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Lizzy's blog: "Miracle"

created on 05/16/2007  |  http://fubar.com/miracle/b83159
I have a friend who wors on computers and he sent me this link to help my compuer speed up ...after he used and seen it worked i went ahead and use it...well any how i thought maybe there be someone out there might need it like i did but here is the link and its free...its not a spam u can hit me up and ill tell u about it.. http://www.download.com/3000-2094_4-10734490.html copy n paste mu@@@@
Ok.. so my nieghbors wife is on life support in the hospital and was starting to do better so was taken off....well on Mother's Day she passed away...our nieghbor came over and told us the news told all the nieghbors..we all got together n was at his house when he got a phone call from the hospital that his wife was alive after being pronounced dead and was given a death certificate for her...she was dead for 4hrs..she was being rolled down to the morge when she woke up or came back to life...asken where they were taken her.....wtf this shyt is wierd...wat do u think.. btw this is all true it happen on mothers day the nieghbors are back home but this shyt is very creepy..but its a miracle...god works in mysterous ways.....
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