silks walks to where his fire burns bright. Knealing she studies whats around her then stands turning towards him. Hunkering down even lower he watches as she walks towards his hideing place. " come out Sire for I wish to see you," she says with a cool air. After a few moments without him showing she turns away slowly unlaceing her dress. As if the wind has the same thoughts as this woman a breeze slowly helps slideing the dress away. Standing before the fire she looks over her shoulder looking at him a sly smile spreading across her lips. Standing slowly he walks to her lighting dances in the air above them. Turning to face him her voice a soft whisper "do you not find me attractive sire?" that same smile on her lips as her eyes drift up and down his body. His eyes glea
Birth Order
Beautiful Death
From the stroke of my hair To the brush of my face I long for our lips embrace Holding you close Holding you tight Wouldn't let you out of my sight Gaze in your eyes Feel your touch Whispering in your ear I want you so much Never thought this could be true The thought of me being with you You're amazing,sweet, and kind I just wish you were all mine You consume my every thought my every desire When I talk to you I feel like my hearts unfire You melt my heart You melt my soul There's nothing I wouldn't do to have you to hold Sadness in my heart Sadness in my soul cuz I dont have u to hold All choked up Tears fall from my face cuz with u is my place Lonely mornings Sleepless nights cuz its u I want holding me tight Heart is aching Longing for your touch Its u I miss so fuckin much So many thoughts So many dreams omy fuckin gawd Im gonna scream Want u so much More and more everyday Its in my heart u will stay Marry me today Marry me tomorro
Michael Jackson "come Back"
Fu Luv Bomb Sqaud!
FEEL THE LOVE AND JOIN FU LUV BOMB SQUAD! WE WANT YOU!!! TO JOIN US PLEASE SEND A MESSAGE TO THE OWNER, THEN YOU HAVE TO FAN, RATE AND ADD ALL CURRENT MEMBERS!!! YOU WILL BE ADDED ONCE THIS IS CONFIRMED. KISSES TO ALL AND LETS HAVE SOME FUN!!! RULES ARE BASIC AND WILL BE ADJUSTED AS NEEDED. 1. No Drama Allowed! 2. All must fan, rate and add ALL members. **New Prospects send a note when u add stating Fu Luv Bomb Squad.. 3. Must add owner to family 4. Become member ouf our Lounge (Blue Orion) 5. Officers will decide on who to bomb. 6. Any member not actively involved in helping others will be removed from team and will receive no help in any contest or giveaway. 7. Blog will be updated as new members join. Please Check on Owners page daily and repost the new blog onto your profile. 8. A blog will be updated daily , with the member that is currently in a contest. Members MUST read to keep updated. 9. All rules are subject to change as we grow. the
Novels - That Will Probably Never Be Finished
Disclaimer: When I write this stuff, I'm just trying to get the important things down. I'm not worrying too terribly much about description or transitions. I'm concentrating on getting the plot and some character development down. Seeing as how I have writing ADD, I only have the very beginning down. I have written out a general idea of how the plot will progress, but that is omitted for now. Any and all feedback, positive or negative, is greatly appreciated. I know youre probably against the idea, but at least consider it. Youre starting a revolution. Im not going to destroy my nation. Its not a revolution. Youre changing the government. No, Im making a new nation. But youll still be taking the land. Frank, its just dirt. Its dirt that people shed their blood for. Theirs and the blood of others, but look at how this dirt is being used. The ideals of our country are what matters. You know those are gone with the wind. I refuse to beli
Dynamics Of Luv Or Lust
I was working on a script for an adult question and statement was released. Women love, men lust.
Rick Allen Of Def Leppard ! Fighting Back Part # 3 !
Fu Own Me??
Looking for a fu slave? feel like blowing some of those fubucks you have laying around? or maybe your just bored and might want to try something different. Well if thats the case I am in a auction and if your interested in bidding on me just click on my pic below :)
Sedona's Happy Little Corner Of The Universe
Sabered You stand before me With your dark eyes flashing Swiftly piercing my heart through with your deadly sharp saber, And smile as I crumble at your feet.
