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Many, many moons ago (last November), I wrote a blog trying to explain what Fubar considers NSFW. While the guide had a lot of information in it, it was in no means the complete and comprehensive guide, but still targeted key points I use when determining what to place the big bad NSFW stamp on. Since this guide came out, I've gotten many requests to review photos that had been marked by a bouncer at one point or another. Sadly, it seems that people still make up their own rules when it comes to what they think they can display in public.

I eventually followed up with a blog called Flagging Photos: the Life Cycle to explain what happens when photos are reported. I attempted to answer an often-asked question: "Why flag mine when other people have worse?" It seems the answer I put down wasn't good enough (or, more realistically, wasn't the answer they wanted to hear).

The thought came across to me today that I'm going to put together a blog, chronicling everyone who asks me to unmark a picture and claim "other people have worse than mine" as a reason. The names in this article have been removed to protect the identities of those involved. Originally, I was going to link to their profiles, but... Why give them points?

Date/Time: 5:36 AM 7/10/2009

The first on this list had an animated picture of a set of breasts being squeezed together. There was no face in the shot (and, even if there was, the picture would STILL be NSFW for being a pair of groped breasts). She asked me to unmark it.

Me: Can you tell me exactly what's SFW about this picture?

Her: its dosnt show nipple and shes wearing a shirt

Me: She's actively groping them, and they're the only things in the shot.

Her: girls have more revealing picstures then this of themself on here as default i dont seem the harm in this one

Me: People always resort to "other people have worse..." You did, however, ask me to review THIS image. It's still NSFW. No bouncer in his/her right mind would let that one slide.

Her: wow thanks

Me: I'm sorry, but I won't unmark this. It's a valid flag.

Her: mmmhm

Date/Time: 3:28 PM 7/13/2009

A back-and-forth PM session took place involving a photo where the subject was wearing lingerie.

Lingerie is normally safe-for-work, unless it's too revealing. In her case, the panties were see-through.

Her (2009-07-13 13:28:48 PDT): this pic got marked and it was fine before, dont show anything and i am not covering anything. {URL snipped}

Me (2009-07-13 13:38:59 PDT): The bottoms appear see-through. Even if they aren't, would you consider this a picture safe for someone at work to view?

Her (2009-07-13 14:07:31): yes i would consider it fine at work, if you cant see anything sexual then why not, that would be like having a see thru shirt on the bottom half but the boobs part is covered and all you could see is belly then it is the same thing since it is see thru but cant see any private parts.

To me, logic dictates that showing a belly button is safer for work than showing vulva. At least, I've never seen anyone get kicked out of a bar for showing her belly button.

Me (2009-07-13 21:04:02): I think you need to review what's considered NSFW with regards to how this site works. If you're looking for a place to put up pictures of yourself in public in various stages of undress without anyone having any objection to it and without risking violating TOS, you may want to consider another website. There are plenty out there that allow you to post that sort of thing without requesting you filter your own content. Here, you have to at least respect those who don't need to see that out in public.

Her (2009-07-13 21:16:27): ok well you cant see anything in that pic at all, if you go to top people on here how many have their titts hanging out and barely hanging in the shirt? but those are ALL OK RIGHT? just seems like they are all friends with the bouncers so they are allowed to get away with whatever they want. i understand if something in my pics were showing something bad but they arent. as i said before if you cant see the GOODS then why is it NSFW? i read your blog thing and i am not showing anything bad, not grabbing anything, not showing just my ass or whatever, and that was what you posted, i didnt make it up. just seems this site is very biased and lets those top people get away with everything. and i can clearly go thru there and see alot of pics with huge titts hanging out of their clothes but you guys all let that go and then come after me when i am not showing anything

The TL;DR version: "Other chicks have worse. Why flag mine?"

I responded with a four-paragraph-long diatribe. In short, I told her that "other chicks have worse" is a stupid response, tastefully-done cleavage is actually safe-for-work, the site's community-moderated, and for the love of Sharon Stone, cover your coochie. The little exhibitionist didn't reply, but her status message is currently showing her distaste for us bouncers.

More to come. Bookmark this blog.

Original author date: 7/10/2009. While every attempt has been made to preserve the conversations above, minor edits may have been made to protect the identity of those highlighted.

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