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Okay, So I've been trying to get settled into my new house, It has been hell. Trying to arrange everything to the way you want it. Its just driving me up the wall. I moved to a diffrent city to get ready to go to College and I am hoping my boyfriend can change his ways. But as of right now he hasnt changed a tiny bit. All I can really do is give him some more time to get settled and shyt I guess. I just hope things can work between us because just throwing away a four year ralationship isnt to easy. I try and build up the guts to leave him but I can't. I know so many people are trying to help me and I apreciate it but I just can't. I love him to much. It may sound really stupid but after spending a four year relantionship with someone its really hard to do. Well i'll update more later. I still have lots to say but I also still have lots to do around the house
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