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So I think to myself. Why do I try so hard to get friends? 

Everyday i try to make friends because I am tired of been alone and tired of not having anyone close to talk with, for that matter I have no one to do anythign with entirely. I have tried to behave in every possible way I have thought of or head of trying to make people see me in a different light and perhaps they would join me. Apparently nothing has worked so far. Some say I should not try so hard in fact that i should just be myself,but, what good is it to be yourself if you hate been yourself because you hate how things go on around you. I guess in any result of this I should take that I am just the lucky one that will leave like as an spectator to it and will not be able to play the game even if as much as try it. 

Boiled chicken with some chicken flavored stock to make the chicken have that extra.

After boiling it and makign sure the hormones in the chicken are gone and is well boiled bake it in an oven just as it is to crispify the chicken. make some rice and some black beans. Lets see what comes out eh!


Yesterday I got two possible jobs. One consisted on working for an arcade games place near by my place. As soon as i try to get the job is like if someone had thrown the best corn on the field and around a million hungry birds just flew in. I know it is normal, with the economy and all been bad, but i seriously had a thought of been th eonly one to show up. The second job consisted on a computer tech assistant who needed a person to help them out, perfect two because is what I am looking for. No exp or degree needed as long as you know yoru way around a pc your good and I take it the shop would teach you if (like me) really ask around and want to learn about computers. I emailed the employeer and he emails me back. Everything seemed like it was goign to happen I mean after 3 emails and few keywords thrown in to it I sure thought I had make them want me in the group. Well I send them a last email about what shoudl I do or when should I go or anything. Has been a day already and no word. I should be a little more patient but seen that this second chance i really want it I can't seem to wait to be able to get an opportunity in the computer field. So in the end this whole job shearching blows because in the end is nothign but wasting gas money, time, and hopes because after you do everythign they just either dont talk to you lettign you know anythign or you just get the feeling after a few things happening that you are just not goign to get a job. And i need money so badly :_(

If you have to choose between knowing you will never meet someone or becoming abstenent which one would be less painful?

To all those who got bothered and annoyed by this profile around 1 hour ago or so, my apologies it was some friends they thought it was funny to use my profile to mess people with.

I keep hearing how I should change my attitude towards life and people and things. I just have one question. What good can come from me changing my attitude when even if I changed it the world and people in it stay the same?

They say " if life gives you lemonade"..... well we all know the other half.

But; What if " if life gives you nothing"...then what???

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