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41 Year Old · Joined on June 25, 2006 · Born on March 1st · 1 referrals joined!
41 Year Old · Joined on June 25, 2006 · Born on March 1st · 1 referrals joined!

i am a boy that likes to dress as a girl and when i do i am very submissive to real girls :-) Pain may or may not be your thing, but chances are at least a little spanking turns you on.Submissive doesn't mean your a masochistIt means you like your lover to take charge ... and take care of youIn return, you like to worship your partner - in whatever way she wants!You Are 100% Skilled at Going Down On a GirlChances are your tongue is so tired now that you can't even talkNot only do you rock at oral - you do it a lotYour girlfriend is the happiest girl on the planet. No, really.And, you Mr. (Ms.???) Pussy, are the most sought after lover in your townHehe well thats all fun and maybe true aswell but thank god there is more going on in my head then just that!thank you all my friends! (AND YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE!!) to take me to where i am now and i will go on and continue this road i am on right now!i couldnt have done it without you!luv& hugs! >open minded girls/people en iemand die nieuwe fotos van me wil/willen maken!, ik wordt zo moe van de camera instellen en dan naar mijn plek rennen en dan heel ontspannen doen alsof ik me niet gehaast heb! :-) so yes modeling job would be great!ok no more dicking around! we got some serious equipment now a fucking nikon D200! with lots of top lenses like a 50 1. 1:14(eat your heart out!) so its serious photo time now!and who i dont like to meet?stupid ugly single guys who dont read profiles. IN FACT I AM DOMINANT TO MEN!

41 Year Old · Joined on June 25, 2006 · Born on March 1st · 1 referrals joined!
girls.women.females that is the main reason why i dress anyway!! skirts! shoes! the art of make up! fotografie/photography, strapons!! modelling jobs just to name a few, om maar effe wat te noemen en nog veel meer

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