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created on 08/27/2008  |

1. Yes,I am from Romania and Iím living in Romania and I always have.Wtf is so hard to understand or believe abt that? 2. Donít ask for my MSN,Yahoo or phone number,cause I wonít give them to u!! 3. No,I donít want to see uír NSFW pics,cam,or WTFE u want to show me!Iím not interested and I really donít care!! 4. I tried to be nice to everybody,I was trying to help everybody with level,fubucks,etcÖBut I noticed something...It seems that everybody remembers me only when they need help.Well,no more help from now on.I know who helpes me when I need it and Iíll return the favor to them.But for the rest of my long listÖdonít ask me to help u,cause I wonít! 5. Don't try to start any DRAMA.I'm sick and tired of crap.So..if U'r here to start a drama,move over or u'll be blocked.AND I MEAN IT!!!! 6. Also stop asking me why a specific person is on my family.Is not you're f**king business who's on my family and why.They are there for a reason and because they deserve to be there!!! 7. As I promised Iíll start to clean up my list.And please donít send me another request,cause Iíll deny it.U were on my list for long time and u didnít said a ďHelloĒ even once,soÖwhatís the point of keeping u on my list?!? Those been saidÖI wish much fun on fuland and if u donít like what I wrote,u can delete me now.This way uír helping me cleaning up my list.
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