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created on 11/18/2006  |
Ok so there is a nasty virus going around here. My mom had it for a while. My little brother came over Friday, and that night his voice started going in and out. Saturday it hit him like a ton of bricks and he got it. Now I have it too. My voice is gone. My head is pounding, and I am aching and hurting all over. I have a sore throat, a nasty cough, and my nose is stuffy, running, and draining all at the same time. Needless to say, I wish someone would just shoot me. Rob came over real early this morning to take care of me since I can't even stand up long enough to make a sandwich for myself. Hunter and Fluffy are sticking close to me. I am not sure how long this will last, when my mom had it, it laasted a few weeks. So if you call and I don't answer or return your call, or if a guy answers my phone, you know why. I am not able to talk on the phone right now. I have resorted to having to write it down every time I want to say something to Rob. Anyway, I hope everyone else is doing better than me. Take care, Randi
Hey Everyone! I just wanted to let everybody know I am going on vacation. I am going to Texas on July 2nd and will be returning on August 16th. I am going to visit a friend. She is getting married and I am her Maid Of Honor. I am really looking forward to this trip. This is the first vacation I've ever had. Hunter and I are taking a plane. And the plans are for us to both be in the wedding. And yes I will have pics. I promise. I am sure I will be able to get online every so often while I am gone, but I am planning on having fun doing other things than to be online much. Also, for those of you who have my cell phone number, I no longer have that cell phone. I got tried of never knowing when I was going to have a phone because of the bill getting too high. So I went and got one on my own. So if you want my number, get in touch with me and let me know. I'll have it with me while in Texas. Anyway, I hope everyone has a great week, and a fantastic summer. Talk to you soon. *Hugs* Velvet Love
First of all I want to say thank you to everyone who sent their thoughts and prayers when I announced that my sister was pregnant and having trouble.I am sorry I didn't get around to replying to anyone who responded to my message. My sister lost the baby around 3:00am on the 15th. We took both her and the baby to the ER. The sack and baby came out together. We still have know clue how far along she was. We did look at it before they came and took it to the lab though and we could tell where the head was and could see an arm starting to form. It was very tiny still. She was supposed to go to the OB today and for some stupid reason they cancelled her appointment and didn't even tell her until she got there. Anyway, I am taking this a lot worse than she is. It doesn't seem to be bothering her much. Me on the otherhand, I am extremely depressed. I just want to sleep, I don't want to do anything. I just want to be alone. I keep seeing that tiny once was life laying inside that sack, and its driving me crazy. Some of you know that I had some really big news I wanted to share and was not able to. Well I guess now I can and then you will understand why its bothering me so bad. My sister was not ready for another baby, and she wanted to get an abortion. It was suggested to her that instead of having an abortion, she go ahead and have the baby and let me adopt it since I can't seem to have any children of my own. She agreed to it and I have been so excited and happy. I was finally going to be a mommy, something I have wanted for years. I was going to get to name the baby and everything. But that dream got taken away from me once again. This makes two babies I have lost now. And this one is hurting me a lot worse than when I lost the one I was carrying. I actually got to see this baby. I didn't get a chance to have an ultrasound when I was pregnant. And when I lost it, I didn't know when I passed the baby. Anyway, if I am not around, or you write me and I don't reply, please don't take it personally. I'll be back sometime, I just don't know when right now. Take care, Randi