Edgar Cayce
August 22, 1983 ~ The day I was supposed to grace this Earth with my Physical presence... September 19, 1983 ~ The day I had chosen for myself to grace this Earth with my Physical presence... Many of you have heard me tell the story of how I was born nearly a month late, almost exactly to the day...its one of my favorite stories about myself that I tell... What many of you dont know is my belief as to why I was born late, why my soul was not yet ready to be at One with a Physical entity on the day it was to be so... I have spent most of my life as a researcher - I love to read and expand my knowledge on all subjects that interest and inspire me. One of these subjects is Astrology, the alignment of the planets & stars with the metaphysical make-up of the Human Mind - the How & Why of who we are based on that alignment the day we are Born. I have come across many points of reference on this subject, but something that really caught my eye was a writing done by one of my f
Lil Joke For Everyone...
a blonde is driving down the road. she glances out the window and sees another blonde in a rowboat out in the middle of a wheat field. the 1st blonde stops her car and gets out. she puts her hans to her mouth and hollers "it's blondes like u that give us a bad name. if i could swim, i'd go and kick your ass!" to my ppl.... need lots of help w/ ur girl some love! mwa!!!!!! 2 blondes & a brunette are on an island. a genie comes along & gives each 1 wish. 1st blonde says "i want to be smart & get off this island". (poof!) she turns into a brunette-swims away. 2nd blonde says "i want to be smart & get off this island". (poof!) turns her into a redhead-builds a boat & paddles away. brunette says "i want to be smarter than both of them so i can get off this island". (poof!) turns her into a man-walks over the bridge! lol!
Down The Rabbit Hole
after recovering from the most vile non-fatal form of plague known to mankind, i had a day off work today in which i actually felt well enough to get off my arse and do something constructive. so, i made my first ever batch of challah. real from scratch, no box, no bread machine, hand-mixed, hand kneaded, hand-braided challah. 4 and a half hours and 34 steps later i am now the proud maker of two gorgeous, delicious double braided loaves of challah. one traditionally topped with poppy seeds and one with cinnamon sugar. yum! there is no more lovely smell than the smell of that stuff baking. and i didnt catch anything on fire! :P i am so proud of myself its ridiculous. i even took pictures and emailed them off to israel so rabbi josh could see my handiwork. now, i am off to enjoy another slice of fabulous, fluffy, golden baked heaven. carbs be damned, i earned a little indulgence for all that effort.
my new job Well it's been a long month since I gotten layoff from my job and tiring to find a new one. So one night when I was out with friends they told me I should start my own business. So being a handyman I started thinking that's what I should do. I live in a small town and I know i would get work being most of the guys that work have to drive a long ways and that doesn't leave much time to fix things around the house. I wasn't going to charge much because I just love doing it. So I put my name out there and before you knew I had people calling and fixing things from sinks and painting and even roofs. But this one day I get a call from this lady and she told me she has a list a mile long and if I had time to help her out. So Friday morning I drove to her place and as I drove up the drive the house was a mess. I know I would be here for some time. I knocked on the door and she answered and the first think that came into my brain is damn she's cute. Hi I'm Jackie thanks for coming
Don't Want To Be Anyone's Slave
I WANT TO GO TO CANADA!!! seriously... Who wants to come??? :P So its sunday and im opening my mail for the whole week and i got a letter from my school saying im 2 units short from my social behavioral science degree... WTF!!!! gawd im soo mad! now I do not know what to do because that degree is what matters for my major.. not the communications degree... *breaths* okay.. maybe if i show them the transcript from the geometry class i took in another JC they will hopefully count and will put me 2 units ahead.. arrgghh!!!
