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It's a fucking wonder.


The estrogenic beseechment of the bemusing astrogens.

I lied when I said you weren't palpable.

Do you stretch to such bonds as bwilderment?

Frigsmede and palimar.

Studiousness and belixtiousness.

It's a doubt and a wonder.


Is the frogsmede gandering?

Is the gallaspidonian palimatrix frailstede?






A fucking wonder. That's what you should call it.


Let's give it space, then.


To what do I owe the honor?


Pardon? An honor is a basis.

Oh my, obligatory?


Do you like it?

I fancy any aptitude amongst pleasure for the sake of pleasure, that's right.


I have no sanctity beyond the love of others.

You're a robot then.

It's children?


You're a robot still.

Oh, excuse me. Do you bleed?

Black, now.




---Initiative Line: Action: Bestow Combat Variabalistics---

HAHA, caught you.

Belisjlkjfrjijklajfnwekajld;slfkjlkjjjdjfjkjdf Hahah. Okay then.


Yeah, let it breathe.

--------End: Initiative Line: Combat Variabalistics------000


I've seen it, I'll tell them.

The evervesence. Beyond that, it's a growth.

You wouldn't believe me if I told you.

Nobody stretches far enough or close enough to concieve of the deviousness of that statement.

Let me tell you one thing.

What if they sucked souls too?

What if they didn't tarnish?

What if you were reminded?

Yeah, now you might understand why it's me instead of you.


Well then.


Yeah. I'm a gennius writer. I'm partialized beyond most of the world.

The rest hide. Don't beseech or dismean me. I could've been the best, and it would've been my pleasure.


That's why it's evil. Yeah. :/

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