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Some time ago , I had one of the worst 1st dates that I could ever remember. I worked with this lady , and we always talked at work ,so I ask her to go out to dinner with me one night...Well that night arrived ,and I drove over to her house to pick her up ,walked up to the front door ,and escorted her back to my car ,opend and closed the car door for her .

We got to my favorite Italian restuarant ,and once again I opend and closed the car door for her ,then the door to the restuarant ,and were seated at my favorite table .The waitor come over and presented us with a wine menu as well as the dinner menu .I already knew what I was having on both date looked over the menu and was having problems deciding on what to she ask me to just order what I was having. At this point the waitor returned to our table with the dozen longstem roses in which I had gotten earlier and had dropped them off there before going and getting her .While he was giving the roses to her I orderd dinner for the both of us .Everything was going great ,or so I thought date dropped the roses in the floor ...the waitor thinking that her dropping the roses was his fault started apoligizing for not making sure that she had a secure hold on them .She then told him ..." oh it's not your fault , I dropped them on purpose". He picked them up off the floor ,and started to hand them back to her ...that when I told him just to put one on each table .She then started informing me my ordering dinner for her , opening doors for her giving her flowers and just being a gentleman that I had set Women back 50 -75 years. I was shocked to say the I did what I thought was the best thing ...I excused myself from the table , found the waitor ,canceled the dinner order ,tipped him ,and instructed him to call her a cab ...and paid for it ...then I left

Have You ever had a date like this ?

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