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XaviRoseMaiden's blog: "Erotica"

created on 02/17/2011  |  http://fubar.com/erotica/b339555

He was coming today ... 

she going me to be her lover to see him finally .. she had waiting so long , her body felt like it was melting .. she lusted and craved him .. when he wasn't here . But he was a busy man he had to work alot .. 

But the end of the day .. he found time to be her lover. He was tall he was althetic .. he was was she would call yummy .. 

She dressed carefully for him , as he txt her dirty messages on the way there .. her phone had beeen going off but she was in the shower .. she dare not take it in there just in case ... 


She read the first one aloud.. "I miss you so much .. just cum sit on my face.. " she smiled and blushed .. and found her nipples hardening under her shirt . She read the second one .. " I'm going to make you so wet " she moaned aloud to herself .. knowing that he missed her as much and she did .. 

They were good lovers , they knew the difference between time together time and alone .. he was everything she wanted mostly .. nothing to complain of his technique.. 

Yet a part of her longed to be more .. longed to be his entirely .. 

to wake up next to him every day .. to shop for his clothes .. to those cute and funny that only came with really being with someone full time .. 

Her hair was still wet , her lips pouty , she put her tightest jeans that accentuate the curves of her full and round butt , she wore and  low cut  top ..  low enough so he could get a glimpse but not see everything .. 

her whole got tighter as she read the next one " I need you Baby .. " 

she her licked her lips .. she didnt write back to any of them .. he could wait  a lil more .. he was about to experience  a boatload full of her passion.. full of her longing. 

the white dress she decided to wear on the Plane , she hung on the closet door , and her matching white wedges were placed on the fllor next to the dress . She opened her eyes , threw off her covers .. she survied the room for her other clothes .. some of her favourite things still hung in her closet , her tighest darkest jeans for a example , her black well fitted jeather jacket , a white a button up that would go with everything .. She saw the list of clothes visually in her mind before actually made a move to pack them .. everything needed to be outfit of sorts .. less clothes more options .. she surveyed the room again and found her black stilletos , her black boots .. and her comfy sneakers . she moved over to her draws , and pull out a couple of grapic ts , and couple of plain ones , then went and searched her clean laundry for bras and unides to match , and threw in a special night down , just in case .. She always packed ahead of time . that part was exciting , like evidence was actually leaving town for a lil bit . 

After all the packing , Aurora sat down and started to think again , she sat on the edge of the bed , and thought about Jean , the way his hands felt all over her soft suple skin , the way his lips kissed her like she belonged to him , the way his eyes locked onto hers , she felt excited just thinking about him , her body started to react he wasn't only a fantasy he was real .. and she'd touch , felt him deep inside her .. moaned his name , Her lips got dry , and she left the bed and walked into the kitchen and grabbed herself a glass of moscato .. she drank it slowly savouring every drop , as she went back to thinking about him , her panties  got moist ,her nipples hard . She lay back down on her bed spread her legs open and she rubbed herself slowly  , massaged her clit , then she fingered herself slowly  closed her eyes and imagnied he was there doing al l those  things to her until she came on her fingers .and moaned loud... it felt so good , such a good release it releived her of some of her sexual tension for now ..she went and took a brief 2 minute shower , her body felt so good , that it was hard not to play in the shower too , she picked up her sponge , poured ona lil foaming washing and then spread the soap all over her body , and rubbed her entire body in circles .. closing her eyes , as the water fell down hard on her skin , she imagined him there too . his muscular body behind hers they showered together taking turns to watch each other ... but unfortunately for aurora the hot water ran out mid day dream and the cold water woke her quickly and suddenly she almost screamed .. and then washed the soap off quickly and got of the shower .. she dried herself . with the big fluffy towel and then found something to wear to the office . It was was an office day .. hlding her towel she went to her packed closet again , and took out a grey pantsait , and light blue button up to wear under it , she let her towl fall to the grown ,walked over to her draw and found a black lacey bra and and matching gstring to wear  and then dressed herself slowly , next came the shirt which she buttoned slowly over her full breasts , and then the pants , and finally the jacket . searching the room again she found some comfy office shoes to wear ..

Next she went to the batheroom to do her hair and make up .. it only took bout fifteen in there .. and once she was ready .. she went into the kitchen and grabbed a yoghurt , her purse , her keys , and then headed out the door to her car parked outside ,she arrived at work early the Skinners werent even there yet . 