Hey Everyone, Sorry I haven't been around much. I've had a lot going on lately and don't get much computer time. Anyway, I really need all of you to say a prayer for my little sister if you don't mind. She found out that she is pregnant. She had an ultrasound done and we still aren't sure how far along she is. Yesterday she got a phone call saying that the baby is in her uterus, but its in the wrong place. We are still trying to figure that one out.... Today she started bleeding and cramping really bad so we took her to the ER. As of right now, she is not having a miscarriage. Her cervix is closed. However, her hormone level is only like 5800. So either she is not very far along, or she is about to have a miscarriage. She goes on Monday for another ultrasound and blood work so they can check to see if her hormone level is dropping or going up, and to check the position of the baby and such. They told her that because of where the baby is, it will most likely either be an early birth, or end in a miscarriage. We was told tonight that she has a 50/50 chance of it making it. So please keep her in your thoughts and prayers. I would greatly appreciate it. And when I know more, I will be sure to update you. For now i am going to bed. Its close to 2am and I have to get up in the morning and go spend the day with my Aunt and Mom for Mother's Day. And on that note, Happy Mother's Day to all my mommy friends. *Hugs* Randi
Most of you know I have a seizure alert dog. Her name is Hunter and she is a full-blooded Golden Retriever. I got her almost 3 years ago from Debs. Some of you know her, some of you don't. I got Hunter intending to have her as a pet, but hoping in the back of my mind that she would be able to pick up on my seizures, and she has done that and more. Hunter is my best friend, my protector, my hero, my angel. I don't know what I would do with out her. So I want to take a moment and say Thank you Debs, for giving Hunter to me. I have been using Hunter as a service dog since she was around 1 year old, which is quite remarkable since large breed dogs normally take a few years to mature and calm down. But Hunter has always been fairly calm and well behaved. She never had any professional training. She picked up on my seizures and started alerting me, and I taught her all the commands she knows. One problem I have had is teaching her to bring me things. She refuses to put anything in her mouth thats not one of her toys, her leash, or food that she knows is for her. She won't even put her vest in her mouth and bring it to me, that is until recently. Just in the last few weeks, she has started bringing me her leash and vest when its time for us to go somewhere, as well as my coat, gloves, hat, and scarf. So I am hoping that maybe I will be able to get her to start bringing me things when I am sick and can't get up and get it myself. I have been through a lot this year so far. Nose surgery, ankle surgery, bronchitis and 2 ear infections and several seizures while I had bronchitis, a colonoscopy. And she has been with me through it all, taking care of me, looking after me, comforting and protecting me the best she knows how. Monday morning around 4:00am I was outside with her and I fell on the ice in front of my aunt's neighbor's house. I hurt my ankle I just had surgery on, as well as my knee and my back, and I couldn't get up. She didn't want to leave me at first because I was hurt. But I finally convinced her to go get Grandma (My Mom). She went to my aunts porch and sat there and barked until someone finally came to the door, then my parents came out and helped me inside. I don't know what I would have done without Hunter since I was in so much pain I couldn't get up. If she hadn't went for help, its hard telling how long I would have been sitting out there on ice and in pain. My parents took me to the ER. Thankfully I didn't break anything. I just sprang my ankle and pulled some muscles in my back and around my knee. I am feeling much better now. However at first, my back hurt so bad I couldn't even bend over. Hunter is still bringing me her vest, my coat, etc. But what really blew my mind is when I wasn't able to behind over and she was picking things up for me. I dropped some yarn at Walmart and she picked it up and handed it to me. I was so proud of her. And I am sure you are all wondering... Yes she got a nice reward for saving me and getting help for me when I fell. I got her the biggest bone Walmart has. And she still has plenty of it left to eat. She also protected me the night before last when a friend brought their dog over for the first time. The dog isn't very friendly. For the life of me I still don't know why she brought it over. But anyway, thankfully Hunter was on her leash so there was no fighting. But that dog did come at me and darted at Miss Fluffy. Both times Hunter let Hazel (the other dog) know who was boss. Hunter stayed between me and the other dog, just like she does when its a person she doesn't trust. And I guess she figured she isn't mean to Miss Fluffy, no other dog is going to be either. So anyway, I just wanted to share that with everyone. I wanted everyone to know just how important Hunter is to me, and how much she looks after me. She definitely has unconditional love for me, as I do for her. She is my best friend, my hero, my angel. And I thank God every day for her being in my life. *Hugs* ~*Velvet Love*~
