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OoJ3NNAoO's blog: "Farewell"

created on 11/05/2010  |  http://fubar.com/farewell/b337540

not knowing how to start this letter; i sit alone in the dark surrounded by candle light. chasing away the looming shadows of my past. i know that you are tucked away, kept under lock and key my little one. i can hear you whimper. cries of pain bellow from deep inside. years of torment and being abandoned has left you callous and bitter towards the outside world. the hand that life has dealt left us molded into our worst nightmare. i see you now recoiling in fear. disgust plain on your round face. watching the light catch on the tears falling from your eyes. i feel you begin to point the finger, you are pointing it at yourself. so sad now. you walk through this life invisible. a tortured soul never finding rest. yearning for love, to be accepted. eventaully self loathing becomes your only comfort. it keeps you warm at night. i wish i could wrap my arms around you, softly stroking your hair and tell you everything will be alright. but i cant, because that little girl is me. she is the one staring back at me in the mirror, begging to be set free. i am scared now. i stuff you back down into that abyss in the pit of my very being. they tell me to let you out. that its safe now. i feel reluctant. not wanting you to be hurt anymore. not trusting this world. you clasp your hands together, pleading with me. my walls begin to crumble. now i am crying. its your turn to comfort me. feeling peaceful i open my eyes, blow out the candles and set you free...


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