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KinkyLittleFatGirl's blog: "Randomness and rambling..."

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We all know the standard Fu-whores... the ones who beg for rates, likes, bling, etc.. But there is another kind of attention whore on Fu as well as around the 'net. These are the people who think the world revolves around them and that, since you've said hello to them, they must have every second of your attention henceforth. I'm sorry, but I have real things going on in real life, not to mention probably several other chats which are undoubtedly more interesting.

For example, this little boy who messaged me last night. It all started very sweet, calling me cutie and such. I said hello and gave a little banter before being called away by family obligations. Now, I do have a bad habit of not saying goodbye. I don't like goodbyes... even simple ones with people I don't know. Besides, I always have several people talking to me so it takes forever to say goodbye to everyone if I'm going to do it so I've gotten to where I simply don't. Those who care enough will understand, and those who don't will disappear. Win-win.

Anyhow, this morning brought this awesome attention-whoriness:

September 2, 2012

10:04am RECON: Hello

10:20am KinkyLittl...: Good morning. :c)

10:29am RECON: what happen last night

10:36am RECON: you have yahoo

10:43am RECON: well if you dont want to chat let me know i will not beg you

12:01pm KinkyLittl...: I don't use messengers. And I have a real life, so excuse me if I have more important things to deal with than this site.

12:53pm RECON: Iam sorry you wher getting milked their besie

12:53pm RECON: Moo!

12:55pm KinkyLittl...: *giggle* Was that supposed to be an insult? So cute. Next time, try pushing around a girl with a little less self-esteem. It works a lot better.


Of course I meant that jokingly, but that is actually what bothers me most about this exchange. The idea that he has undoubtedly been an asshole to someone who can't take it as well as I can simply because she didn't give him what he thought he deserved. I pity any girl who ends up in a relationship with this guy if this is how he handles not getting his way.


