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created on 02/04/2011  |  http://fubar.com/goddamn/b339300

I enjoy fubar.


I really do.


Not in the way others enjoy it.


In my way.


That way usually negatively impacts upon the enjoyment of others, I do admit.


Which is why I enjoy it.


I enjoy the fact that some people are so consumed by their own need to be miserable they can't see how fucking hilarious their bullshit is.


I enjoy the fact that some people don't realise they've said the same fucking thing 100 times and it wasn't funny the first time. (One of the worst sins you can commit, to my mind, is being boring.) I particularly enjoy the fact they really hate having that pointed out to them.


I enjoy the fact that it is not what people say, it is who they are, that matters to people here. 


I enjoy that fact because I can exploit that fact.


I can take your own moral cowardice and shove it in your fucking face and make you look like the laughably pathetic hypocrite you are.


And I enjoy that.



I'm really a very happy person. I intend to be even happier this year.


God help you all.

Proviso 1: Pretty much everything on this site *is* meaningless bullshit if you really wanna argue the point.


Proviso 2: It does not have to be that way, hence the rest of this rant.


We have one life (Proviso 3: let's not get into a religious discussion - fuck off).


So why then do we insist on spending the majority of it engaging in platitudes, aphorisms and soundbyte bullshit that does absolutely nothing.


In the face of adversity, we cry and we rant and we...we fucking PRAY.


It makes us feel better, apparently. 


What it does not do, however, is any fucking good at all.


Why do we not choose to learn from things? Why do we not seek to change things? Why do we not seek real engagement on real issues and actually make our words and actions worth a fuck?


In the face of a tragedy, we enact the same behaviours we do for the trivial. We never take a moment to learn from something, make that something meaningful or worthy or somehow have an impact - we just wring our hands and wait for the next one so we can be seen to be feeling the 'right thing' because all our neighbours are doing the same thing as us.


Sweet fuck all.


Why do we trudge through life on the hamster wheel, continually recycling the same old sayings, the same old jokes, the same old habits?


Because it's comfortable.


But what the fuck is the point of being comfortable? Comfort is sameness. Why on earth would you want comfort when you only have a finite time? 


Why do we waste that time on the same old bullshit? Trotting out the same tired lines as we smile and nod and rationalise the bullshit to ourselves cuz it's easy (and yeah, easy's the same as comfortable).


Why do we pretend affection when we don't feel it? Why do we tolerate the intolerable and ignore the ignorant because it's 'easier' or 'it's just the internet'?


Because we're giant smoldering clusterfucks of inertia.


That's why.



Proviso 4: Why yes, yes I did mean 'you' every time I said 'us'.


So suck it.

General Consumption - this shouldn't be news to people, but apparently it is...go fucking figure.

Don't like what I do - tell me about it.

Don't like what I say - argue it.

Don't think I'm very nice - delete/block/ignore me.


I did not come to fubar because I really, REALLY missed kindergarten. I have no fucking intention of revisiting it because it was apparently the highlight of some people's existence and they insist on repeating their playground tantrums ad fucking nauseum.


You don't like me - that is fine by me...there are very few people whose opinion I give a good goddamn about and chances are you're not on that fucking list.


But for FUCK'S sake...GROW THE FUCK UP.



- not everything is about YOU

- if you want a good friend, stop fucking attacking them, mocking them and generally acting like psychopathic twelve-year-olds because you're too scared to come at ME.


No you can't comment. Yes, that's you. And you. And you. And you. (ie it's everyfucking body you fucking idiot.)

Not everyone is on fu for the same reasons as you.

Not everyone deals with things the way you do.


Rather than taking things personally and/or assigning meanings to things that don't exist...how about simply accepting the two points above and considering this:

If you don't feel like someone's been a good friend to you, why don't you ask yourself if you've been a good friend to them - in ways that THEY value, not in ways that YOU value? Are you nourishing them, or simply wanting to take more from what may be a scarce resource?



I am fair-fucking sick of the way I see people continually sucking the souls out of other people and bleating when the well runs dry (fuck you I can mix a metaphor if I want to).


In other news, the t-shirt my colleague got to me, and presented to me in front of the team, says "Let's pretend I give a shit and leave it at that" (for some reason the webcam made it orange - I do NOT wear orange - and I looked more chestally-gifted than Hellyion, which is just false advertising).

No you cannot comment, this is not for validation, justification or response of any kind.



Yes, I'm fine. I am in the North Island, the quake was in the South Island.


Yes, all the people I know that I have been able to get info about thus far are fine. Property damage but in terms of what's happened, we are very, very lucky and thankful.


Your thoughts and concern are appreciated; I'm sorry if I am rude at such times, but it is the way I am (yes, anyway).


Also, whilst I don't do begging and am not starting now, if any of you even consider blinging me in the coming months, I will be seriously pissed off that you have not considered going here https://secure20.salvationarmy.org/donation.jsp instead. They do good work, it is needed, and I am not exactly a fan of bling at the best of times (if you are offended by the way I've put that, rephrase it in your head in a way that suits, don't expect me to).


Sweetness & light & all that shit - no, no comments, because let's face it I'd probably ignore them anyway.


I'm sure I'll be back to my loving self soon.





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