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I have been on this site for going on six years. People have told me over the years that this site isnt for making friends and I have defended this place, saying yeah, you can make friends here. But I'm not seeing it anymore, not in the same light as I used to. This place was a fun place back in the day. Now not so much. Its all about perversion, popularity and points. That's all. And its ran by the big breasted women and the men who are their lap dogs. Maybe they are right.. this isnt the place to make friends. Who knows?!?!

I do cherish the people that talk to me and make me part of their lives. Means a lot to me.

Within the last few months here, my jealousy over those big breasted women have destroyed my friendships here, Facebook and offline as well. Most importantly, it has destroyed me. Well broke me. Made me physically ill, Hurt and so full of anger and animosity. Sure they get like 100s of comments on ONE of their big breasted pictures and I don't get but four comments on one of my pictures and that's a good day.

I feel like no one understands how that would hurt a woman and her esteem. To see women like that get all the love, admiration and everything else. Someone told me one of his friends doesnt need to be told she is beautiful....look at what she gets.. she doesnt need to. people show her everyday. Just like the all the other big breasted women here.

But from now on.. I will be here for what few people that do talk to me.. and put the jealousy behind me. It serves ME no purpose. And I can't change how men are and how things here are. I can't make people like me like how they like those women. I just have to be ME. If that means I have to go at things alone, so be it. I will come on and have fun. Gods knows I wish I could be like those women, but the Gods gave me what they gave me.. Sometimes I feel like I am one of those jokes the Gods play on people.

Just going to do my thing..and have fun..

Anyways, I am rambling now. So I will leave you with this.... perverts, popularity and points..

Cassie.. aka Vampy.

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