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She had eyes the colour of onyx her skin was milky white With hair like the legend Rapunzel, its shade the black of night ~ Her beauty and her spirit like a filly no one had tamed The Lady, in her loveliness Guinevere was her name. She had come betrothed to Arthur King of this fair land "Camelot" was his kingdom which he powerfully ran ~ With nothing much to offer him except the love within her heart She promised him forever, a gift she did impart. She knew only one way to love a man Guinevere told the King And with her body, heart and soul she would give herself to him ~ A promise she had meant to keep deep within her soul For the gift of her true love would be one that made her whole. One day a man who was a wanderer came to Camelot He carried no riches with him though a peasant he was not ~ His sword was his one possession but he was not a knight; Then he saw the Lady Guinevere with her skin of milky white. For days he watched this beauty in all her loveliness Dressed in her royal robes with style and finesse ~ Knowing from this moment that she's the one who haunts his dreams, The woman he would die for whether she was or not, a queen. Then one day a plan had been set by an evil mastermind To kidnap the Lady of Camelot so a treaty could be signed ~ Giving him control of the lands so he could then be king, All-powerful and abundant, and they'd all bow down to him. But this man saw what happened so he set out after them To save the Lady Guinevere and the future of the Kingdom ~ Armed with only his sword and honour as his duty to the King He fought with strength and courage, they could not defeat him. Then with the swiftest movement he rescued Guinevere Disappearing into the forest he got her out of there ~ Shaken from her ordeal he had felt no fear As he took her in his arms and kissed away her tears. She looked into his eyes and felt something from within Stir deep inside her as he touched her milky skin ~ Embraced within the passion as a sigh escaped her lips Forgetting everything around her she surrendered to his kiss. Regaining her composure she asked "Who are you?" "I am your humble servant and you are my love so true ~ I am smitten by your beauty, my name is Lancelot, But you are betrothed to another, King Arthur of Camelot." She felt an ache within her heart as she nodded "It is true, I am to marry the King on a midsummer's afternoon" ~ And as Lancelot embraced her, he said "My Lady Guinevere, Tell me what your heart desires as we lay together here." She looked into his eyes, and said "What has happened here Can never happen ever again" as she silently shed a tear ~ "I'm sorry, my dear Lancelot, but soon I shall be wed, And I cannot take your love with me unto the King's bed." "Tell me, Lady Guinevere, that you don't love me, Tell me what you would do if you were truly free?" "I am free to choose who I love and I chose to love the King! I chose to marry him for love, and not for any other thing!" "My apologies if I offended you, I'm sorry," said Lancelot "I will take you back to the King, back home to Camelot" ~ And as they rode in silence Guinevere felt in her heart That her marriage to the King would one day fall apart. The King was relieved to see her God had answered his faithful prayer And brought her safely back to him, his lovely Guinevere ~ And Lancelot was rewarded for his brave efforts that night He was invited to the Round Table and there he was made a Knight. But Guinevere, she was shattered, she didn't want him there For every time she was alone he was always there ~ She pleaded with him to leave her and said that she didn't love him But he still continued to "haunt" her long after she married the King. "Lancelot, you are one of the King's knights and I am now his Queen, Please forget that day in the forest, it's a long-forgotten dream" ~ But Lancelot looked at her with sadness as he gently took her hand "Guinevere, I truly love you, I wish you'd understand." She put her hand to his face and said "I know you do, But please, you must forget me or it will destroy you" ~ He closed his eyes and kissed her hand then said, "My darling Guinevere, Today I am leaving Camelot, for I cannot remain here." Her eyes slowly filled with tears as she touched his face Succuming once more to his kiss in the warmth of his embrace ~ When the door of her chambers opens and there stood the King With a look of sheer devastation he turned and walked out again. The King who had trusted nobody had trusted his Guinevere And now she had betrayed him as he shed his silent tears ~ They will be tried for treason under Camelot's law, For this betrayal of trust to him he could not ignore. But as they were gathered in the Courtyard the trial about to begin The man with evil intentions demanded the King bow down to him ~ As Arthur stood to his feet and looked at his Guinevere He knew the end was about to come but still he felt no fear. With a look a surprise he felt a pain within his chest And as he closed his tear-filled eyes with the memory of her kiss ~ Guinevere, his lovely Guinevere with a spirit in her eyes He'll never forget her love for him as he then gave up his life. Guinevere mourned for her husband she thought she would surely die Her punishment for loving the man who had saved her life ~ And now to pay for her crimes the Queen of Camelot Turned away from her heart and her love for Lancelot. She had eyes the colour of onyx and skin of milky white And so the legend tells it she had loved a knight ~ She was the fairest of all maidens whose story brings a tear And so with body, heart and soul died the love of Guinevere. © Christina 20th January, 2003
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