I bought a couple of friends. Just for fun. Just to show them I care. (This does not mean I don't care if I didn't buy you, by the way. ;c) So I get a shout from some idiot asking me to buy him. How fucking rude is that? Very rude, I say. It's as bad as those women I blogged about asking guys to buy them bling and VIPs. I don't even know the guy. Why would I buy him? I ended up blocking him just like I block any other spammer/beggar. Next thing I know, I get whiny shouts from a new account as well as a 1 rating. "Waaah! All I did was beg a stranger for something I don't deserve. Waah!" He also happens to have seen some of my naughtiness online so has threatened to repost them here. As if I care. I post that shit on multiple sites anyhow. Obviously, I don't mind if people see it. So if you'd like to see some of my naughty stuff, check out theprovoloneprincess28 to see if he's posted them there. Then don't forget to report him for not only stealing content but posting adult videos where he's not supposed to. And don't be afraid to tell this whiny little boy what a dickwad he is to his main account, Randy el vampiro the foot fetish freak. O, and hey... another fake account of his: stinkycheesebutt. Looks like an account he made to fuck with another girl who didn't give him what he wanted. What a winner this guy is.
I recently saw a guy's profile which stated, "Do not ask me for bling, VIPs, etc." and I was somewhat taken aback at the thought that not only do women ask but apparently they ask often enough that the question has to be cut off at the pass. I just don't get the kind of chicks who would hit up what amount to total strangers for money and gifts. Maybe it's because I've never been "the pretty girl" by society's standards so have never really been able to take advantage of that. Or maybe it's just that I'm not a selfish whore who believes the world owes her something for just being on the planet. I dunno... one of the two. ;c) Happy Thanksgiving all! Well, or happy Thursday if you're not in the states.
This past weekend, my best friend was attacked by her boyfriend with an axe. She managed to get away and run to the neighbor's house, bleeding from the head and upper body. While she escaped, he took their two-year-old and killed him with a screwdriver before dumping his body behind a shopping center. If that isn't tragic, I don't know what is. It takes a real fucking psychopath to kill a child, let alone his own. And in such a fucking brutal way. I am absolutely heartbroken for her but I know that I can't even begin to imagine her pain. Please consider giving to the memorial fund for the baby if you can: Andrew Bailey's family has set up a memorial fund for him. Those interested in contributing can go to any El Dorado Savings Bank branch and deposit funds to the Andrew Bailey Memorial Fund, account #263004173. If you do not have a brance in your area, you can go to your bank and they can wire funds to El Dorado Savings Bank. Your bank will need the account number of Andrew Bailey’s Memorial Fund (263004173) and El Dorado Savings Bank routing number which is: 321170978. For wires, use El Dorado Savings Bank’s main office address which is: 4040 El Dorado Rd. Placerville , Ca 95667. Should you need assistance, you can call 800-874-9779 and request the El Dorado Hills Branch.
Way back when, I was really into a guy named Kurt. I only had a couple of entries about him because we never got the chance to meet but I was all swoon-y over him and really hopeful for what might be. But then he and his family made the decision to move to California and things never came to pass. We've IMed every few months since but mostly just "Hey, how ya doin'?" In October, he messaged me that he was going to be up here but it was right after mommy died and I told him I just wasn't in a mindset to be meeting anyone. Then last month he messaged again but this time it was right after grandma's stroke. Again, I said that the idea of meeting someone was too much stress for me to bear at the time. Then last week I happened to see him online and thought I'd say hey and ask about his trip. It turned out that he is back in town and looking for work up here as they want to move back. I worked up the nerve to take a chance and we set up a date for breakfast this morning. He is every bit as swoon-worthy as I thought from talking with him online. He is sweet and smart and witty and adorable and I just wanted to club him over the head and drag him to the hotel across the street. ;c) The especially good part is that I wouldn't have needed to club him as he is into me, too! I had such a good time with him and was at ease for most of the date, only getting a little nervous towards the end when he reached across the table to hold my hand. I couldn't help getting a case of little girl giggles at that point. It may turn out that he'll be living in Oregon but it is at least closer and he has already said that he wouldn't mind making the trip up on a relatively regular basis. I was hoping to not have to do a long distance relationship but you take the good, you take the bad....... well, you know the rest of the theme song. Hopefully there will be much naughtiness to come from this which I will be sure to share. ;c)
Just when I was thinking things might be looking up, they decided to slide back downhill. So.... grandma had a stroke. Or something like it. They aren't quite sure since she does seem to be fairly sharp but she's lost most of the function in her left side and seems unable to close her mouth so her speech is pretty garbled. I could have asked them to take her to the hospital where she could possibly be diagnosed and treated but chances are good that it isn't treatable and she gets so stressed out by being moved to new places that it probably would have made things ten times worse.... and undiagnosable. So she'll stay there for the night and I'll go check on her tomorrow. If anything changes, of course they will let me know. I do have some concerns because the papers to make me power of attorney are still unsigned. The lawyer was supposed to get ahold of me last week but didn't. I foolishly didn't contact her, figuring it wasn't urgent. You'd think I would have learned by now. It's unsure whether she'll be in a state to sign any papers now. If that is the case, I will just have to hope and pray that my aunt doesn't decide to power trip. I really don't think she will but people get funny in these kinds of situations. We'll burn that bridge as we come to it, I suppose. :cP All this is on top of the lovely mail day I had yesterday. There was good news and bad news. The