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Male · From Marion, IN · Joined on November 6, 2006 · Relationship status: Single · 102 referrals joined! · 8 different people have a crush on me!

Who are you really and what do you feel,
Is this something that only time will reveal.
Are you the one that is to be with me someday,
And will you tell me the truth and come what may.
Can you be truly a friend, both foremost and first,
Can you do the right thing, accepting the better or worst.
Does the person I crave for only exist in my mind,
Surely someone who knows how to love isn't so hard to find.
With things I have seen and otherwise heard,
I'm searching for answers, yet haven't received a word.
I know you are tired and can run away no more,
But surely you realize you may be shutting the door.
Have we met in another place and time,
Have we known each other forever in our mind.
Your search starts there and mine starts here,
Our hearts will wander until the time is near.
Is our lives divided by the past or the miles,
How long will our hearts go through these trials.
You know who you are and what you really feel,
So why should we suffer through life's ordeal.
Can a wandering gypsy ever be tamed,
And if so will a lone wolf be blamed.
Life's journeys are filled with many twists and turns,
So let your heart lead you to wherever it yearns.
If we never meet would be both callous and cruel,
In the end we'll be left broken, and feel like a fool.
Don't be afraid to look this way while searching for your star,
For you're the only one who really knows who you are.

It makes no difference
If you are: North American,
South American, European,
African, Asian, Australian
Or from anywhere In between,
We are all of one world...
And one race...
Of the People, By the People,
For the People, We are the People.
Let us all be who we were meant to be.

Male · From Marion, IN · Joined on November 6, 2006 · Relationship status: Single · 102 referrals joined! · 8 different people have a crush on me!

I am just an ordinary guy with an ordinary life.
I have 3 really great kids that are very important to me
And no matter what I have done or will ever do,
I will always believe that they were my greatest achievement!

I take pride in considering myself a gentleman
and try to live by my own self code of honor.
I have hit many peaks and valleys in my life
and hope that there are still a few more peaks
and whole lot less valleys to come.
I am a deep thinker and often contemplate
on the mysteries of life.
I really want to know: Is there a God?
Is there life after death?
Is there life on other planets?

I try to be as honest with people as I can.
I have a Love for life and a lust for learning
all that I can about this great big wonderful
world that we live in.
I believe that if a day goes by
that I didn't learn something new,
then that day was wasted.
I would like to think that I am a very unique person
and have often used the metaphor:
that I am like nobody and there is not anyone like me...


Many people ask me why I am still single.
I can explain this in a nutshell.
I want my next relationship to be my last relationship!
I am not looking for the perfect woman,
I am looking for a woman that is perfect for me.
I would be lying if I said that looks are unimportant.
But I do look much deeper than the outer shell of a person.
I would like to meet someone with a set of values
That they will stand behind.
They do not have to totally agree with my own,
but it would be great if we could share our views on
life,love or religion and agree to disagree
on our views and not let them stand between us.
I can be very opinionated at times
and stand behind my views and beliefs.
But they are not written in stone.
I am adaptable and interchangeable.
When I am wrong, I will freely admit it.
But if I feel I am right I will stick to my guns.
I will make my point known then I can put it behind me
and not dwell on something that I can not change.

I have lived a full life, I have shared many wonderful
memories with many different people in my lifetime.
I have been around the block more than once
and sown my wild oats more than I care to admit.
But all this has led me to who I am today!
I am a father, brother, papaw, uncle, friend!
These things alone make me a very enriched man,
But there is certainly something missing...
Could it be you?

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