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The OTHER's blog: "Mental Machinations"

created on 11/13/2010  |  http://fubar.com/mental-machinations/b337683  |  11 followers

I watch you sleep in perfect symmetry while I weep for irrevelant thought

And the best I can do is meld into this kind of frantic slow motion. 

I dance

we dance.

I lead

You lead.

We sway in time.

Hold each other close

revel in the embrace.

The scent of promise. 




And you're all alone when the music stops.



Because I now know why the caged bird sings.

You are free to go as you please.

But you will never stray too far.

And you will always return to me.

Beholden to the dammned. 

Walking the thin line of shadow.

My transfiguration complete. 








I shared drinks with a madman. He's writing my life story. 

I awoke from my slumber and bent ear to the thunder. 

Today was the day I threw it all away.

I never felt more alive than on the day I died

I say let us ride steadfast into uncertainty and follow our folly into a chasm of ambivalent promise. 

And lay low the seers and charlatans that litter the path along the way. 

Follow me. 

Read aloud.

The vaunted shroud.

I once avowed

I'd see you cowed.

That blessed elixir racing through your veins 

the gentle wieldy chains

hold fast and harbor pains. 

Written is as written does.

Never is as never was.

And hearts breathe in clouds of malady.

Sing songs of rightful remedy

wed with tithes of tempered ferocity

It bleats nonplussed, an ardent, stolid mimicry.

Rife with the purity of a definite uncertainty. 

Shadow rider.

A base defiler.

My place is beside her. 

A sidelong glance 

I am the god you need





A solemn search for soft soliloquies that sear the soul 

breathe it in 

it becomes you.








In my mind

a grand design

the ties that bind



still give me sign 

And I'll swaddle you in magnificent sojourn. 

As the wolf nuzzles the chickadee. 



As my blood cries out for harmony.




Longing evermore to dance across parted lips.

We wait. 

We die.

We live.

Can you teach me superstition? 

Can you light the dark corners and swallow the rivers of mud? 

A taste sickly sweet.

Maple syrup and Lye. 

It's that twinkle in your eye. 

Can I repent? 

Can I erase time spent? 

You can unleash the beast

Or beat it back. 

Or you can stay here with me between and betwixt the red and black. 

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