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I'm Dancing in the Rain
Looking to the Sky, a Strong Wind blowing
A Lone Wolf Calling out your Name

I reach out my arms to you,
Longing to pull you in tight
I want to hold you
All through the night

And as our lips meet
Lightning streaks across the sky
Can you feel my heart beat like Thunder
Can you see the fire in my eyes

I'm Dancing in the Rain
Looking to the Sky, a Strong Wind blowing
A Lone Wolf Calling out your Name

I sit here watching the world go by
The rain is like the tears that I cry
The cold, the damp, a reflection of my heart
The endless aching because we're apart

Waiting here next to the river so free
Wondering if you are thinking of me
The wind and the rain, depicting my pain
roars of thunder screaming your name

I'm Dancing in the Rain
Looking to the Sky, a Strong Wind blowing
A Lone Wolf Calling out your Name

Waiting here next to the fire so bright
Yet it can't chase away the shadow of night
A flash of lightning, but I have no fear
Hoping the storm is a sign to you that I am near

This storm will never be over
Its a storm of desire
Through the thunder and lightning
The rain can't put out the fire

Lying here with my dreams for a guide
The storm grows wilder, it rages inside
Closing my eyes, the sleep finally wins
The storm stops for now, but tomorrow begins

I'm dancing in the rain
Look to the sky, The thunder is me
A Lone Wolf calling out your name
Look to the sky, The lightning is me
A Lone Wolf, Dancing in the Rain


©2011 Dene Whelchel

Sweet Tease

I'm sure you know full well
The damage that you do
And I am sure you're certain
I'll not soon take leave of you
So lead me on, I'll play for now
I'm going to have you, anyhow

Don't let your luscious lips tell me lies
Because I see all the answers in your eyes
And when hot glances come my way
You make me wonder why you play
But go ahead love, play the game
Soon I will have you, just the same

It seems, my love, you haven't learned
That playing with fire will get you burned
Each word and truth I speak, direct
Shall melt your resistance, I suspect
Then other games with you I'll play
I mean to have you anyway

I only seek to touch your heart
And pleasure you in every part
Sweet Tease, for me you are desire
For you, my blood runs liquid fire
And it matters not what others say
In my dreams I've had you in every way

©2011 Dene Whelchel

I've been waiting for your Love I could fill all your needs

Just slip into my dream I'll be there To intoxicate you To enchant you

You are so beautiful I would love just once To kiss your lips Caress your curves

That voluptuous skin And those sexy hips I'll show you tonight Let me dry your tears

With heat of passion And warm embraces Slip into my dream Where Love is waiting

To envelope you Baby don't you know I'll be your Lover true I'll capture your attention

With these words of Love And these eyes of blue I've been waiting for you

All my life I'll show you tonight If you'll just slip into my arms

You'll hear my heart beating Beating in Sensuous Rhythms Baby can't you feel it

It's beating just for you Beating for your Love And your rapturous touch

Baby come into my arms Let me feel your heart beating And the rhythm of your breathing

You can capture me You can hold me close Come to me Darling I'll dream just for you

I have waited a lifetime I'll meet you in my sleep As soon as I close These eyes of blue

You see your world inside their eyes, You see their world inside your eyes,

They stand by you in good times and bad, Falling in love is hard to do,

But once you do there’s no turning back, For their soul locks deep into your heart

Love is powerful, Love is strong, Love gives meaning to our lives, And happiness throughout our souls,

Your face begins to glow and your energy builds more and more each day

Don’t be afraid to love, Don''t say you don''t know how

The true secret to learn how to love someone is to walk side by side with no walls around.

Let down your shield and let that person become a part of you.

Then look into their eyes and if you see your world inside their eyes then my friend you've discovered love.

