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Male · From Las Vegas, NV · Joined on April 6, 2009 · Relationship status: It's Complicated · 4 referrals joined!
Male · From Las Vegas, NV · Joined on April 6, 2009 · Relationship status: It's Complicated · 4 referrals joined!

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Hello sweet thing! OK I am going to be bold for a moment. I want to tell you what I have been thinking about with you. I hope I do not offend you or make you mad. That is not my intention. My intention is to make you feel like the beautiful, sensual woman that you are. OK, here it is, I thought I would lay you down naked on you tummy. Start massaging your back with baby oil. My nice strong firm hands massaging up and down your sweet tender back. Then slowly moving down to your lovely booty and thighs, mmmm, making my way to your ankles and feet, then slowly back up to your thighs and buttocks again because that feels so great! Then I notice that a stream of baby oil ran down along the curve of your booty down the inside of your thighs. I reach between your thighs to catch it and slightly feel something more than just baby oil. You are wet! It feels so wonderful. You turn your head around and smile at me. I gently and sensually roll you over to your back. Your nipples are hard. I squirt some baby oil on your tummy, gently massaging your tummy, moving slowly and erotically around your beautiful firm breasts. You smile again, I pinch your nipples in a playful manner, you wince, oooo, you say, I lean down and kiss each breast as if to say, I am sorry. But who is kidding whom? There is no reason for sorry. The intensity rises. Our eyes meet. I know what you want. I slowly lean down to you and press my lips to yours. They are so soft and sweet. We kiss as if it was both of our first kisses ever. The tingling in our bodies increases. I feel like a young boy again. Slowly our mouths open my tongue touches your tongue, OMG it feels like velvet, soft and tender, mmmm we are aroused. I can feel my pants getting tighter and tighter. I sit you up and wrap my arms around you. Your naked body feels so heavenly. You pull of my shirt and run your hands up and down my chest. Wow, your touch is so magical. I grab your hand and start kissing your fingers. Then one by one I suck each of your fingers and lick the palm of your hand. You gently stroke my face with your other hand. I then run my fingers through your hair. You are so beautiful, so sensual. I kiss your ears and give a little lick inside your ears. Chills run down your body. I notice that your nipples are really hard now. I cup your left breast and begin to suck on your hard plump nipple, mmmm yummy. I move to the right breast now and do the same thing. Your hands start to reach for my belt, to be continued.

I served 5 years in the US Army during the Gulf War as a paratrooper medic!

imikimi - Customize Your World!

Male · From Las Vegas, NV · Joined on April 6, 2009 · Relationship status: It's Complicated · 4 referrals joined!

Well I have many interests! I work hard and play harder. I go out to the sand dunes with my buddies. I love to ride my seadoos on the lake. I like to travel and do allot with my job. I enjoy romantic dinners by candle light. I love to cook!

imikimi - Customize Your World!


What can I say? I love all types of music! From a great hard rock tune, to a slow hold you in my arms soft tune, to bustin a move out on the dance floor tune, and even a good ole redneck tune.

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