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Miss Stang's blog: "Life According To ~Stang"

created on 09/14/2006  |  http://fubar.com/life-according-to-stang/b945  |  3 followers
Before I even get rolling, I know this shit is petty and am even a bit pissed I have to use any of my time on this but I'm am kind of tired of answering the same question over and over. In the land of FU and it's infinite numbers of families and groups, another girl group has popped up calling themselves the FU Bad Girls. Are they in ANY way relation to the small group of friends I have that are the FU Bad Bitches?? NOT EVEN CLOSE. Understand this 1st, the FU Bad Bitches are not a rate, fan and add group. We are just a small group of friends who have been through a lot together and through their strength and tenacity in various situations, have shown that they are indeed a bad bitch. The Fu Bad Girls seemed to NOT be able to be original in concept nor name, so when people 1st asked if we were one in the same and I found myself repeating over and over we wern't, I approached the "biter" ummm "founder" of the FU Bad Girls and explained to her the issue and asked if she might consider altering the name some so there would be no confusion. She agreed, she even ask that we (Shasta from Ultimate Bad Girls Club had approached her as well) help her come up with a name. We gave her a LIST and she agreed to make the changes. Well, she hasn't and that's her choice as I've been told that imitation is the highest form of flattery. Now, I've not seen them anywhere but in HER name and I'm not sure what they do but if I was going to join anything, it would be a group that the owner had enough backbone and creativity to do her own thing and not feel the need to bite from groups are more established. I understand her reason, I guess unless she bit off of a name or names that someone already knew.........she could not or would not be successful in gaining members. That's pretty sad. Well this is all the publicity she'll get from me.....just know.....FU Lame Girls...ummm my bad...FU Bad Girls are NOT associated with me.....I like free thinkers. LOL Fu Bad Girls........ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. I propose the new name as Fu Lyin Asses. That's jut me though. Again, I'm sorry that I even had to waste your time on this as there are so many more important things to worry about, but I am tired of answering the same question over and over....thanks for being understanding.he **Note** Oh and I offered to help her promote her group as well if she agreed to alter the name ........I guess since she blocked me, that's a NO...LMFAO...I need to go pick lint off my carpet that's more productive than spending any more time on the Fu Sad Girls. Oh how cute they have a matching mumm, interesting how the stories vary, however I am willing to post it anyway....*yawns* VIEW THE MUMM HERE I would comment on it but...I'm blocked...lol *JuicyFruit(Bi)69*fu/gf Velvet Moon*founder of Fu Bad Girls&Redneck Train*member of RR/WC/FT/CG/FA/I

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