Venture Capital Online
Venture Capital Online VENTURE CAPITAL ONLINE EXCHANGE LISTINGS: How do I sign up (as an entrepreneur)? Go to Click Entrepreneur, then click Sign Up. (There is also an Entrepreneur link on the top of the left navigation.) How long is the online listing for? 3 months, then monthly after that. How much is it? $100 for the first 3 months, then $30 per month after that for as long as you wish to use the service. However, if you list for 6 months when you sign up, we give you $50 off the second 3 months (6 mo. cost $150). There are no hidden fees. How does it work? Basically, you sign up, list your company profile (description, business model, market size, etc.) with your contact information. Investors then log in and view the company summaries. They can then contact you directly through the system. Who can see my company profile on FundingPost? Only Venture Capital Firms and Accredited Angel Investors. We do Not allow Brokers, Investment banks, Se
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A lifetime spent in shadow deep- Peeking out cautiously. Staining ground with likeness of- Oh so sparingly. Walls of anger built high up- From distance far one can see. Safely kept is my mortal soul- Sheltered from reality. But upon this world Ive left my mark- For very few and thee. You see this mark is only for- Those very close to me. Eternity beckons drawing me closer to Feast from me and Ill give my soul to you Take my pain, sedate my fate, and keep life at bay I await your giftin this place I cannot stay. Ill walk with you down cold dark halls Always building up our walls Well be together forever still Ill live no more against my will Your eyes they bleed tears of pain I weep for an end to your self disdain You condemn the blessed and eternal bliss Drink from me, just one kiss Give me what I ask, Im begging, pleading Save me from this painful needing With you Ill travel to Hell and back Praying for the day my heart turns
Takes Twice
Reality Check
Army Chaplain Guide
Army Chaplain Guide I think this was intended originally for last rites but it obviously became much more, they couldn't just ignore the massive numbers of wiccan brothers and sisters. xxx hugs xxx The U.S. Army Chaplains Guide to Wicca A guide to Wicca for U.S. Military chaplins. EXTRACT FROM "Religious Requirements and Practices of Certain Selected Groups: a Handbook for Chaplains" U.S. Government Publication No.008-020-00745-5 Historical roots: Witchcraft is the ancient Pagan faith of Europe. This nature-oriented, agricultural, magical religion had no central organisation, but was passed through families. During the Christian era, particularly after the beginning of the systematic persecution of Witches in 1484, almost all the public expression of the Craft disappeared. Surviving in hidden and isolated places, Witchcraft has made a comeback in the twentieth century, partially spurred by the repeal of the last British Witchcraft Laws in 1951. Current World Leadersh
For Sale - Me, Ends 5/16/08
Alrighty, i caved and entered my friend Drew's auction that officially started at 2pm eastern on 5/6/08 and ends sometime on 5/16/08, lol. If you would like to place a bid, please follow the little linky below. Besides taking you to paradise, it will take you to my specific pic inside her auction folder. Also there are other pieces of meat up for sale, as well as, the rules. oh, i make good slaveboy material!
How Great Is This!!!
Let me say thank you once again for all the prayers from everyone for my cousins last month. Their recovery is amazing and is nothing short of a miracle!!! Here are pictures of Cameron and Carson in the hospital just before they were released. I wanted to show you what your prayers helped to heal. :) My niece is in a couple too. :) Meet Cameron. She is 8 years old and was the one in the front passenger seat of the vehicle. No seat belt and the air bag deployed after being hit on the passenger side of the car. Here is Carson. He is the 6 year old that was in the back seat on the passenger side of the vehicle. No seat belt. Here are both of them. Cameron and Carson!! Love the smiles!!! This is my niece Alyssa with Cameron. This is Carson and Alyssa. Thank you everyone for all of your prayers and thoughts. I know these children survived and healed quickly because of all of the love that was shown their way!! They had Angels
What We Do In Life Echoes In Eternity!!!
What wud u do for an hour of fun that may or may not be good at all? Are you willing to live with it for the rest of ur life? what is the price ur willing to pay if it aint worth what u expected it to be??? well "What we do in life echoes in eternity"
Oh gentle winds 'neath moonlit skies, Do not you hear my heartfelt cries? Below the branches, here about, Do not you sense my fear and doubt? Side glistening rivers, sparkling streams, Do not you hear my woeful screams? Upon the meadows, touched with dew, Do not you see my hearts a'skew? Beneath the thousand twinkling stars, Do not you feel my jagged scars? Seek not my mournful heart kind breeze, For you'll not find it 'mongst these trees. It's scattered 'cross the moonlit skies, Accompanied by heartfelt sighs. It's drifting over the gentle rain, A symbol of my silent pain. It's buried 'neath the meadow fair, Conjoined with all the sorrow there. It's lost among the stars this night, Too far to ease my quiet fright. No gentle winds, seek not my heart, For simply ... it has torn apart.
