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CASH VALUE ON FUBUCKS: $1 = 50000 fubucks $5 = 250000 fubucks $10 = 500000 fubucks $20 = 1 million fubucks $50 = 2.5 million fubucks $100 = 5 million fubucks Breakdown ========================= VIP 1 month~~20 bucks ~~1 Million Fubucks 3 month~~50 bucks ~~2.5 Million Fubucks 6 month~~80 Bucks ~~4 Million Fubucks 12 month~~150 bucks ~~7.5 Million Fubucks ===================== Blast 1-day Blast $7.50 USD ~~375K Fubucks 3-day Blast $12.00 USD ~~600K Fubucks 7-day Blast $20.00 USD ~~1 Million Fubucks 30-day Blast $50.00 USD ~~2.5 Million Fubucks =============== Bling Packs Bling pack (12 Credits)~~ 11.99 (12) ~~599,500K Fubucks 25 Credit Bling Pack~~ 20 bucks ~~1 Million Fubucks 70 Credit Bling Pack~~50 bucks ~~2.5 Millioon Fubucks 150 Credit Bling Pack~~100 bucks ~~7.5 Million Fubucks ========================== Happy Hour HH~~ 100bucks ~~5 Million Fubucks ================== Tickers Ticker (1) ~~250K fubucks Ticker (4) ~~20 bucks ~~1 Million Fubucks ~~~~Rating~~~~ Pics Some says a 10 is 6 points off HH and 12 on.. though when i was rated a 10 on HH i only got 11 points When rating some one a ten on HH i got 2 point/fubucks and when rated a 11 on HH i got 54 points/fubucks not 57 as everyone says.. and when rating someone an 11 i only got 19 points/fubucks Stash I got 2 point/fubucks when rating a stash on HH as well as 2 points/fubucks for commenting a stash on HH I got 11 points/fubucks when my stash was rated as well as 11 points/fubucks when my stash was commented Page Comments I got 4 points/fubucks when sending a page comment on HH I got 11 points/fubucks when i received a page comment on HH MuMMing When rating a MuMM i get 22 points ON HH... When my mumm was rated i got 11 points ON HH
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