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HippieChic's blog: "Alone?"

created on 10/09/2006  |  http://fubar.com/alone/b11753
so, everything happens for a reason. that old saying can sometimes drive you crazy when you really stop and think about it all while attempting to make an effort to solve the mysteries found within its words. like the sweaty faced man with few teeth that somehow magically guesses your weight and age while miraculously breathing through a guinness world record style alcohol and chewing tobacco blotted state, you know its all a farce. but still you look for a thread of truth in its feeble skeleton. what is the reason? what is the big picture? what is the price of bananas in uraguay during the second week of february and do they sell them on sundays? so i try to swim against the current like a champion catfish who fights with every ounce of energy he has in his scaly whisker having fish carcass. fighting the mighty flow until the death of his ambition overtakes everything before him. im on my way and dont worry... ill get there, but i might be a couple minutes late. first ive got to stop for gas over there at the speedway supercenter neighborhood filling station slurpy shoppe.
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