okay copt/paste didn't work, so this is the link to cuffed's blog---> SIZE CODE word SIZES 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 COLORS CODE words RED YELLOW ORANGE Magenta BLUE PURPLE PINK GRAY GREEN words For specific colors use the code above and heres the site with the color exact code COLOR TABLE FONT MODs CODE words YOU CAN TRY ANY FONT YOU WANT HERES EXAMPLES OF A FEW PLAYBILL GEORGIA ARIAL CHILLER GARAMOND ANDY IMPACT COURIER MODERN GIGI normal garamond normal garamond bold normal garamondbold normal garamondbold in bold Blackadder ITC Blackadder ITC b733-deco pristina Imprint MT Shadow MARQUEE ALL MARQUEE CODES HERE NORMAL
Shark Conservation For Millions of years the Great White Shark was looked upon as the supreme hunter of the sea, today they are endangered and hunted almost into extinction because of worldwide threats such as sport fishing, commercial fishing nets, and fear. The Great White Shark is a rare and wild creature that enriches us with diversity, myth, and the mysteries of our world. Dr. David Kemp, the former Australian Minister of Environment and Heritage, indicated an astonishing twenty percent decline over the last three generations of Great White Sharks, and although Australia is not alone in its quest to preserve the Great White Shark it is recognized as the leader in conservation efforts. The government of Australia with cooperation from Madagascar has successfully listed the Great White Shark on Appendix II of the 2004 Convention of International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES) in hopes of preventing illegal trade in Great White Shark products such as fins, jaws, teeth, an
Have You Tried To....
To teach a teenager to drive. Especially a boy. Oh my goosh, i have been trying to teach my son and i realized that by the time i am finish i am going to have to buy more alcohol. I just dont have enough. Any suggestions? I am in need of some advice from someone that have or had been through that hell!
When God takes something from your grasp, He's not punishing you, but merely opening your hands to receive something better. Concentrate on this sentence..... 'The will of God will never take you where the Grace of God will not protect you.' "There's a point in your life when you get tired of trying to fix everything and trying to make everyone happy. When you finally decide to quit, it's NOT giving up. It's realizing you don't need certain people and the bullshit they bring to your life" Turned 25 today... blah!!
Help Me Get A Hh!
NEEDS 45K COMMENTS FOR HIS 1st FUBAR HAPPY HOUR!!!!! COME HELP HIM OUT!!!! ***CLICK ON PIC BELOW TO TAKE U THERE*** (repost of original by '߇TWTMFѥ*J*@X Х' on '2008-05-24 23:28:11') (repost of original by '~security @ ghettos lounge~**F/A/R me and I'll return the love**' on '2008-05-24 23:34:18') (repost of original by '~proud~MOMMY~of 2~ ~goin4broke~'s r/l woman**CLUB FAR**~underworld levelers**~' on '2008-05-24 23:36:05')
Don't Run Don't Hide Come In To The Sanctuary Bar
End Come and injoy good music good friends and good times also need staff come see what you can do come in and injoy the music and the good time's we have staff openings so just come and ask me are any of the staff on the floor.
Killer Kleavage IV Contest All She Needs Is One Rate From U..Easy Huh..Comments Are Welcomed Also..But The More Rates The More Better 8-) So Click On The Pic And Lets Help Her Out! Need 15k comments click on picture and help please!!! Need 25k Please comment and help!!
Club Illusions
Haters, What Exactly Is One?
Rotten World
This That Other
Just trying this crap out!
What Have I Learned
To submit to someone isn't just about letting them take you over and controlling you and everything you are and do. I have learned the hard way.... You're a submissive, so you have to serve me because I say so'. I've had to cope with enough people with that attitude. I call them 'wannabe doms'. Because that's exactly what they are. You cannot just EXPECT submission from anyone, possibly a stranger. And even after submitting you must not tale advantage of your power and above al be truthful. Lies hurt the worst. It's probably is the greatest gift a sub can make to their dominant. It never can be enforced, it cannot be taken for granted, it's something that has to be earned and valued. It's a sign of deep respect and trust, and possibly love. And it's given selectively. Only because someone submits to one person doesn't mean they will or have to submit to everyone. The first things about building M/s relationship that are going to last is to have faith in each other. It can take yo
Buy Me
hey everybody im in my first auction ladies come bid away the auction will go until i decide to stop it hit the link below. thank you Bobby
What I Am Doing...
