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1. I am told I have sad eyes but I think I smile too much



2. I can't live without my cell phone. I check to see if it's on my person at least a million times a day. Whether I stick it in my pocket or bra.



3. I try to always look on the brighter things in life and hate when I feel down.




4. I would be lost without my two sisters. They are complete opposites from each other and different from me. But they help me work problems out in my head



5. I am happier with the person I am now then the person I was 10 years ago. I am proud of what I have done. Though I miss sharing it with someone.



6. I have more fun sober then I have ever had drunk.




7. I hate pity party throwers. I have more respect for people who deal with their problems then look for people to fix them for them.



8. I am addicted to cream cheese. I love it. I can just eat it on crackers. or bread. or pita chips. or plain. It's a sickness.



9. I sometimes stand outside my son's door and just listen to him breath in his sleep and am awed by him. He is my hero.



10. I miss my mother everyday.

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What is it that you absolutely need sexually?
Someone who's not afraid to explore and talk about what they want.

What is something you have always wanted to try?
More bondage

What is something you have never done in bed before?
Probably alot. Some I won't try because it doesn't turn me on

What time of day do you like to have sex?
Anytime. But really love the middle of the night slow wake up sex

What do you absolutely need to see to turn you on?
their eyes

How long can you just kiss until your hands start to wander?
feels like forever. Love love love kissing. Can even get off that way if it's done right

If someone was in the next room while you had sex would it make you nervous or excited?
Doesn't bother me. Would just try to be quiet. And I mean try.

Would it bother you if your bf/gf got naked at a beach or river?

Have you ever faked an orgasm?
When I was younger yes. Now I will not.

What Part of your body are you self-conscious about?
My stomach

Do you have any sexual regrets?
No. I can't think of one.

If a lover cheated on you would you take them back?
Possibly. Relationships are about more than sex.
(I liked this answer so I keep it)

How Important is sex in your life?
Hmmmm....hard to say. It's important, but it certainly takes a backseat to the most important things in my life.
(I liked this one too so I keep it)

How Important is love in your life?
Very important

What is the biggest fight you have ever had with a bf/gf?
When he left me with his son

Do you believe in make-up sex?
Sex when you are mad is nice but it doesnt fix the problem so I guess no I don't. Though a rough sex session is always fun.

Have you ever told a complete stranger something you kept from a lover?

Have you ever had a one night stand?

If you could go back in time would you change it or take it back?
Yes I would have not have gotten raped.

Would you go down on your bf/gf under a restaurant table?
Of course

Where would you have sex in public?Have in many places. What's your point?

Would you ever have sex while at work?

Yes and have.

 Would you have sex in the dressing room of a department store?
Yes and have.

Would you have sex in the rain?
Yes I would

What is the highest number of orgasms you have had in one sex romp?
I lose track after 8

How many do you wish you could have?
Until I pass out.

What do you like Trimmed,Shaved or Natural?
On him? Trimmed is nice. On me I have and trim

What sounds do you like to hear during sex?
All of them. Except real animal sounds. I think that would turn me off.

What sounds do you make during sex?
I'm pretty noisy. I moan and groan. and almost scream at times.

What words do you love to hear during sex?
Genuine ones.

What do you yell during an orgasm?
I can't speak during an orgasm.

How many times a week do you like to have sex?
Whenever I can

Do you want to try the 69 position?
I like it.

What are your three fav.

Why do you have to pick just three?

What are the top 3 erogenous zones on your body?
Shoulders, Lips, ears

Top or Bottom?

Bedroom or other room?
Yes Please.

Lights on or off?
On please, but off is ok too

Public or Private?
Yes please

Partially or Entirely naked?
Either or 

Oil & Lotion or Candles & Satin Sheets
Candles is the only things I like on there

Fast & Hard or Slow & Gentle?
Depends on who is driving.

Standing up or Laying down

Soft or Firm touch?


Under Covers or On Top?
Who uses covers?