Time .. moved so fast . before they had even gotten to the apartment , a few minutes had passed by .. they werent the quickly oiled team they normally were jean just couldn't focus he was so entranced by her he couldn't stop thinking about her .. Jean growled low .. and forced him self to concentrate .. they both walked quickly away from the parked vechicle , they tried to act as nautrally as they both could not wanting to attract any attension .. but both being very attractive men .. But luckily for them most of the lovely ladies of the area were already at work , at the gym or out grocery shopping or running errands , so they were able to pass by mostly unoticed . Jeans stride was stronge and extremly manly , the boy tried to copy him but somehow he couldn't do it exactly he didnt have the years of confidence that jean had .. 


the boy tried to walk taller , they got to the  the outide of the apartment the boy stood outside by by road , while Jean followed the footpath , to the the door , The door itself looked forboding .. very thick  wood , the banger on the lion was shaped like a lion .. jean took out his bobby pin and picked the lock on door , and following the information he'd been given he went straight upstairs to her room .. he had the cloroform in his pocket and the rag in his other one ..he took it out ready poured the choroform on the rag and knocked on her door .. Shards were there e was used to people bugging her all time for somrthing or another .. and opened the door  quickly briefly saw him .. as he then held the rag against her mouth and waited a few seconds .. for it take affect and then carried out out of the room .. called the boys .. Meet me outisde , it is done .. 

It almost seemed to easy the house was empty none of the guards who were supposed to be there were there , he thought bout this . he found the boy .. pacing a lil, gestured for him to come over .. and within a couple of minutes the van was there .. they all jumped in .. Jeans shoulder now hurt a lil from carrying the spolit little brat..

Jean and the boys were happy to see each other .. again they had worked together it the past .. and everything had gone smoothly .. but nowone of the crew brough his cousin .. Jean hoped there wouldnt be no problems ... The men were smoking cigerettes .. and trying to relax .. you could see they were a lil nervoous it was thier biggest job  so far , uch more at stake then the others ... Someone inside the family had told them she needed to be taught a lesson .. and hired them to be the ones to teach her .. Jean had to wear a disguise .. as she had already  seen him ... already touched him ... Rapheal was to kiddnap her .. he was ready .. maybe too ready .. excited .. lust shone through his blue grey  eyes .. Jean spoke to him privately .. ake the Gun Raph .. but don't hurt her ... blind fold her asap .. we don't her knowing where she's going .. raph looked dissapointed .. he wanted to be the one in charge but it was always  Jean and not him .. Raph sulked a lil ... Sure i know Jean i know the plan , can we get on with it already , the cousin was the lokout the easiest job by far .. and he was the most innocent looking for them all barely more then school boy .. his boyish looks never seemed to alert pll of danger .. And Jorge well jorge was thinking about the ambassador's daughter , he over heard the story of her beautyand how jean had claimed her as his prize .. and now he wanted a taste too .. but how  he wondered .. how would he be alone long enough ... and have her constent to his touch these where the last things on his mind as he got into the van .. he was the driver and the one who must help the team get away ... the van didn't belong to anyone .. .. the men jumped in one by one , and Jorge drove slowly and carefully he had always been the driver .. 


Jean sat in the front , right next to Jroge , Raph and the younger cousin were in the back .. the younger cousin was sweating ... .. Jean couldn't stop thinking of Aurora .. and how great her body felt up  agianst his .. snapping out of it .. he looked out the window again they couldn't park too close .... it was too obvious . they found a park behind an abandoned building , they parked the car and got one one by by one .. Jorge stayed in the drivers seat .. they had about 15 mins to do this right or the cops would be here , and thier arses would be in jail .. and the inside man .. wouldn't help them in any way .. 