I am not sure but I have started drink so I know I am going out. I am guessing cowboys for now but plans might change.
Team Greatness Birthday Pimpout
This is our FIRST BIRTHDAY PIMP OUT for Team Greatness of Club F.A.R The following people have a birthday between now and the end of the month. Please make sure to show them some Club F.A.R Birthday Love!!!!! And make sure to keep your eye out for MORE to come and please make sure to repost!!!!! ~*~Christine aka SweetAngel~*~{Dirty South Crew} Riding the Sin Wagon~*~Stiletto Girl~*~Life Savers Vicious Vamp~Fu-Owned by Sicks#17~? GF to Riot Girl ?~Stiletto Girl~Club F.A.R.~ PEE-JAY=2ND ALARM HOTTIE~CLUB F.A.R.~ VERY PROUD ARMY MOM TO MY FALLEN SOLDIER KATIE ~*BlueEyedL@dyWolf,*Member Of Club F.A.R. ONE&ONLY SYCHO {R/L/W/2 DISTURBED} CLUB FAR/OWNED BY SANDY aka '?Devilish Desire tiggerbear2007 FU-Bombers ***Club F.A.R. ~!~ BobbyT645~!~"PROUD" DIRTY SOUTH CREW MEMBER~!~
Sarah Palin Vp Candidate - Blurb

Jen's World Of Wackiness
for my birthday, christmas, holloween, new years, mothers day, valentines day, our frienniversary, 4th of July, ect....and I shall make you my pet. That chocolate is better then sex. Two odd gifts you can give ppl: Spanish Fly and a Sleeping Pill. I'd be highly creeped out if I was gifted that...even virtually. Handcuffs, lube, chocolate body paint, and a rubber chicken seems normal compared the afforementioned. I love the news..... DELTONA, Fla. - An angry Deltona father whacked his teenage daughter's boyfriend with a metal pipe after finding the boy naked in his daughter's room. Authorities say the father, 45, didn't even know his daughter had a boyfriend or that the youngster had been sneaking into the home for more than a year. When he heard noises coming from his daughter's bedroom Thursday morning and saw a stranger standing naked on the girl's bed, he swung a metal pipe. He then chased the teen out the front door and called police. The boy was taken to the ho
Edgar Allan Poe
For the most wild, yet most homely narrative which I am about to pen, I neither expect nor solicit belief. Mad indeed would I be to expect it, in a case where my very senses reject their own evidence. Yet, mad am I not --and very surely do I not dream. But to-morrow I die, and to-day I would unburden my soul. My immediate purpose is to place before the world, plainly, succinctly, and without comment, a series of mere household events. In their consequences, these events have terrified --have tortured --have destroyed me. Yet I will not attempt to expound them. To me, they have presented little but Horror --to many they will seem less terrible than baroques. Hereafter, perhaps, some intellect may be found which will reduce my phantasm to the common-place --some intellect more calm, more logical, and far less excitable than my own, which will perceive, in the circumstances I detail with awe, nothing more than an ordinary succession of very natural causes and effects. From my infancy I
People Rateing People
I am sick and tired of people saying "I Love You!" How can I believe that what they are saying is true, When I am constantly hated my so many and loved by so few. These three simple words are sometime quite irritating, The way they are thrown around without meaning is very aggravating. There are a lot of things that come from the words " I Love You" Pain, anguish, betrayal and hatred are only a few, Thus the reason I hate them the way I do. So please forgive me if it seems like I have an attitude, Forgive me if I don't show any gratitude, What do you expect from someone who has been devastated By the three simple words- I LOVE YOU? I have found it is harder to be loved than it is to be hated, So to keep from spreading the heartache, When someone does tell that they love me, I say, "I Love You Too," Because hurting someone I love his hard for me to do, It is something that my mind, body and soul just cannot take. Here I am thinking about how my life has been torn apart,
Threesome Pimpout
Meet 3 Amazing People!!! These are 3 of our very close friends!! They know what it means to be a TRUE friend!! Here they are in No particular order.............. ~SirRickster~ Big Bro to Jake "The Snake" & Mizz Darny@ fubar > ♥rkgl ♥ SDMF ♥ W ♥ R/L G/F Ģ ♥FOUNDER OF DARK SOCIETY@ fubar > **Vicki** ~Owner Of The Sweet Spot~G-Spot Leveler~~@ fubar These are great friends to have, which is why you should go Fan, Rate and add them NOW!! While your there... Spank them hard!!! Trust me they really do deserve it!!! This Pimpout brought to you by The One and Only, Jake & Jamie!! Jkξ Thξ kξ Real Life B/F of JΛmξ {Shadow Leveler}@ fubar ♥JΛmξ ♥ R/L G/F of Jkξ Thξ kξ {howLeveler}
A Million Dollars
Everyone has been asked this question before.Everybody say's it won't change me. I think everything would change. Personal and public life. What do you think.
