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OK everyone first of all I would like to thank all who are either up for bids or who have placed bids in the Halloween Auction, none of this is possible without your support and participation! Next I would like to say that there have been several absolutely outstanding bids as well as many many worthy bids LOL!! Four people have already accepted bids and are no longer available to bid on and I am sure there will be many more to come, that being said I am sure some of you have noticed that I keep adding folks to the auction! Since I keep getting asked by y'all for entry here is the FINAL word: I will accept entries until this Friday, that is October the 19th and if you don't get me what you will offer and which of your pics you would like used in your auction photo then you will NOT be allowed entry and there will be NO exceptions so if I have told you it's too late or you wanna get involved with this LAST chance for my free to enter auction then please contact me soon!! I've made over 25 auction pics already and have not asked for a single credit or fubuck so I have to draw the line somewhere!!! LOL All I really, really would appreciate is some more bids on me please since I feel my offer is really awesome when you stop to think how much I am willing to give back! Anyway there have been some really great auction bids that are much appreciated and this will last until Halloween so I look forward to seeing what else may lurk out there bahahahaha!! Again those being auctioned have FINAL say on which bids they will or will NOT accept so please try to act like an adult if you are told by DMAN that you can't bid on someone?!? Anyone posting a silly status comment about me or this auction or anything else I deem unwarranted and ridiculous will be instantly blocked and then have to try and contact me thru secondary means to try and get back in my good graces, NO drama rememeber? I've tried to make this fun and benefiacial to everyone involved while asking nothing in return so please bear that in mind along with how I take my personal time to manage the bid comments and make every auction pic so far except for one before you place any blame on me thank you very much! Again I will still accept entries into my auction until this Friday October the 19th so please take this FINAL opportunity to join an auction if you have bidders ready as well as your offer and pic choice, plus you MUST have a verified fubar salute to enter the auction!!!! I thnak each and every person involved in this auction in any way and please continue to place bids, even on little old me!!! LMAO please contact me with any questions and please remember that a cash value bid will always beat a fubux bid unless we are talking like a billion fubux bahaha and then I will need to do some research LOL enjoy the month long auction my fubar family friends fans and other peeps, rate comment just dowhatchalike!!!!!

Okay here is the dealio lol my Halloween Auction will begin on Saturday October the 6th, it will last until the day after Halloween or until the person in the auction accepts a bid of their choosing! Some in the auction will accept bids including fubucks but most will NOT and both groups will be clearly marked. I am in NO way, form or fashion responsible for the payment of any bids except my own!!!! That responsibility falls upon the bidder and the person in my auction but I do STRONGLY advise everyone who participates in this auction to please be sincere in your bids and follow thru with what you promise with your bid!! Also NO drama of any kind and the auction is open to friends only so if we are not friends yet and you would like to bid please add me or contact me and I will add you, violation of any of these terms will not be tolerated and I thank you in advance for respecting this as I will always respect you! Now with all of that nonsense out of the way LOL I want everyone to be able to enjoy a fun respectful and beneficial auction!!! If there are any further questions please contact me and I will do my best to answer any and all, I have not set what time the auction will start because I would like the feedback of the people in my auction so let me know everyone, I am excited to hear from you all!!

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