We are no strangers to melancholy having drained the dregs of bitter cups and felt sickening sloshing of sorrow in the depths of our weary souls yes loveís pain is the most excruciating when laughter and touch are but memories and yet loveís joy cannot be measured even if memories are all that are left to us Ethereal the touch of reverieís fingers yet real enough to cause the heart to sigh and the ears to anxiously attune themselves to whispers borne on winds of adoration butterflies flit from sweetness to sweetness or offer motionless magnificence cased in bell jars wings yet splashed with summerís palette delicate colors, their beauty timeless, eternal If the scent of daffodil and wild rose fades and the sound of riverís gentle flow is silenced then rest once more beneath the oak with me if only in the wildflower meadows of your mind where none can obscure or steal our secrets where weariness and war are distant dreams and reality a brush of lips warm against each other Love born out of time is love just the same let your wanderings end in my open arms float with me then, we two grayed and gnarled limbs of driftwood grown together from antiquity let the river take us where it will and cast us upon some shore someday, still entwined living in a spell of love through daffodil nights and sultry wild rose days that invite us to walk together and love always by the river of our dreams
"Love is passion, obsession, someone you can't live without. If you don't start with that, what are you going to end up with? Fall head over heels. I say find someone you can love like crazy and who'll love you the same way back. And how do you find him? Forget your head and listen to your heart. I'm not hearing any heart. Run the risk, if you get hurt, you'll come back. Because, the truth is there is no sense living your life without this. To make the journey and not fall deeply in love - well, you haven't lived a life at all. You have to try. Because if you haven't tried, you haven't lived".
Millions of Lonely Hearts The world has never known Bleeding in their discontent Love and hope is gone Searching for the elusive dream That some may never find Broken hearts around the world Cannot compare with mine Searching in their loneliness Does love really exist Do hearts ever truly find love Or is it hit and miss Does love only last a moment Then slowly fade away Do we only live on memories Reliving yesterday Why do we keep searching When love seems so far away Why do we keep wishing That love could really stay So many lonely hearts That it would surely seem Two could find each other To live that elusive dream
Just for one night Darlin' Hold me to your body with desire Kiss me passionately as the flames Keep burning higher Just for one night Let me taste the sweet nectar of your skin Let me take you to places that You have never been Just for one night Lay with me in a bed of ecstasy Don't think about tomorrow What will be, will be I can take you to a world of Tender passion and desire Just for one night let me touch You and set you on fire Just for one night darlin' Just let the magic begin Let me touch you tenderly Leave trails of madness on your skin Let me caress your body Close your eyes let yourself go Just for tonight feel the passions Just let your love flow Hold me in your arms Together we will fly As our bodies come together in A passion we can't deny Just for tonight Let me consume you in a raging fire Hungry for my touch The raw, aching need of desire.
Laying here I feel So alone Memories come Then they are gone Chest hurting So much pain I hear the pounding Of the rain I am not ready To die Lord, hear my Humble cry Theres so much I haven't done I want to live To touch the sun I want to feel My childrens kiss So many things I will miss To soon I feel My end is near I try to wipe Away a tear Hearts left broken I need to mend Letters written I need to send Theres "I love you's" I need to say All these I put off For another day Thinking time Was all I had Oh God, it hurts So bad I can't breath Tightness smothering me Is this to be My destiny So many words Left unsaid Too late to say Them when I'm dead Simple things I didn't understand That time is not Promised to any man That in and instant We can be gone That hour of death Is never known How I will miss Dew on the rose Walking barefoot Sand between my toes A hot cup of coffee A butterflys flight The moonlight glow A romantic night So much I'll miss I can't comprehend The years of my life Have came to and end What I would give For just one more day To make up for the Mistakes of yesterday...
Deep in my heart A white fire burns For eternity with you What my soul really yearns Undisputed passion Undivided devotion Tender yet stronger The purest emotion Quenchless by doubt Unaffected by pain A Phoenix from ashes Resurrected again Burning intensely This nova inside Elevating my spirit This zephyr I ride Fuelled by your glow And guiding my way An amplified color Now bright from dull grey Beyond my own life This undying flame Unravelled in meaning When I call out your name
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