Moving To Florida
This is my first blog on fubar, but I'm not new to blogging. On myspace I write lots of blogs as some of you may know. I'm still relatively new to fubar, so I'm trying to explore and see exactly what the potential of fubar is and how it functions. I do like the fact that it is more interactive than myspace. I just wanted some of you to know that I'm in the middle of moving from Pennsylvannia to Florida. I will be living in the city of New Port Richey. I love my new pad, and I love my new adopted city. It is a clean city with lots of sunshine, and there seems to be a lot of people and action here, so I'm sure I'll have no problem adjusting and fitting in. I drove a rental truck down here and got most of my possesions in my new place, and I'm happy that that went smoothly. The ride down was an adventure, and at times was a bit hairy because I'm not used to driving a truck that was that size. I'm writing this entry from my stepfather's computer. My mother, stepfather,
Im Krzy!!!!! Know Me Well
Whats Normal
i know that most people out there judges others.they say stuff like he/she is just weird or not normal.they dont even get to know the just getting upset by shallow people.i know a few that wont talk to people bc they dont look a certain like dude you have a girlfriend why does it usually has to do with what others think about them.i say who cares what others think.
Lets Play,like It Hasn't Been Played Before Right? Humor Me
Ask me a question, any question and I will answer! Beware! I will ask you a question in return! What do you say? Care to dig deeper than we've ever dug before in an attempt to get to know each other better? You want to know who I am, it's only fair that I want to know who you are So .... Ask me anything! Just be prepared to answer a question in return! Ready, Set, Play!
Harley Must Stay!
Name Change
went out for a few beers last night to the local dive, bars was kinda crowded, a lot of the non usuals there i was walking from the pool room in back to the bar for a drink and and this woman, about 30 or so, comes up to me and stares at me for a minute like i have three heads or something i`m wondering do i got a big ol booger hanging?turkey skin still stuck in my mustache? she says you scare me you have the devil in your eyes,you are evil then she walks over to the table where her friends were, grabs her purse and heads out the door i am starting to think that most people are even more fucked up than i am
Barack Obama
Salutes From My Friends....
The State Of Affairs
The number asked for was $25 billion to be split between three companies as loans until the economy picks back up and the American automotive industry can recover from the recession. The U.S. government has set aside $700 billion to BAILOUT banks and other financial institutions without having the money paid back when they recover from the current financial crisis. The banks have gotten their money without having to jump through hoops as the American automotive industry has. The financial institutions have used their bailout money to do wonderful things, such as throw elaborate hunting trips and parties for their higher-ups, have new baseball stadiums named after them, etc. The white-collar people who work for these companies such as AIG, Citibank, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mack still have their jobs. They still have a means of supporting themselves and their familes without trying to hope unemployment compensation is enough to pay the bills, enough to buy Christmas gifts for their kids and
Fubar Makes Me Laugh...