good is that I got a bunch of Christmas cards. If you're one of the ones who sent one and was wondering if I received it, I finally did! Thank you! We just hadn't gotten the mail in awhile because we're bad about that. Gotta get better. It's so much more important now. A certain guardian angel dropped a hundred dollar bill into an unsigned card. I am pretty sure I know who it is and want to tell you how much I love you and thank you for thinking of me and wanting to help take care of things. I'm glad I opened that as one of the first things because shortly after that I found exactly where that money was going to go. The sewer district has filed a lien against the house for mommy's past due amount and the filing fee alone is $114. O, and we found out last weekend that mommy's storage space, which is actually grandma's storage space because it's all of the things from grandma's ocean house that wouldn't fit in here, costs a whopping $170 per month! So yet another bill to get paid off. We're going to try and get it cleared out by the end of the month... though I have no idea where it's going to go. Best bet is that we're going to go through and keep what is sentimental and have Salvation Army or something come and take everything else. AND the transmission still needs to be fixed. We haven't even had it looked at yet. Probably shouldn't be driving it but he can't work overtime without it and we can't pay for it without overtime. One of those lovely catch-22s. So I'm having a great start to the new year... how about you?
I just wanted to make a quick post to let everyone know that I am indeed alive and well, if a bit sad and stressed this holiday season. It's been hard dealing with the loss of my mommy but we are getting through it one day at a time. We've managed to get moved into her house, though it's a huge mess right now. She already had three households worth of belongings crammed into it so it's not been easy trying to fit ours in here, too. I've been giving things away like crazy! I'm doing my best to find the holiday spirit in me. Christmas was mommy's favorite holiday and I know she'd want us to get as much joy out of it as we can, especially for the kids. I hope your holidays are bright and beautiful and joyous! May you all be blessed.
My mommy is gone. The coroner ruled it a massive heart attack, most likely due to complications with her diabetes. It's still all very surreal. I'm just sure that any minute she's going to call and ask if I want to go somewhere. Strangely, my sister has been exceptionally protective lately and had forbidden mommy to go out without someone with her so those calls were coming pretty frequently. It makes me wonder if she had some sort of notion. What sucks most is that not only is there the emotional blow but then you have all the crap to deal with like funerals, finances, notifying everyone, etc. On the one hand, it's nice to have something to do. On the other, I'd much rather just have her here than have to go through it. As you may know, my mommy and I were very close. She was my best friend in all the world. I really don't know what I'm going to do without her. But even more concerning is that I don't know what my sister and grandma will do without her. They both depended greatly on her both emotionally and financially. I'm very concerned that my sister will attempt suicide. I know she's talked about it in the past. I'm afraid that without mommy, she'll feel she has no reason to be alive. And grandma... no one knew better grandma's issues than mommy. I won't even know where to begin with trying to figure out how to keep up with what doctors and treatments. Ugh.. and I don't even want to think about the legal issues which we now have to deal with. Mommy was the executor of my grandma's trust. The house is part of that trust. Financially, it's looking like the best option is for us to move in there with Jillian so that what would have gone to rent can then go to grandma's care but if one of mom's siblings wants to come forward and be the executor, I'm not sure that we can stop it. Of course, then they will be responsible for grandma's care so takes it out of our hands but that's not such a good thing either. They both can barely care for themselves. Hopefully, they won't. And I don't think they will. I'm glad there are three of us and that we are able to work together in a way that my mom and her siblings weren't able to, leaving her with all the work when her father passed and with grandma's care. I guess it is officially time to grow up.
Well, shit. I turned off my shoutbox several weeks ago now and a friend informed me that there is no notice to the sender that the messages are not being seen. The whole reason I turned it off is because I would often neglect to check it and so people thought they were being ignored when it just wasn't the case. I figured if I turned it off, that would solve the issue. I was wrong. So if you've tried to shout me and wondered why I never responded, now you know. I am not snubbing you! Well, most of you*. *wink* *I am kidding. No one is being snubbed. Not even you. ;c)
It's been five weeks since Jim left. Wait.. six? Yeah, I think it's six. I am so incredibly ready for him to come home. What makes it even more frustrating is that the whole reason he took the duty was because they'd made a big deal about what an urgent job this was and how they'd be working 10-12 hour days, 6 or 7 days a week. We figured with that kind of overtime, we could finally get together that down payment we've been trying to scrape up for the longest time. And since he's been down there, he's had sixteen hours of overtime. GRRR. Even typing it gets me all riled up again. All this fucking time apart and for nothing. Bastards. Speaking of fucking, this also means I've been celibate for six weeks. Now, I know a lot of people go a lot longer but I've become accustomed to my minimum three times a week (and if I'm lucky, every day) so this is driving me mad! One of my playmates offered to come keep me company for a week or two but I've sorta put him off. It'd be one thing if he were at a hotel and came to visit daily but he wants to stay here and I don't think I could deal with him on a 24/7 basis for that long a period. He's a nice guy but has a tendency to always say the wrong thing and piss me off. I just forsee that kind of thing going terribly wrong. Though it is tempting because he is definitely fun in bed. So poor me, poor me. ;c) Yes, I'm throwing myself a bit of a pity party tonight. Anyone care to make it a pity orgy instead?
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