Would you ever have sex in your childhood bedroom?
I have

Have you ever hooked up on a swing set?

Is there any desire that you want to try that you think is taboo?
Taboo? No...most things I would consider taboo hold no interest for me. 

Any New Positions you haven't done but want to try?
There's always something new to learn.

Do you have any sexual fetishes you want to explore?

Are there any secret desires you have never told?
No I'm an open book.

Where in the house is your favorite spot to have sex?
Bed then the couch

What is your favorite thing about sex?
the aftermath. the shivers, hearing them breath hard.


What is your favorite sexual setting?
Why does there have to be a setting?

Would you ever work out nude?
Have and probably will again

Would you ever fool around in a movie theater?
Yes and have and probably will again.

Would you ever make a porno with your bf/gf?
Um no.

Would you ever do a photo shoot in sexy clothes for your bf/gf?
Yes and I have

Do you think you need sex more or less often than the average person?

I just like sex so I don't know.

Who was on your mind while you did this survey?
Honestly Andy


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7......things about me 1. what is the oldest thing in your fridge? Relish I make my own tartar sauce. 2. what is your favorite brand of deodorant? Degree shower fresh 3. name one thing about you that not many people know. My mother is in a nursing home with Demetia and I live everyday missing her. 4. what is your worst habit? I don't understand my worth so I put myself down alot. It seems to upset my friends. 5. who has saved you life in anyway in the past year? No offense to my friends here but my son saves my life everyday. Without him I would be so much less then who I am. He is my sun. 6. who is a major influence in the way you live your life? Me I did everything on my own. From the moment I found out I was pregnant I worked and did everythign I could to better my sons and my life. 7. what do you think your biggest weakness is? trusting too quickly. I want to always believe everyone is good and lovely and honest. That doesn't always happen. Tag!!!!!!
My bish Monica! The ultimate point whore! Love her hard she likes it! Teh Awesome Mental (Ian). My favorite pamplemousse! The beautiful Idaho! She has great potatoes! And Supe! He loves the love from the ladies but men are welcome to rate! I know its alot and with the superbowl going on you can't get to everything but show them a little love! They are all awesome!
A - Available: Yes - Age: 34 - Annoyance: Liars - Animal: Cat B - Beer: Kiltlifter - Birthday: October 17th - Best Friend(s): Jamie, Brian, Dan, Ian, Tony - Body Part on opposite sex: lips - Best feeling in the world: Love - Blind or Deaf: Deaf - Best weather: Fall - Been on stage?: Yes - Believe in Magic: Yes - Believe in Santa: No - Been in Love: Yes - Been bitched out?: Daily - Believe in yourself?: Sometimes - Believe in life on other planets: Yes - Believe in miracles: yes - Believe in Satan: evil yes satan no - Believe in Ghosts/spirits: yes C - Candy: Reese's cups - Color(s): Purple - Chocolate/Vanilla: Chocolate - Chinese/Mexican: Chinese - Cake or pie: Cake - Continent to visit: Europe - Cheese: Brie - Car: Ford Focus - Cried in school: Yes I'm a girl - Clothing Style: Jeans, tanks and sandels D - Day or Night: Night - Dance in the rain: Yes every chance I get - Dream vehicle: Mustang - Danced: many times - Do the splits?: I can E - Eyes: Brown - Every one's got: a chance - Ever failed a class?: yes - Eggs: fried over medium - Everyone has a Heart: Yes...some don't work right though. *Tom's right didn't change it F - First thoughts waking up: kill alarm - Food: Nico's - First crush: Steven - Full name: Mine G - Greatest Fear: Losing my child - Goals: Getting in shape - Gum: Orbit Pomegrante - Get along with your parents?: Yes - Good luck charm: nope - Giver or taker: Giver H - Hair Color: brown - Height: 5'8" - Happy: Yes - Holiday: Halloween - How do you want to die: In my sleep of very old age - Health freak?: Trying - Hate?: It's hard for me to hate. I - Ice Cream: Chocolate - Instrument: none J - Jewelry: Toe rings and hoops in my ears - Job: certified penis teaser K - Kids: one - Kickboxing or karate? kick