I've seen so much crap on fubar. I understand some people consider the people they meet on fubar as good real ass friends. And I'll admit some of the people I've stumbled across have been cool as all hell and turn out to be people I'd kick it with if given the chance. But more often then not I see pathetic people taking shit way too seriously... Example.. I accidently hit the 9 instead of the 10 and I got some stupid hoe blowin up the shoutbox and having 9 guys that thing starin at tits is better then goin out and get laid rating all my shit as 1's... Is that supposed to hurt me? I mean in all honestly, I drink.... I smoke.... I fuck.... I'm fulfilled before fubar. And rating me a 1 is going to do shit? Nonetheless.. So yeah rating has made me laugh a little... Then there is the guys of Fubar... They will do anything to see some stranger woman's tits... They will pay MONEY to buy pictures that look pretty, give them to women showin tits in a folder. Is that not the least bit sad to
On Auction Again
Just One Rate Needed Plz
Ok Its Not That Often I Ask For Any Help But I Have Entered A Contest For Rates Only So Please Could You Spare Minute And Give Me One Rate Please Just Click The Picture Below While Your There Please Rate Fan & Add Host This Bullentin Was Bought To You By TRǥ {hw Lvlr} RMֆR @ MR {/w j W ߥ GHLLŖR@ fubar
I've learned so much and even though I'm not all that old I've come to understand so much. There is a few questions that I can't seem to get answered though. For instance, is love really suppose to be so hard and painful? Because if so then that is the worlds biggest load of BS. Seriously, love is suppose to make the pain go away not cause it. God, life is so random, chaotic, insane, unstable, and frankly I don't like it that way. WHY CAN'T IT BE ORGANIZED? Sorry, my yelling moment is over with. Seriously though it's just growing to be old when curve balls keep coming at you and you're worn out from the hits you've taken before. Still though life goes on and we all must continue about it. Just remember, no matter how many times love has hurt you in the past it's not something to give up on.
Keith Is Turned ON! For 24 HOURS! That's Right, He's Activating His Auto 11's For You! Stop by and Climb In His Profile and Rate His Sexy Pics and Get Off Leveling! Whoooot HOT! Keith....Fu Married To My Hand LOL@ fubar Lets All Get Satisfied! No popularity contest or none of that. Pimping Out Fu's The Only Way I See Fit! Forbidden Jennifer, You Can Look But No Touching, Member of Princess Leia's Crew@ fubar Vicki's Turned ON! For 24 HOURS! That's Right, She's Activating Her Auto 11's For You! Stop by and Climb In Her Profile
Goodbye Fubar (for Now Anyways)
But Trying To Get Along With People.
Rate Family
Snow Bunnys Beer BabySchleprok - The Steeler Nation FU-Crew is Taking Over... - Owned by ~*~Bright~Angel~*~!!!!@ fubar ŘęĐ4Mmę@ fubar Have You Seen My Baseball?@ fubar Schleprok - The Steeler Nation FU-Crew is Taking Over... - Owned by ~*~Bright~Angel~*~!!!!@ fubar Snow Bunnys Beer Baby@ fubar nuclearfireice@ fubar mr_martinez@ fubar 13...Thank you all for your help!!!@ fubar ŘęĐ4Mmę@ fubar I'm so cool I piss Ice Cubes@ fubar SUPERMAN {Wish Bone of T.H.U.G.S. & Co-Founder Of The Flamming Hearts}@ fubar Go check out this guy, and
The Coming Of Obama
To All My Valued Employees, There have been some rumblings around the office about the future of this company, and more specifically, your job. As you know, the economy has changed for the worse and presents many challenges. However, the good news is this: The economy doesn't pose a threat to your job. What does threaten your job however, is the changing political landscape in this country. However, let me tell you some little tidbits of fact which might help you decide what is in your best interests. First, while it is easy to spew rhetoric that casts employers against employees, you have to understand that for every business owner there is a back story. This back story is often neglected and overshadowed by what you see and hear. Sure, you see me park my Mercedes outside. You've seen my big home at last years Christmas party. I'm sure; all these flashy icons of luxury conjure up some idealized thoughts about my life. However, what you don't see is the back story.
