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eLuSiVeKiM's blog: "ok folks..."

created on 10/05/2007  |  http://fubar.com/ok-folks/b137754

Thick girl when I see you pass
I can't help looking at your ass
Thick girl your thighs are so extreme
I'd lick between'um and make you creme
Thick girl don't hurt nobody with your thick body
Damn girl, you're the thickest thang in the party
Thick girl got a lil extra cushion
Her body can take whatever he's pushin
Thick girl don't hide under baggy clothes & be scared to be free
You might as well show us what we already see
Thick girl we see can see your thick outlined shape
The big booty you have, the jiggle it makes
Thick girl I'd rather look at you
mouth watering, juicy meat, in my point of view!

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