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The "friends with benefits" phenomenon is the coolest thing Steve Jobs didn't invent. (And it’s here to stay) Especially for single men. Well, truth be told, for women, too. The reasons "FWB" is/are cool are several. Single men and women get to have casual sex with someone they know well, but doesn’t want any commitment from them. "In case of emergency, break glass" sex is a great reason for FWB. There's no "get to know" someone stage to go through. You already know your FWB.

But, from a single man's standpoint, FWB's are basically a dream come true. What single man wouldn't want to hang out with a woman they could watch a Browns game with, and then create their own halftime show? What would be better than pounding a few beers with a lady, and then you two doing some "pounding” yourselves?

Let's face it. The FWB thing was destined to not only blow up, but become a permanent fixture on the dating scene . Think about it. In this world of fast food, 4 G, and Twitter, sex was destined to be the next thing or activity to get the McDonald's treatment: Packaged and served up pronto. Generation X, Y and Z (or as I call them, the iGerneration), the common thing we don't have is patience.

And patience doesn't work in a country where almost everybody has a job, a class (or classes), or a side hustle to deal with. Add to that possibly kids and other family obligations, and you can see why being able to "order" instant sex with a quick text message is perfect for this day and age.

Ironically, the “friend” part of the FWB is what makes it work so well. For any single man with true FWB’s, you pretty much know their general health status (no STD surprises to deal with), their mental state, and their character. You know if your female friend is a decent person, or a budding serial killer. And it doesn’t matter if your female FWB is nuts, if you are a single man. Because you two are just having sex .

Crazy girls go mental on their boyfriends anyway…rarely the FWB.

**This is a man's point of view ..is he right?

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