By The Sea Times Articles
The City Of Ember by Jeanne DuPrau is a Yearling publication and targeted for those ages eight to twelve. I would classify it as young adult science fiction. It is a decent book for that age group, but the story lacks a lot and is rather slow moving at points. The novel is about Doon and Lina and their city. Doon and Lina are both twelve years old and in Ember all kids at age twelve are assigned a job. The novel talks about their jobs, their city and the problems they and the city encounter. The city was only supposed to exist for about 220 years, but the instructions to get out were not passed down as they should have been so no one is aware of this. This city is a city of darkness, no sunlight, with street lamps being the only source of light. The characters lack any real depth until the last three chapters. They are not well developed. The novel jumps around a bit and isnt very cohesive. It is also very much a cliff-hanger. It does not present a complete story on its o
Random Thoughts N Feeling.
Kink Spectrum Analysis Test
Your result for The Kink Spectrum Analysis Test ... Blue (450 nm) You scored 58% self-confidence and 58% bandwidth! Wow! You have quite a big repertoire when it comes to kinky sex. And you're probably also willing to play on either side of the fence. You should look for another Blue, or an Ultraviolet if you want to broaden your horizon. Greens may be okay as well but will probably bore you after a while. Reds are too vanilla for you. But I promised you a more detailed analysis, so here it is. Note that most scales are twofold: There are separate values for giving (active) and receiving (passive). If you scored high on one of them, you should look for a partner who scored high on the other. If you scored high on both of them, go for someone who is similar (or for multiple partners if you're into that). If you scored low on both, this probably is not your kind of kink. You scored 48% giving and 54% receiving on oral. You scored 22% giving and 30% receiving on anal. Yo
How Do I Get Through To Him..
How Do I Save My Blast. I Forgot I Keep Seeing It I Want To Screen Save It.. Help Me Please
Monika With A K!
Are you feeling "LUCKY"????? Age: Likes: Someone who aims to PLEASE! Dislikes: If we both are just laying there looking at the ceiling without a smile on our face...meaning something went wrong! Languages spoken: English I love to go out and have a good time. I am the type of lady who has no limits to what I would do. I will try just about anything once and if I like it, you can bet i'll do it again. I am a real satisfying treat, so why not treat yourself to the best-after all i'm worth it! You can usual find me on all the time, because I love to be here for you! I'm into all sorts of things, the only way you will truly know what I do is to call me! There's no limits to were we can go, so i'll be waiting! 866 892 HOTT ext 7342
Cant Sleep
man ive been up for a long time 27 hr. i hurt my self at work, sum stell feel on top of me. so the doctor gives me hydro's you know the ones with the blue specks. man i'm wired but at the same time so sleepy. and still hurt like hell, good 4 nuthing pills. does anybody feel me? man mybe im rambleing on. i dont know let know what you think. PEACE
Oh Mummer Girls Just Wanna
I am truly sorry if I missed anyone of you lovely ladies Make an on-line slideshow at ps i stole this idea from Moet
A Typical Morning When Nothing Much Happened
Get my toast from the toaster and notice a small trail of smoke billowing from inside it. Decide its nothing, then notice a small bonfire is going on inside. Wonder what the best course of action is and why the smoke alarm hasnt kicked in yet. While Im wondering this, the small fire is getting bigger. Have a vision of being trapped in the kitchen with flames licking at my heels. Think about throwing water on it but unplug it and blow it out instead. Potential disaster averted. Wouldnt happen if I cleaned it out now and then. Release the trap door of the toaster as it lets out an explosion of messy, toasty crumbs all over the counterWhich is why I dont do this necessary kind of maintenance very often. Im not even a clean freak. I still eat toast in bed but not so keen on the bits of crunchy confetti that cling to the sheets and scratch your bum. Go shopping. In the check-out queue overhear a man growl something about remembering a time when everything was much cheaper in the s
In Memoriam
Stuart Arotsky May 1959 - March 2009 Yesterday was the funeral of a good friend, Stuart Arotsky. Stu was a great guy: intelligent, funny, caring and dedicated. He spent the last several years of his life caring for his father, who passed less than six months ago. He had finally me the woman for whom he had waited for all his life, but instead of a wedding, I found myself attending a funeral. Stuart was a schoolteacher, a city councilman, had a keen interest in space and science fiction and was a writer. He was one of the genuinely good people in this world and it will be a poorer world without him . Rest In Peace, My Friend
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