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created on 10/28/2006  |  http://fubar.com/poetry/b18939
Fondled feet step onto the floor Each shoes dirty but loved is placed next to her She raps each blister and scar Her shoe forms perfectly to her tired foot making it new The ribbons fall into place and that foot is ready As a pattern the other shoe flies on gracefuly Standing she stretches her long muscular legs She pulls her long brown locks up into a tight bun Finally ready she looks up at her pale reclection all around her Tights and leotard formed to her bones She closes her eyes and the musics play in her mind Step Turn Balance Each move flows into place Each step is not heard Sweat drips off her brow and to the floor Dancing this dance is easier than breathing She lands her last move and places herself in the middle of the floor Opening her eyes again she sees herself in the mirrors She smiles as she sees who she is A dancer
Empty That's how I feel without you Every day that we are apart feels like an eternity You move me make me feel things I thought I would never feel again When I am talking to you I feel a warmth wash over me A warmth unlike any I have felt before It picks me up and carries me to a far off place a beautiful place a place where nothing is known but love and caring My worries fade to a distant memory and all but you is forgotten if only for the moment My heart is overflowing with joy and love the joy that you bring to me and the love that I feel for you Never have I come across anyone like you Sweet warm tender caring the list is endless Lost I become overwhelmed in your presence Lost in my imagination to the thought of you I'm lost in a wonderful dream and I never want to wake up You You are too good to be true You came to save my life The man I've been searching for The man of my dreams And now I have you Yet I cannot have you To see you would be heavenly to touch you divine I want to share my life with you You are my waking thought and the last thing on my mind as I drift off to sleep at night You fill my dreams with visions of happiness and love images that linger on and carry me through my day There is a longing in my heart that someday we will become a reality I want you with every fiber of my being I need you as I need water or food or air I miss you every second of every day And for everything that you are to me everything that you will ever be I love you
Don't you hate it When that person comes along That makes you desperate And everything seem wrong She steals away The ones you love Everyday They says shes from above You don't see Anything in her But you know your free To be a blur Nobody realizes You aching inside Nobody hears your cries Because away you hide Well welcome to the club Of jealousy galore Where your but a stub And nothing more Where you feel the ones you love Slipping away With that "gift from above" Everyday
Its hard to keep living when no one seems to care But I want you to know that I'll always be there I'm here for you for life and I'll always be real My promise to you to show how I feel And when you want to give up think of me our future not the past I want you to know that I love you and I want things to last We'll be together soon and I'll be the one to do you right You'll never have to worry 'Cause I don't want to fight And I won't walk away because I know how it is to be left behind To be scared of getting too close and losing track of time I'll take you in my arms holding you til the end my heart my life and always my best friend
Lonely here I'm lost without you Here I'm wondering what to do I want to spend every moment in your arms Wrapped up away from worldly harms You're my rock to keep me steady Holding me close until I'm ready To go out and fight through another day But it doesn't matter to me what others say I just go through it to be there for you I go with it just to get through I want to end it and be by your side Where we have time and our worlds collide When we can lay and stare in each others eyes To me you offer me more than just lies I can see a world with you that no one else knows Its made up of what we want not with purpose or shows My hands can play upon your skin and just rest there We can live on nothing and stare You are my world my everything You are the music to my soul the reason my heart sings I want to be your lover for all time Caring this much I wonder if it's a crime Yet as I lay here and think of nothing but your face I long just to feel a lingering of your embrace My mind lost in thoughts of how to stay I go throughout my nights and days Wanting just to cross miles and leave my life behind Yet some how I know that others wouldn't be so kind I want you and I love you is all I can say You have me were you want me you can have your way
Trust It is a complicated word I don't trust very easily Very few people I trust at all I open my heart only to have it smashed It is like a jigsaw puzzle All the pieces are scattered into the wind and gone forever A wall called Doubt forms around Trust to protect it from the animals that eat away at the insides Doubt grows stronger every day Hope is the key to unlocking the door and setting trust free Hope is the knight in shining armor that rescues our soul from the dragon
Trust starts you You must have an open mind And have trust in oneself first Without this nothing can be built For trust is the foundation Of all relationships Trust is slowly learned And then earned from one to another It is not an given, its in knowing ones heart Trust merely gives the other the Opporitunity to be oneself To be honest without holding back Trust lets you be yourself So if you have trust in another Your own freedom will ring Without trust you are Killing yourself deep down inside And nothing else will matter Trust starts with me By keeping an open mind and Doing the next right thing The truth of my trust will be seen
The feeling of guilt is a powerful one It gnaws away at your heart and leaves you hurting. Bleeding blood of a shade that is abnormal for those Special people that know how to let go the strong fingers Biting into flesh as they hold tightly to “what if” and “if only” The grip is so painful! I wonder if we don’t allow the hold so We can feel we are being duly rewarded for our wrongs At least our self perceived wrongs Fight off those bony fingers and let blood once more flow Freely through a ravaged body knowing the only mission Accomplished by dwelling on guilt is a slight excuse for not Making things right
I would stand still and not move but this world makes me so confused i'll spin around in circles untill this world makes sense just to get rid of this frustration Earth is barely visible in my rotation spinning around and around laughing out loud smiling from ear to ear never giving a care the wind flowing through my hair i'll spin around in circles untill this world makes sense confusing frustrating messed up everything is in a blur around me just like my life i cant even begin to visulize what lies ahead what there is for me to do next when everything stops spinning i will just fall down and rest until then i will spin around in cirlces in and open field around and around never once falling down the sun setting dimming the Earth the fumes of hte flowers flowing twords my nose I'll spin around in cirlces it's all starting to make sence now i can stop my spinning i can view the world clearly now
Laffy taffy Daffy dottie Oh M&M I love my M's Pink, blue, orange and red These are a few of my favorite gums Payday oh payday When will you come Kissable Oh Kissables Give me a kiss Make it as sweet As the sugar i eat My daddys a sugar daddy You buy in the store
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