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You Can Only Type One Word. Not as easy as you might think. Now copy and paste into your blog and tag 5 ppl to do the same. Leave a comment to let us know you have done it, AND LEAVE THEM A COMMENT TO LET THEM KNOW THEY HAVE BEEN TAGGED. It's really hard to only use one-word answers! 1. Where is your cell phone? charging 2. Your significant other? Berkeley 3. Your hair? Long 4. Your mother? Texas 5. Your father? Texas 6. Your favorite thing? son 7. Your dream last night? freaky 8. Your favorite drink? water 9. Your dream/goal? life 10. The room you're in? Bedroom 11. Music? rocking 12. Where do you want to be in 6 years? Happy 14. Where were you last night? Yes 15. What you're not? Hateful 16. Muffins? Apple 17. One of your wish list items? house 18. Where you grew up? Texas 19. The last thing you did? Tequila 20. What are you wearing? panties 21. TV? on 22. Your pets? none 23. Your computer? on 24. Your life? here 25. Your mood? Happy 26. Missing someone? Yes 27. Favorite Store? Walgreens 30. Your summer? smoldering 31. Like someone? love 32. Your favorite color? purple 33. When is the last time you laughed? recently 34. Last time you cried? earlier I tag James J, Scarred Player, Your McLovin, Berkeley, Grath
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