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May 11, 2009: lounges now have customizable emotes -- Eric650
May 11, 2009: new lounge privacy option: primary photo required -- Eric650
May 11, 2009: new bag head photos -- babyjesus
May 8, 2009: lounge managers can now set a custom title for each staff member -- Eric650
May 8, 2009: bling credits can now be used to buy happy hours, blasts, and bonus elevens -- babyjesus
May 8, 2009: removed limitations on shitfacing people who were already 100% buzzed -- babyjesus
May 8, 2009: fixed limited edition bling spelling error.... lol? -- babyjesus
May 8, 2009: increased vip photo storage to 5,000 photos -- babyjesus
May 8, 2009: wuwu changelog is active -- babyjesus
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