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I saw Red Tails tonight!


I was awe-inspired by the splendid luck we had with the Jet plane.


Did you know:

14 of the Mark 2 Jet Fighter made by Volkswagon were made, but only 5 got into the air, and 4 were deemed operational?

The Mark 2 Jet Fighter was the fastest thing in the war, but the least deployed?

The Mark 2 Jet Fighter had the most kills out of any attack force with minimal problems but still was defeated?


Why didn't we lose again? Oh yeah, America was teh beeznees back in the day. Oh, how I miss you, America of olde. Back in the day when we didn't make fun of the British for a language we basically hijacked and mugged.




Go Tuskegee!


Why is derelection the greater part of valour? Because you need to get past Mach 3.


Valour, in essence, is a flatspin gone awry. I believe this in turmoil and in great prejudice. Spin and throw-up a little, at least the guy next door says he's seen better days. An eternal want, a need, a vicious vivacious dash towards a glimpse, and you'll have surpassed many of the to-date being-wells that of which encompass our nation. This is what I don't understand and crave, the knowledge of whysdom.


Oh why, oh why. We were so far. And yet we have come towards, and once again about, a recession of ideals and ideologies that predate midschool and are about it at the same time. Let's not circulate Junior High but instead love and procede to endure beyond our indifferences and beauties, because some of them mark us and others generate wealth forward that of which is beyond undeniable.


That's what I hate. The fact that it's so easy to overlook. I won't, for the life of me. But I love sex, and that's where I feel I can be pried and preyed upon, for my esteem and ability. I won't take it, but that's the trick. Oh well, I guess. It's assumed, I assume. To be yet or until therefore perckencise. Predelection in precision in a glimpse of seduction. Like a fine wine of derelection with copiousness. I dig it.

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