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Life Cycle of a Photo Report

Ever wondered what happens when you report a photo? Ever wondered who's informed of what and when? Here's a little insight.
  1. A member finds a photo offensive and clicks the "Report This Photo" link.
    • At this stage, the member has to "confirm" the report by clicking "yes" in the same spot.
  2. The photo is submitted to a special "bouncers-only" screen for review.
    • Members do not have access to this screen.
    • Bouncers can see who reported this photo, but the photo's owner can't.
    • It is possible for more than one person to report the same photo and it will be listed here.
  3. A bouncer will review the photo and decide whether to force the NSFW flag on the picture, preventing it from being seen in public by non-friends, or "clear" the flag, removing it from the photo queue and effectively leaving it alone.
    • If the picture is flagged NSFW, it is removed from the queue and the member is notified only that it was forced NSFW (but not by who).
    • If the picture is cleared, no visible action is taken.


So, how do I know who flagged a photo of mine NSFW? You don't. There's no reliable way to tell unless you are a bouncer. If you go by checking the person who last viewed your pic, keep in mind the following:
  1. Bouncers don't show up on that list
  2. A member on that list may not have reported the picture right away, or other people may have been there since
  3. A picture doesn't need to be reported in order to get forced NSFW
Can I find out who flagged me? As a community-moderated site, we keep that information anonymous to avoid retaliation. So, then, anyone can flag me out of spite and get away with it? No. Remember, reporters are kept anonymous from other members, but not from bouncers. If we see an unusual amount of pictures reported by one person, against one person (especially when they're safe-for-work), we can usually tell if the person is being malicious. No permanent change is made to the picture's status without bouncer approval. The member isn't even notified that his or her photo was flagged before then. This is why it is a waste of time to go on a flagging spree to retaliate against one member. The only people who will notice you making an idiot of yourself are the bouncers. My picture was in a private folder and still got flagged! Why? Either someone with access to that folder reported your photo (someone in your Family, perhaps), or someone who ripped the picture from you or otherwise has an exact copy of that picture got his or her copy flagged. Having a picture in a private folder does not prevent it from being reported, nor does it circumvent the need to mark potentially objectionable material NSFW. Keeping it properly marked keeps it from showing up in Recent Photos, for example. Why did my picture get marked? I see others with worse! This question's beyond the scope of this blog, but the short answer is: whether you're showing a little nipple or a lot of nipple, you're still showing nipple. Would you complain to a policeman citing you for speeding that he should forgive you because the guy next to you was doing 105 MPH in a 65 MPH zone while you were just doing 103 MPH?
originally written 3/25/2009 at 11:55 PM CDT by Owl.
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