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Asylum's blog: "Random"

created on 06/30/2008  |  http://fubar.com/random/b227857

So im honestly to the point of not giving a fuck about anyone anymore besides who i know i can trust, and that have stood by my side for years.  As of today I'm pissed to the point of no return do to the back of me being supposedly like every fuckin male on this planet.  Just because i have a fucking dick between my fuck legs doe not and never will make me like any guy. I do not think bout sex all the fucking time. I would rather hold the girl I'm with tight more then fuck her, I do not treat women like shit, I do not abuse the emotionally or phsyically, and I do not break a womans hurt they break mine.  I'm sick and fucking tired of being compared to everything and everyone. So fucking what you may have had  bullshit relationships or even friendships before, but since when does that give you the right to judge me for who the fuck i am and what i do when you dont fucking know who the hell i am until you truly have sat down and met the real me. Yeah I'll admit ive down stupid shit, but what human being hasnt. Come on people get your heads out of your fucking asses learn about someone for who they are from you own damn experinces not someone elses because people can and will lie about anything and everything so that they can destory everything you have ever had. I have been through a lot of bullshit relationships in my life, and made some poor choices but at least I know who i am and what i am capable of doing and becoming. So here me now if you hate for who truly am piss off leave me the fuck alone then. If you care about who i am stay by my side be the true friend you are and will be and not Screw me.

So I've finally, learned after being on this damn site for almost 4 years now to never trust what a female says, when shes always finding herself in a bullshit relationship where in the beginning of one she loses her best fucking friend (me) to a complete asshole who made her do shit to make him happy (ex: block me from her fubar and never talk to me again). After doing that she apologizes i forgave her then the fucking bitch turns around and breaks a swear upon her OWN grave stone to never talk to him, then we talk talking again until friday night giver take, she tell me bout this guy that she was only with for 5 fucking days tellin her he lovers her and all this bullshit, so she left him cause it freaked her out so the guy starts saying shit bout commeitting suicide cause he has nothing no one wants hmm and all this shit and she gets right back with the fucker nothing this shit, and then apparently this guy wants to move in with and be with her forever soon, so i told her all my feeling bout what i had though bout what could happen and for to think bout the shit apparently she didnt and now on her fucking fubar shes saying shes his R/L wifey already... So upon all this shit that happened in the last 4 months i really hope fucking Karma comes back at her 10 fold fucking bitch if anyone cares to know who she is ill gladly tell you just say thing to me Peace for life Nichole your nothing to me now and never will be ever againg FUCK YOU
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