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Pending Debit/Prepaid Credit Card Transaction Failure

We have a small percentage of people having problems with credit cards and purchases for: bling, vip, blasts, HH's, etc.

The problem is USUALLY associated to GIFT or PAY AS YOU GO Visa/MC debit card. For example: Walmart Gift Visa, Walgreens Gift Visa, TMobile Gift Visa, the list goes on. Some of you have a CC that is a pay as you go.

The problem we are having is that our merchant account has NO way to verify the security of the card user. Because of this, the card is denied. So, if you do not enter the correct phone number, mailing address, security code or 3 digit pin on the back, you will be declined and get an error message. This can ALSO happen with normal credit cards in some cases.

What will happ is your card is charged and shows a PENDING AUTHORIZATION on your card and it appears your funds have been removed. Unfortunately, and this is NOT our fault, the credit card company puts a hold on the funds. The funds will be restored to your card in 10-30 days. Yes, it will appear they are gone and show a charge to fubar. Reality is it is an AUTHORIZATION. You can look up AUTHORIZATION on google and read more about how they work. Unfortunately, there is NOTHING we can do.

Yes this is annoying and I apologize that many of you are getting caught up in this. Due to multiple fraud issues, we had to increase our security with our merchant account. We will NO Longer accept CC card unless you can verify the security information.

Ways around this?
1. Use a different credit card that is secured and is associated to your billing address, phone number, etc.
2. Use a paypal account
3. If you do use paypal and your IP is out of country and yet your account is in the country, you will be denied.
4. Use paypals credit card terminal. We have heard it works with most gift cards.

If you have any questions or concerns, please email me. Also, please realize your funds are not gone. They are sitting in with a bank hold and will be restored to you. If you do have a receipt that shows where transactions for payments have gone through, please forward me the receipt.

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