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the Best JennyCrackas Wifey's blog: "Poetry"

created on 10/28/2006  |  http://fubar.com/poetry/b18939
Lonely here I'm lost without you Here I'm wondering what to do I want to spend every moment in your arms Wrapped up away from worldly harms You're my rock to keep me steady Holding me close until I'm ready To go out and fight through another day But it doesn't matter to me what others say I just go through it to be there for you I go with it just to get through I want to end it and be by your side Where we have time and our worlds collide When we can lay and stare in each others eyes To me you offer me more than just lies I can see a world with you that no one else knows Its made up of what we want not with purpose or shows My hands can play upon your skin and just rest there We can live on nothing and stare You are my world my everything You are the music to my soul the reason my heart sings I want to be your lover for all time Caring this much I wonder if it's a crime Yet as I lay here and think of nothing but your face I long just to feel a lingering of your embrace My mind lost in thoughts of how to stay I go throughout my nights and days Wanting just to cross miles and leave my life behind Yet some how I know that others wouldn't be so kind I want you and I love you is all I can say You have me were you want me you can have your way
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