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I've always been one to say what's on my mind. If something bothers me, I'll say something. If people get offended by it then that's on them. I'm just being honest and I don't sugar coat cause someone can't take honesty. Whether it be bad or good. i try to lean more toward the good. Like the people i associate myself with. People I call associates and people I call friends. Even the ones I call "family".

Last year in march I joined fubar b/c a friend encouraged me to. Well as I explored Fu and met people, I got close to some and got away from others, but as I got to know the people I met, and I know this is the internet, i learned that alot dont follow through with the word "friend" or " family" when they used it.  There are some I still talk to but not as much as I'd like and there are some that don't even talk to me. If I were to take of the people in my friends and fam that I didnt talk to on a regular basis id have less than 50 on my list. There are some, the lucky few, that Ive talked to off of fu.

Recently I joined a lounge that I liked going into and met some people that I must say ... make me laugh. And in that lounge, Ive made room in my heart for the ones that earned places in it. I consider them family. There are 4 women with whom I talk to and can be myself. Blood Kaos, Brown Sugar, Magically Delicious, and Strawberry Shortcake. All of them I call my sisters. And being the oldest, I must say i love having little sisters.Theyve seen all sides of Kitty, yet still love me...Even my brutally honest side. And I love them more and more each day for that.

I can't wait for the day we all get to meet. The world is gonna say...."Oh shit".........:)


i love you sissies.......Kitty the EAT IT Queen of Fubar *snort snort*


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