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It is so sad how stupid the youngsters are in our country. I am not talking about all of them, but a majority of them under the age of say 28. I do listen to talk radio and i hear them call in all the time, new up and coming voters or freshly new ones. They talk about how great Obama is, but when confronted with questions like. What has he ever done to make things better in this country? Can you name anything he has created on paper and had put to the floor for a vote? Or ever better yet what does he want to change? Well whats sad is they do not research and listen to exactly what Obama says, and i mean all of it. The only Change i have seen OBAMA have is what he says. He is just like Hilary say what sounds right at the time. It is so sad, to think that our schools no longer teach kids to think on their own. Instead they have some kind of political agenda in the class room, which it seems most times is liberal. Instead of keeping politics out the class, unless its a political science class or some other form of political class, in which they should present both sides which they dont it seems. They should let kids learn on their own. Let them find their way, and most importantly teach them the most important thing this great country has to offer us. The Freedom to question without retribution. However if you look around Liberals hate being questioned about their stances, they hate being asked for facts, if you do some how your not informed or intelegent enough to understand. When infact this is the total opposite. Most times when you question it is because you have the intelegence, weather liberal or conservative to see something wrong with the picture as it is presented to you. So you ask to form a clarification in the understanding of that persons presented belief or stance on a subject. Yet these days our kids are taught not to question but to listen and not to understand but accept. They accept that obama is some great leader, when infact he has never lead anything. He has never taken one stand on any subject ever. He has never stopped to vote on something. Well maybe the Iraq war, however he is out of touch with his own country. The United States is one of the most powerful nations in the world, we have 4 percent of the worlds population, but we police 100 percent of the problems with peace keeping forces all over the world. Americans no matter who you are, will not ever settle for a LOSE in war, they will not accept it. Because they know if we lose it opens the door for us to be attacked again and again. It is just like in school the first time you stand up to the big bully and hit him back he stops, but untill you fight back he keeps coming at you. We all understand this either by first hand experiance, or by viewing it. Even kids these days understand that, and if they would stop long enough and use some basic common sence which seems to have been washed out of their heads they would relise. Obama stands for nothing but words, the only change he wants to give you is Change in your Pocket because you wont have any cash with his tax ideas. He stands for losing a war, which we all know would make us look weak and put us in a postion to be attacked again. Obama flip flops more then a dieing fish. Ok i have ranted enough go ahead tear into me now you obama supporters, but if you do at least show me how Obama has proven he is a good leader, show me some legislation he has voted on that is important or that he has written. Show me he can lead dont feed me bs feed me truth.
I am so sick and tired of these holywood people making movies that are political. And im not talking about movies that show historical politics ... i am talking about making movies to show their political stance on current issues. Recently i heard a interview with John Cusack about a new movie he not only stars in, but wrote and i believe directed. Its coming out soon called War Inc. Its a satirical approach on the war in iraq, and how he feels its being privitized. I really wish these holywood idiots would stop making movies like this. Keep your political idiology and views to yourself. I will not see this movie, nor will i rent it. I will not pay to listen to someones views on current events. I get enough of that via the news, and the current talk shows out there. I am not paying even 1 dollar to get some blow hards view on politics. If i wanted their view id watch or read a interview on it. I use to enjoy Jon Cusack as a actor, now i could care less. I hope those of you who feel the same as me, will spread the word that by his own words. He knew he was making a political movie based on his views. Let others know, and i suggest you tell them not to ever see it, or if they do wait till its a 99 cent rental. Why should we support these idiots who think cause they are stars, they some how have the only good point of view. Movies are made to entertain us, and to lift our spirits not to drown us in their political view. Keep it to yoruself is my philosophy. If we want to hear from you we will read about it or watch it for free on tv.