Aurora pretended to sleep but she was wide awake , her body was on fire . her hair tousled from lal the love making .. and his scent was still there on the pillow .. there was something about him .. something she couldn't put her finger on ... but she knew he was dangerous .. and a damn good lover too .. Now sh'ed probably need someone new to take her mind off things ... well him .. How could she fall so quickly ... in lust ... she took a shower , and slowly scubbed herself clean .. thinking of him in the shower .. she got all excited again .. her breast harded under all the soap as played with them a little . but she didnt take too long in the shower .. she had alot ot do do today .. she made a mental note of everything on her to do list befoe she got out of the shower ... wrapped a towel around her lovely curves .. and walked out to where her bag was ..she searched in her bag for clean underwear .. but there wasnt any .. she slipped over jeans over the legs and felt the friction of the fabric between her legs ... rubbing her .. as she moved .. leaning over into the bag as pulled out a cream bra and cream cami and slipped those on one by one .. she towel dried her hair .. and all her curls came back with a vengence .. after she was finished getting dressed she went down stairs to breakfast she was very hungry now .. her eyes skipped the room quickly until they rested on what she wanted ... Orange juice and a big blueberry muffin.. she lined up with the others , lots of business men  in thier suits , some tourists , some couples .. some pesky loud children ... Aurora didn't like children .. she was more about doing her own thing .. she never really wanted them .. And this morning she felt different ... changed somehow by last night .. surprised she could walk stright at all .. she no longer smelt of sex but her pheremones and her looks were attracting attension once again ... Aurora sighed it was too early for this wasn't it only breakfast time there should a rule she thought .. she humoured him a little .. tried to be nice ... while she ate her breakfast in peace .. but he wouldn't stop staring .. and staring .. untril finally she said " can i help you Sir .. ? she asked him politely .. looking into his dark , but dullish eyes ... Blushing a little the business man didnt know what to say .. he was rather shy , but i couldnt stop staring at her ... "how are you " he asked her timidly ... not able to keep  contact with her eyes .. I'm well ASir if u don't mind im going ot eat my breakfast and leave ... " she stated matter of factly .. john blushed again his face becoming red .. im ..im sorry he managed to stutter out .. She gave him one of less icey galre , finshed her breakfast and then left .. 

she walked upstairs to the room .. and pack her bag and found his note on the dresser with the tv ... she started to cry as she read his note , she clutched it to her chest ... Why  am i crying i just met this man .. what is wrong with me ... the sad thing was it was one of the most romantic things that had happened to her in such a long time ... I must find him  she decided ... 

Jean wasn't the type of man to fall in love ..  .. he loved women he adored them .. but the idea of just having one  never seemed to appeal to him , but on this morning .. he craved her .so much it hurt.  . .we went downstairs and called a cab and waited for it he was still thinknig about her when it arrived .. he wondered if he would ever see her again .. He was careful not to use his real name at the hotel .. all his id was in his fake name .. Jean had been with the french army for years now .. and it was great cover .. and a great excuse to dress up nice for the ladies .. only a couple of nights ago he was dinning with the french ambassidor .. and later bedding his daughter ... the slut she was .. he laughed .. at how easy it has been to make her come with him ... too easy .. like she'd done it many a time before ... but still she was rather lovely in her own way .. the sex itself was nothing much to talk about .. but her dancing .. that was where he really was impressed .. she asked him to dance soon after they werre introduced , and her father took her aside and told her to be careful .. which only made his job easier ...   

the team was ready , he recieved a txt from one of the boys while in the cab .." in place ... " no backing out now the team was in place .. and the little slut was alone ... but not for long ... 

calling ralpheal .. "On my way don't move without me " jean demanded he was the team leader .. though second in charge always tried to be first .. he tipped the cab driver decently .. he got out at the station ... walked to the car... opened the trunk and took out his gym bag ... he then caught another train got off and then called a cab .. which then dropped him off at the park .. he walked from there ... went into his gym changed his his workout clothes ..threw his other clothes in the bag .. and walked toward the weights .. lying down .. he lifted them carefully not even breaking a sweat now .. till finally .. it was time to go shower , he showered fast and then changed into his third set of clothes ...and left thre building walked back to the park .. called his team "Ready Now " 

we walked til he got to the blue house .. and went in quietly .. the guard were standing by .. Jean walked up hello Boys .. sorry i took so long ... The other just nodded .. they knew him well .. Who was it this time ... ? was she blonde , a brunettee , a red head ? raplheal teased him as always did .. Troy kept his eyes down but smiled he was youngest .. the least expereinced .. but he took directions well .. his cousin got him the job so he could pay for his own college ...His cousin had a temper ... Jorge they called him beast they called him behind his back .. but he was great with locks .. all the men had a purpose and all of them were handsome enough to distract a lady .. or two .. 



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