Ok I just got back from the Orthopedic doc. He took more xrays of my foot. He said that its not fractured. However, he is completely confused about the staple thats in my ankle and said it needs to come out. So I am going to have surgery on Jan 30th to have it removed. He also commented on how extremely tense my ankle was when he tried to move it. I told him I never recieved physical therapy after my first anklw surgery, so hopefully he will put me in PT and my ankle problems will be a thing of the past... Anyway, wow the month of January is gonna be tough... Nose surgery on the 19th and ankle surgery on the 30th. I am really gonna be loopy. LOL! I will probably stay with my aunt while I am recovering from the surgeries. Oh and the doc also told me I can stop using the walker whenever I feel comfortable walking without it. So I will keep everyone posted on whats going on. *Hugs* Velvet Love AKA Loopy Twin # 2
Just wanted to let every one know that when I hurt my ankle over the weekend, I fractured a bone in my foot. I have to use a walker for two weeks. I go see an Orthopedic doc in the morning. I am on Vicodin and Ibprofen for pain. Also, my nose surgery is scheduled for Jan 19th. Hey I just realized something. Thats the 2 year anniversary of when I left my ex. What a way to spend the day, its better than being with him still. LOL! Anyway, since I have to use a walker, I can't be climbing up and down my stairs at home so I am staying with my aunt for about 2 weeks. Which means I will have internet access when I am not too loopy from the pain pills. So I will try to pop on and off and keep everyone up to date. *Hugs* Velvet Love AKA Loopy Twin #2
I took my one and a half year old nephew with me yesterday to do my grocery shopping. This guy who was about my age asked if he could pet my service dog, Hunter. I told him yes. So the man and woman with him asked if they could too. I said yes. While the second couple was petting Hunter, the first guy got his wallet out of his pocket. He got a $10 out of his wallet and gave it to my nephew. He said "It's the season to be giving." Then he walked away. I was in shock. My nephew told the woman thank you, so I asked her to tell the guy he said thank you. I took my nephew over to the toys and let him pick out a couple new toys, then let him ride the ice cream truck ride before we left. I really was not expecting that at all. Especially from a young person. I could have seen it maybe if an older person gave my nephew $1, but for a young guy to give him a $10 was just amazing. It reminded me that there are still good people in the world. Anyway, I want to say thank you to that guy, whoever he was. I hope he has a wonderful holiday. And I hope everyone reading this does too. Happy Holidays to everyone. Merry Christmas. *hugs* Velvet Love
Well my computer bit the dust today. I am fucked... My computer is my link to the world, all my friends, since I can't work or drive. I don't know when or if I will be able to get it fixed. So I don't know how often I will be online now. The only time I can get online is when I am at my aunts house. So wish me luck on being able to get it fixed. I am going to go insane without it. Also, since I don't have my computer I will tell everyone this now since I doubt I'll be able to get online Monday. I have to have nose surgery again. The bones up inside my nose are still too large, they are still blocking my airways, so I have to have more of the bones removed. I don't have an exact date yet. I should know for sure by Monday. I am really not looking foward to this again. But I guess I don't have much of a choice. I'll post an update when I can. *Hugs* Velvet Love
had a seizure last night. my head is killing me, i am weak, and my arm is fucked up. i can't use it hardly at all. my hand is swollen and it hurts to move my hand/arm at all. so i am doing this with one hand. anyway, i should be in bed resting. if i am not around for a day or two, thats why. i will be ok, just need to rest. i also had xrays of my hip today since i've been having so much trouble with my hip/leg/foot at night when i am in bed. i guess my right side is swollen. not sure what is going to be done about it yet. the doc meantioned some kind of shots in my hip for the pain, etc. so who knows what will happen. i'll let you know. also i saw a nose doc on wednesday last week. he is talking about doing another nose surgery on me. the bones up in my nose are still too big. i am not looking foward to another nose surgery. but i guess i will do what i have to. anyway, i am going back to bed, my head is killing me. i've been up too long. catch ya later.
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