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Well I have three contest pics so far. Ladies who want to enter have your entries to my by April 27th please, and if I don't get more entries there really doesnt seem to be any point in doing the contest. I had almost 30 ladies for my 30 day blast contest and only three so far for a Happy Hour? Pretty sad in my opinion but if I do cancel the contest all three great ladies who made pics for the contest will receive something for their trouble. Sorry but I will not give away a 100 dollar prize for less than 10 entries. I should say more than entered my 30 day blast contest but there is no way I will get that many which does not make sense to me. I still might have the contest even if I get no more entries but if I do you can bet there will never be another contest from me. I try to come up with fun ideas to give things away here on fubar and get salutes made for me but some people want Happy Hours just to make salute pics so I think I am done asking for salutes for a while lol. Anyways like I said any ladies who are interested in my Happy Hour contest read the other April contest blogs for the rules and have your contest photos in by April 27th. Thank you so much to anyone who has ever made a salute pic for me. I really appreciate them all and enjoy my last contest at least for a very long time peace and love to all my friends!
If you have the most comments in my contest you, the lady who wins, will receive either a Happy Hour on fubar at a time and date of your choice; or an equal value prize like a 30 day blast and a ticker package and a month VIP and a bling pak your choice! Okay ladies here is the deal... make me a sexy sfw salute with bunny ears or a Playboy costume or some type of fairy tale theme and post it or send to me. You may show cleavage or booty but no nudity, you must be clothed which means bra and panties are just fine and show as much cleavage as you want just keep the nipples covered please even though it hurts me to say that! Show as little cleavage as you want also just make sure the pic is sexy in some way. The entry with the most comments at the end of the week, 7 days of comments, will be declared the winner. The contest will start on April 28th at 8 pm mountain time and end exactly seven days from that time. I would like to have the pics by April 21st but I may accept some entries later than that so contact me if you are interested in entering and when your pic ir ready you must let me know. The winner of the contest must be my friend but anyone will be allowed to comment and rate and the ratings count as well so be generous to your favorites! ;-p I hope I have answered all questions but anyone who has one feel free to contact me. There are also two other blogs about the April contest so check those out if you want. Thank you to all who have or intend to enter my contest and good luck to all I can't wait to get this started so get your pics ready sexy fubar women.
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