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in the past few days i have been thinking about leaving fubar. it seems i have a lot of friends on my list that dont comunicate with me unless they send me a link to something they want rated or a contest that they want me to coment bomb in. I dont have a problem rating or bombing but i would like to comunicate sometimes to just to talk. and then there are ppl that comunicate and you find out they are not what they represent themselfs to be and they lead you on and then you find out that they were just playing you and that sometimes hurts. I posted a blog about leaving and found out that the ppl that i care about the most on here really would like me to stay and they are the ppl that i have become close to and would really miss if i left. they are all on my family list and i realize that there is a good reason for that. so i have decided to stay for awile and just delete the ppl on my list that dont make any atempt at comunicating with me. and to be more selective about who i request as friends or accept as friends.
I have been on fubar since it was known as lostcherry and have seen it change alot through its name changes. lostcherry,cherrytap,and now fubar. some of the changes are for the better but it has also become more point driven and a place where ppl will try and buy their way to godfather or godmother. ppl are becoming more and more fake on here. i have made alot of friends on here that i think alot of.but have also found that some of the ppl i thought were friends are not who they appear to be and some of those ppl have caused me more pain than this site is worth.I have come to a hard reality in my life that it may be time to leave fubar. there are a handful of ppl on my family list that i will truly miss that are like real family to me but i have hundreds of friends on my list that never talk to me unless they want me to rate somehing and that bothers me because i asked to be there friend with the intension of talking to them but if you shout and they ignore you it feels like they added you so you could rate them and nothing more. If i stay on here i will have a very much smaller friends list because if i dont talk to them i`ll delete them and not take anymore friend request. i`ll pick my friends more carefully because i`m not on here to play the points game i dont need hundreds of friends and fans that i dont comunicate with. for the ppl that i do comunicate with i`ll miss you and you know who you are and one that i have just started to get to know i wish i could have got to know you better i really like sending you a morning espresso and a morning greeting. echo angel, coloradolady35.kristin, princess kimmie,jodi aka wishful thinking, mailbroad and last but not least selva aka take my breath away i` truly treasure your friendship and hope to keep in contact with you in the future.
to the ppl that are players on fubar. I know this is just the internet and its just a game to some but if you get close to someone on here and you make them feel like they are something special to you you should stick by them. dont lead her or him on just to let them down later be honest with them treat them with the respect you want to be treated with and remember that on the other end of your conversation is a real living breathing person with feelings. if you play them you hurt them and nobody deserves to be hurt by some body they think cares for them.
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