boxing - Keep a journal?: yes L - Love: Is good - Laughed so hard you cried: Yes - Longest Car Ride: to florida - Letter: H - Love at first sight: nope M - Milk flavor: Chocolate soy - Movies: Boondock Saints - Motion sickness?: No - McDonalds or Burger King: Wendy's - Mooned anyone?: Yes - Marriage: Not something I really believe in N - Number of Siblings: 3 - Number of Piercings: 3 - Number: 13 O - One Wish: happiness for everyone - Overused Phrases: Fuck me running - One phobia: crowds P - Perfect Pizza: Chicken bacon artichoke - Pepsi/Coke: Water - Place you'd like to live: here Q - Questionnaire?: *rolls eyes* - Quail: yummy R - Reasons to cry: my mother - Radio Station: KFMA - Roll your tongue in a circle?: yes and upside down - Ring size: 6 1/2 - Reality T.V.: Sucks S - Song: Everlong - Shoe size: 9 - Salad Dressing: Poppy seed or vinegar and oil - Sushi: Yummy - Slept outside: Yes - Skinny dipped?: Yes - Shower?: warm or cold - Sing well?: No - In the shower?: Yes - Strawberries/Blueberries: Strawberries - Skipped school: Yes - Seen a dead body?: yes - Smoked?: Yes - Stuffed Animals?: Pecan my stuffed dog I got in the hospital in 07 - Single/Group dates: Both - Scientists need to invent: A cure...for ANYTHING!!! *again I agreed with Tom T - Tattoos?: Two - Time for bed: When I'm sleepy - Thunderstorms: Love them - TV: How I met your mother and The office - Touch your tongue to your nose: No U - Unpredictable: Sometimes V - Vacation spot: Anywhere else - Vegetable you hate: Lima beans - Vegetable you love: Brussel Sprouts W - Weakness: lips - Which one of your friends acts the most like you: Jamie - Worst feeling: Loneliness - Wanted to be a model?: No - Where do we go when we die?: Somewhere else - Who makes you laugh: Everybody, most not intentionally X - X-Rays: Sure - Ex's: A few Y -Year it is now: 2009 -Yellow: My son's favorite Z - Zoo animal: Elephant - Zodiac sign: Libra LAST PERSON WhoŠ 1. Slept in a bed beside you?: Joseph 2. You went to the mall with?: My sister 3. You went to dinner with?: Jed and Michael 4. You talked to on the phone?: Dan/Bounty 5. Made you laugh?: Mental 6. Hugged you? My son 7. Said they loved you?: My son 8. Held your hand?: Joseph 9. Spoke with?: Dan 10. Sent you a text message?: Travis
This is not my writing but I thought it was very accurate.... You come to the counter. I am on the phone with a drunk dude who wants the phone number to the grocery store next door. After I instruct him on the virtues of 411, you tell me your doctor was to phone in your prescription to me. Your doctor hasn't, and you're unwilling to wait until he does. Being in a generous mood, I call your doctors office and am put on hold for 5 minutes, then informed that your prescription was phoned in to my competitor on the other side of town. Phoning the competitor, I am immediately put on hold for 5 minutes before speaking to a clerk, who puts me back on hold to wait for the pharmacist. Your prescription is then transferred to me, and now I have to get the 2 phone calls that have been put on hold while this was being done. Now I return to the counter to ask if we've ever filled prescriptions for you before. For some reason, you think that "for you" means "for your cousin" and you answer my question with a "yes", whereupon I go the computer and see you are not on file. The phone rings. You have left to do something very important, such as browse through the monster truck magazines, and do not hear the three PA announcements requesting that you return to the pharmacy. You return eventually, expecting to pick up the finished prescription..... The phone rings. ......only to find out that I need to ask your address, phone number, date of birth, if you have any allergies and insurance coverage. You tell me you're allergic to codeine. Since the prescription is for Vicodin I ask you what exactly codeine did to you when you took it. You say it made your stomach hurt and I roll my eyes and write down "no known allergies" You tell me...... The phone rings. have insurance and spend the next 5 minutes looking for your card. You give up and expect me to be able to file your claim anyway. I call my competitor and am immediately put on hold. Upon reaching a human, I ask them what insurance they have on file for you. I