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K1TTY OTTER's blog: "Decisions"

created on 11/07/2010  |  http://fubar.com/decisions/b337564

    Everyday i come on here and see all sorts of shit. I've noticed one thing in particular that lets me know that some on here are actually snobs and kind of reminds me of high school. The GOD MODE.

    People run it for many reasons. Some use it for a majority of the blings it has like the boomerrang, famp, 11s, polisher, and bombs. I see some use the pimp hand, which I think is stupid. Why would someone WANT to stop someone from gaining points? Plus if you pimphand someone doesn't it stop the peoole in their fam from gaining points as well? i think it just shows hatred and immaturity. I dont care who gets upset about me saying that, but it's just my opinion. I've seen someone pimp hand someone while running a blind out of sheer spite because they are friends with someone they hate. Isn't that kinda childish? Like being in high school? 

    Anywho. Another thing I've seen is trading fam spots just to benefit the points. For whatever reasons. To rank, gain more points, whatever. Isn't family important even if this is fubar? Yes i have done that in the past, but I was naive about a few things but after having 2 GOD MODES, it's helped me understand better and have come to a conclusion that I WILL NOT trade fam spots with anyone when I run a GOD MODE. My fam spots are for those who 1. I talk to EVERYDAY that I consider my family. The MOST important ones to me on here. 2. The ones that take to time, IF they are running anything, to love me back. There are some on here that will stick their nose up just because you arent running anything. Ive had a few that has only hit me up because of my GOD running then as soon as its over they ignore me. I may not run them alot but I do run them when I can.  So If we are in each others fam and I run a GOD, do not take me out as soon as it's over, because as soon as I run another one, you will not get back in. And if you get all pissy, Ill block you. I'm not afraid to hurt your feelings if youre acting like a baby about it. So just keep in mind, if youre in my family, youre in it for a reason. And if Im in yours, it better be because you see me as family and you keep me in it whether I have something running or not....

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