Last night i saw a poll about is it bush's fault. Well while i was reading the responces i relised that 1. the bouncers were not doing their job, as polls are not allowed. Talk about lazy and biased. 2. and more importantly how idiotic and ignorant many of the respondents were. And im not talking about those who just responded with off topic responces but those who were responding to the Mumm itself. I guess it amazes me in a country with so much freedom that there are so many individuals who do not have a basic and simple understanding of their own goverment. They then think based off their blantent inability to understand and delve into the deomcratic process that they understand who is to blame for whatever they want to complain about. These people should relise that to be able to have a reason to complain first you must vote, and second you must have a understanding about what you are complaining about. But no you see these same individuals seem to think that the media tells the whole story. When infact they do not they use to, but these days they are biased to one side of the political spectrum. All the news stations i know of are liberally biased except for fox news and some of the talk radio guys out there. They are conservative biased. So what i fail to comprehend is why these individuals who want to lay blame on bush fail to lay blame where it should be layed. And these same individuals are happy to watched a biased media so long as they beleive its true. Thus why search out the other side of the equation and get teh whole story, when just the one side is good enough for them. I really can not understand why anyone would even begin to think and believe that Bush is some kind of all powerful god of this country. If people would do some basic research they would relise that this goverment is not run by one man, but by congressmen and senators who we elect to represent us, and most times they do not represent what we truely want. So what happens are individuals who have no desire to understand want to find one lone scape goat without understanding the basics as well as the history of this goverment. Let me enlighten some first, bills and laws are put on the presidents desk to be signed off on, however he can veto them if he sees them to be tottaly wrong, yet even a veto can be over turned by a 2/3 majority vote. Thus he is not all powerful, and the number of things that come across his desk are so numorious if he took the time to go thru them as you think he should and make a final desion all the time, we would never see anything get done. some of the smaller items are probably given to him in a brief and then sign or not, bigger issues like imigration and such become something he delves into. Another thing to relise is tthat our governement does not allow bills and laws to go into effect while a president is in office this is a safty measure to insure we do not have a dictatorship on our hands. And historically all things started by a president take 4-6 years to come to a end, good or bad. thus the president who starts it does not get the credit for what they were working on. Now onto some other things, we are all wanting to blame bush but the blame lies on clinton and his failings as a president. He cut our military to balance his budget after reagan increased it for our protection and freedom by strength. Now bush is suffering for this, because he does not have the troops he needs to fight a war. And yet the president is commander in cheif, thus he does not need permission from congress or senate to goto war. He however did ask for their permission and their vote was for war in iraq. Now you do not start and stop war like you do a game of poker, whenever you want. War is not simple it is fought with bullets and bodies, it does not end just because you want it to. Infact if we did pull out now, that war would follow our troops home, so my question is this, would you rather fight and die in your house protecting your freedom, or would you rather we let the enemy die in his land, while providing a people who has never had freedom the chance at it? Come on people if you want to complain about things that are going on, take the time and learn about the process. And you will relise that the president is not all powerful, infact all that happens can be taken back to the congress and senate and their desions shape what the president can do. Thus if he needs more money and troops, but they refuse to give it to him, then of course hes gona be short and hurting. Thus their ability to stifle what he needs to win a war, is not his fault but theirs. And rmember these are the men and woman you voted into office to represent your ideals, yet if they fail to do that then you should remove them. And as they are replaced you will see a change. Do not think the president is all powerful and some kind of top ceo of the goverment if this were true he could fire congressman and senators with ease, when infact he can not only we can. So get behind the power of knowledge and learn how the true democratic process works to understand if the president were to blame for everything you want to complain about, you would not call him a president but a dictator. Understand and then you might be able to relise that big goverment hurts more then it helps. Who cares if you get assitance from the goverment for your medical bills and such, if you didnt have to pay so much in taxes you could pay for it yourself. But liberals want you reliant on them so they can control you. They want your cash so you have to come to them and ask for help. you do not relise most goverment programs are not needed, if the cash to run them would stay in your pockets. For those claiming the rich get the biggest breaks, think about it. The more you make the more you pay, so when a tax cut is made we all get the same cut just those with more cash to start with seem to get more back. While this is true they are also the ones who can pay employees and create new jobs when they have more cash. Next time a bum on the street highers you to rake his lawn and payes you for it, then you can complain about the rich, untill the poor pay your wages stop complaining and start relising that the rich are who pay you for your work. Learn about the goverment and use common sence before believing the media hype. If the world were such a great place, we would not have bad people in it, we would not need jails, and trust me blaming rape, and killings and thefts on the goverment shows pure undieing stupidity. Because there have and always will be bad people no matter how much cash they have in their pockets. And when there are bad people you need to have good people willing to protect you. And there are times when you need people so good they are willing to protect a person they know nothing of, even to their death to bring them the same freedom they have. Yes soldiers in iraq see something bigger then the media is showing you. Ask yourself the next time you hear about another death in iraq why those soldiers are counted?! Why is their death ended by a number on the news? If their life is so important then why is it marginalized to a mere number when they Die?
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