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(this girl is 23 years old and lives in the basment of mer partents home, she is in a wheelchair. she never had a job and refuses to learn to drive even though she knoes darn well she can drive. she loves to make fun of people, more so of me. she has only had 2 boyfriends and wants to marry her curnet [#2] boyfirend. she has never lived out side her parents home on her own. she says she's sorry for something and then just ends up doing that something again and being sorry for it and doing it again and being sorry for it. i told her "I am so done with you" and here is her responces...)
speedergir...: it is also incorrect due to the fact that I am still 22... i wont be 23 till thursday speedergir...: please take down this blog its not right to do, and you are just doing it out of spite! speedergir...: so that is no reason... your just bored and like upseting me and then pretending to be inocent speedergir...: so that is no reason... your just bored and like upseting me and then pretending to be inocent ->speedergir...: your still saying it. speedergir...: childish* speedergir...: is there a reason for you still posting what i say in your blog.? its childisj speedergir...: k ->speedergir...: i am NOT 100% wrong. but the problem your having with responding is nothing i have any controle over. speedergir...: still being a child huh? speedergir...: no your wrong ive tried commenting 4 times now and all times they say the same thing... error... unable to send comment ->speedergir...: i know why, your not willing to. that is all. there is no other real reason for anyone not to comment on it once they read it. speedergir...: well? speedergir...: i cant even comment on this new blog of yours, do you know why? speedergir...: I had reason for swearing and yelling... you DO NOT LISTEN! I tell you how to make me be nicer to you like you want and you continue to do things to make me angry. You even go out of your way to post blogs about me hopeing people will agree with you. ->speedergir...: you dont get to me. i get to you. your the one that was yelling and swearing and what not. i have been calm cool and colletted this whole time even when i was saying nothibng and you were going on and on and on... speedergir...: i see ur not listening and your still posting what i say in your blog... very childish behavior speedergir...: right? speedergir...: people always say one thing to me... dont let people get to you online this is just the net NOT real life... so why do you let me get to you so much? its obviouse that you do otherwise you wouldnt keep posting blogs about me for others to comment on speedergir...: the funny interesting thing about you is, you tell me you are so done with me yet, why didnt you block me? I am not going to block you speedergir...: ty for telling me about dog being on tv... but im watching one of my shows now. speedergir...: sean your the cause of this if you believe it or not... posting this crap about me isnt going to help you... it will make things worse... it doesnt make me happy when you post things about me ->speedergir...: this last blong has all the info of why i wish i was not talking to you. dog is on tv. speedergir...: but then again if i recall this is like blog number 5 about me... so i dont care anymore... you seem to think this is fun and fine if you feel that way i feel bad for you. speedergir...: just an opinion but posting blogs about me isnt going to make things better... it just makes me more angry and then in turn i make fun of you. But then again it makes me wonder why you do the same to me and when i do it to you you dont like it... seems to me that you tend to always make the same mistakes as i do. speedergir...: well? speedergir...: just answer that and its bye forever if u still want speedergir...: why are you still so mad at me? speedergir...: YOU COULDNT EVEN BE A GOOD FRIEND TO KIM... I GUESS I AM A BIG MORON FOR HAVEING TOO MUCH FAITH IN YOU ALL THESE YEARS THAT SOMEDAY YOU WOULD ACTUALLY CHANGE AND START TREATING ME LIKE I AM A PERSON, AND THAT YOU WILL COME TO REALIZE YOUR WRONGS AND THAT IVE ALWAYS TRYIED TO BE THERE FOR YOU. WELL IM TIRED OF PLAYING THE FOOL... speedergir...: OH AND SINCE YOUR SOOO DONE WITH ME... EVEN THOUGH I DID NOTHING... BLOCK ME SEE IF I GIVE A FUCK! I DONT DESERVE BEING TREATED LIKE SHIT BY YOU AND I NEVER DESERVED IT... IM SORRY IF MY MANY YEARS OF TRYING TO BE NICE TO YOU DIDNT MEAN ANYTHING.... BUT FINE IF YOU WANT TO BE DONE WITH ME FINISH THE JOB AND BLOCK ME... BECAUSE IF THIS IS HOW ITS GOING TO BE WITH YOU I DONT NEED WHATEVER THIS HAS BEEN... I CAN DO BETTER. I FEEL SORRY FOR YOU YOU WILL ONLY HAVE ONE FRIEND IN THIS WORLD FROM THE LOOKS OF THINGS AND THATS SHARON... THE REST YOUR JUST GOING TO PUSH AWAY LIKE YOU DID ME. HAVE A NICE LIFE!!! speedergir...: I DONT WANT NOR NEED YOU ANYMORE... YOUR A WAST OF SPACE! speedergir...: i allow you to take some timee and cool off and I again appologixe and this is the thanks that i get for it... FINE FUCK YOU!! speedergir...: fine be that way! (Dose this girl need help or what? why? why not?)

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