get the information and file your claim, which is rejected because you changed jobs 6 months ago. An asshole barges his way to the counter to ask where the bread is. The phone rings. I inform you that the insurance the other pharmacy has on file for you isn't working. You produce a card in under 10 seconds that you seemed to be unable to find before. What you were really doing was hoping your old insurance would still work because it had a lower copay. Your new card prominently displays the logo of Nebraska Blue Cross, and although Nebraska Blue cross does in fact handle millions of prescription claims every day, for the group you belong to, the claim should go to a company called Caremark, whose logo is nowhere on the card. The phone rings. A lady comes to the counter wanting to know why the cherry flavored antacid works better than the lemon cream flavored antacid. What probably happened is that she had a milder case of heartburn when she took the cherry flavored brand, as they both use the exact same ingredient in the same strength. She will not be satisfied though until I confirm her belief that the cherry flavored brand is the superior product. I file your claim with Caremark, who rejects it because you had a 30 day supply of Vicodin filled 15 days ago at another pharmacy. You swear to me on your mother's'.... The phone rings. that you did not have a Vicodin prescription filled recently. I call Caremark and am immediately placed on hold. The most beautiful woman on the planet walks buy and notices not a thing. She has never talked to a pharmacist and never will. Upon reaching a human at Caremark, I am informed that the Vicodin prescription was indeed filled at another of my competitors. When I tell you this, you say you got hydrocodone there, not Vicodin. Another little part of me dies. The phone rings. It turns out that a few days after your doctor wrote your last prescription, he told you to take it more frequently, meaning that what Caremark thought was a 30-day supply is indeed a 15 day supply with the new instructions. I call your doctor's office to confirm this and am immediately placed on hold. I call Caremark to get an override and am immediately placed on hold. My laser printer has a paper jam. It's time for my tech to go to lunch. Caremark issues the override and your claim goes though. Your insurance saves you 85 cents off the regular price of the prescription. The phone rings. At the cash register you sign.... The phone rings. ......the acknowledgement that you received a copy of my HIPAA policy and that I offered the required OBRA counseling for new prescriptions. You remark that you're glad that your last pharmacist told you you shouldn't take over the counter Tylenol along with the Vicodin, and that the acetaminophen you're taking instead seems to be working pretty well. I break the news to you that Tylenol is simply a brand name for acetaminophen and you don't believe me. You fumble around for 2 minutes looking for your checkbook and spend another 2 minutes making out a check for four dollars and sixty seven cents. You ask why the tablets look different than those you got at the other pharmacy. I explain that they are from a different manufacturer. Tomorrow you'll be back to tell me they don't work as well. Now imagine this wasn't you at all, but the person who dropped off their prescription three people ahead of you, and you'll start to have an idea why.....your prescription takes so damn long to fill.
I want to taste you, I want to taste you right now I want to lick the sweat from your skin I want to suck your soul right in I want to explore your mouth with my tongue I want to burn from the flames of passion I want to taste you, I want to taste you right now I want to hold your heated flesh I want our bodies to mesh I want to explore your sex with my tongue I want to savor you when you cum I want you to go numb from the sensations I want you to get wet from this verbal masturbation I want you so hot you drip I want to drink you, I want to sip I want to slip you some tongue I want to lick you off my fingers and savor you some I want to taste you Are you satisfied Are you electrified Can't you decide Are you what you wanted to be Tasted by me
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