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Updated Family Tree Check the Updated Family Link Above, Search for your name,and if you have since made changes to your display name or display picture then comment the blog with a link to ur page i will get the link and change on the tree in the order that it comes..DO NOT SEND ME PRIVATE MESSAGES WITH YOUR LINKS, THEY WILL NOT BE ADDED and MESSAGE WILL BE DELETED...YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED New Feature On The Tree When you see this under a persons pic: Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Some Words When You see the Bat and what ever words may be under a persons pic that is a direct link (that will open in a new window) to send that particular person a private message..all the links so far have been tested and are in working order If you can do morphs,banners,tags, emblems, or anything else that can assist the family in any way, contact any of the one of three ppl on the top tier of the family tree, with examples of what you can do and they will tell me ;) to make the correction as soon as possible
Emanon~~Forever Fake
~~Father of The Fallen Ones~~
Founder of Lestats Dark Covenant Family~~

@ CherryTAP
See You In Hell
* Lestats Dark Covenant *

@ CherryTAP
Hey to all members of Lestats Dark Covenant Family, We finally have a page on Cherry Tap, click the link to the left to be directed to the link, rate it, comment it, and send them a friend request (Don't Have to be Family member to send friend request!!)
Emanon~~Forever Fake~~Father of The Fallen Ones~~Founder of Lestats Dark Covenant Family~~

@ CherryTAP
This is my new page Link, come friends and family members have my link on their pages for many reasons, well for friends many of you have my old "Emanon ~~Forever Fake~~" link from before i joined the fam so u dun really have to change it but for ppl who put my link with the "Dispater of the Steely Moon" this is my new link i had to change my name since after researching it i saw that Thanatos which the Steely Moon Represents had no Dispaters so my name made no since, so i changed it
Lost Civeteto~~Queen Witch Founder of Lestats Dark Covenant Family~~~Member of K.O.T~~

@ CherryTAP
To the left is a LDCF member whose Adoptive mom locared on the right, who has joined cherry tap, can you please give her a cherry tap welcome, fan, friend rate and comment profile, and let her know that the tap isn't just full of ppl who add youo and never want to say anything to u againEternal Dreamer of Darkness

@ CherryTAP
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