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My friend Donnie and I were discussing about the math of rating on fubar. Yes we were that bored. Actually curious. lol So hopefully this bit of information that Donnie has got for us will help you in your future rating endeavors. Ari Legend: i was wondering wehther Ari Legend: ok as vip Ari Legend: u rate a person an 11 unless u ran out then u would give a 10 Ari Legend: usualli we wud just say i ran out i'll give u some 11s tomorrow Ari Legend: but wouldnt it give u more points if i rated u twice Ari Legend: like 10 and hten 11? Donnie Demonseed: No. You get points for rating it the first time no matter what you rate it the second time. lol I thought that too but I experimented lol. If you rate them a 10 you get the points. If you come back and rate an 11 later you get no points. You're just changing the rating Ari Legend: ooooooo Ari Legend: i should blog about this on fubar Donnie Demonseed: Now you can come back like a week later and rate all over again. It lets you rate more than once now because they added more levels and it makes the ratings go faster. Donnie Demonseed: I'm gonna go rate one of your pics just to make sure I'm correct. I'll rate a 10 first then I'll rate it an 11. Ari Legend: ok Ari Legend: lol Donnie Demonseed: No. Points only the first rating. Now I can come back in like a week and rate it again and I'll get more points. Ari Legend: realli??? Ari Legend: i smell toast Donnie Demonseed: Yah. I've already rated all your pics. But I could go rate them again now if I wanted. They made it so you can rate however many times it takes but you have to wait like aweek before you can rate again. They did that because of the higher levels now which some of them take millions to get to the next level. Giving you the option to rate more than once now just helps to get to the higher levels quicker. Allowing the same person that already rated all your stuff to come back and rate again. It used to be once you rated a persons stuff you couldn't rate it no more. Ari Legend: i swear to god Ari Legend: i hate my neighbour Donnie Demonseed: You better read what all I just typed. lol Ari Legend: i did i did Ari Legend: or did i? Ari Legend: kakakakaka Ari Legend: i did i promise Ari Legend: how did u find this out? Donnie Demonseed: haha Silly Donnie Demonseed: lol I pay attention to baby jesus and scrappers blogs and stuff. Donnie Demonseed: Plus I have a bouncer on my friends list and whenever there is a change she usually posts a bulletin There you have it FUBARIANS. You get to re-rate after a week so that you can level up faster!! Am I that out of fubar that I did not know about this??? damn it LOL
I was talking to my friend about this. He was telling me about this friend that treats him like a doormat. He said he didn't want anything to do with this guy anymore. I was thinking WOW. There's quite a number of people that I do that to in my life as well. I gather it's normal. Then I started to question the purpose of betrayal happening to myself. Seriously checked in with what I have been doing (karma?) that caused these things to happen. Then it hit me like a ton of bricks. As I reflected I am who I attract at the end of the day. No reason for me to be pointing the finger at people who have caused me misery as I have caused those to people some time in my life. Good and bad things at the present moment are a result of your previous thoughts, actions and feelings. Think about it. I mean when you did a good deed. Did life not become better for u? And worst if you did bad? AND If you were feeling good about something, didn't that escalate into something better? And if you were feeling bad on that day. Did it not make it even worst? It's just some theory that I got from the secret. Good book by Rhonda Byrne. Changed my life. :) Now I say that betrayal is a blessing :) Makes you think LOL Plus mode when I look at it like that it doesn't drag me down much. Food for thought.
I am a legend in my own right A legend despite the strife The future parent that works for their unborn children The friend that mourns for the death of the mother of a friend I am a legend in my own right A legend with courage, will and might I am a legend in my own right A legend despite the strife The student that acquires knowledge supreme The father whose passion is driven by his children's dreams I am a legend in my own right A legend with courage, will and might I am a legend in my own right A legend despite the strife The achievers who believe that glory and honor be their birth right The mother whose hands are dry from the ultimate sacrifice I am a legend in my own right A legend with courage, will and might 27th April 2008
This would be my ultimate date scene. lol John Legend's videoclip PDA we just don't care. Riding a scooter down the roads of europe, or anywhere (with a cool breeze),my arm around my guy and with my other hand holding flowers that was picked or bought by him (HEHE)...Then he turns around quick to kiss me and I kiss him back.. I'd be wearing a nice white summer dress ;) He'll take me to some romantic spot under a tree in the countryside and we have a Have grapes, cheese n wine (Awwwwwwwwwww...) We'll talk and muck around for hours...(SIGHS) LOL What would be your ultimate date scene?
"Should I do it?" Anna said "Do what? Have sex under the moon?" I was thinking to myself. "Do what?" I finally voiced out. "Go for my dream. Pursue my passion." she added. "You love it?" we all said. Anna nodded. She quit her job as the prestigious marketing manager for Adidas Malaysia and take up photography. It wasn't an easy task but this goes to show if you truly believe in what you want to do dreams do come true. Read more to find out about my Anna :) I'm proud of ya girl
It has been awhile since I wrote anything here in fubar. It's because I have another website where I blog at. But I thought because of the good ol times I had here why deny my friends of knowing about my life. LOL I'll just copy n paste. Anyways...... My drama teacher got us to go for the audition to the play he was directing. My heart dropped. He was a renowned theatre director in his own right and here he was asking this rookie who had no inkling of what it took to become an actor to suddenly audition. So I went through the grueling process of memorizing the lyrics to How could an Angel Break My Heart - Toni Braxton (because we were auditioning for Ismail-musical). My breathing instructor offered free lessons on how to breathe and sing better. So my girls and I went to his house and practiced. It was a nightmare. "Ari who the hell are you saving your voice for girl project! project!" I was thinking. My God, can I possibly go any louder than this? He taught me some breathing techniques to clear up my lungs and enhance my projection power. I sound blasted like never before. "You know before I could hit high notes and sing Mariah Carey's music. Now I'm very limited." I shared with Dominique (breathing instructor). He said to me. "Ari, this happened when you were around 13. Someone told you that you should forget about acting and theatre and ever since then you lost your voice." I started crying my eyes out. How on earth could he have known?! "I'm psychic" Duh. My breathing instructor is so special :) The audition? We were made to dance like horny monkeys and sing like there was no tomorrow. I have never been so scared and yet feel so alive at the same time. No. I didn't get to be a part of the musical. Joe, my drama teacher, who was part of the panel of judges said if I was serious about musical theatre I should take up vocal classes because I had a powerful voice but I keep getting off key. (LOL) Why am I not surprised after having to dance like that chic from Flashdance. I just suddenly realized a whole new world of possibilities opened to me. I shall rise above this adversity and boss up. One day, grammies, golden globe and oscars shall be mine! :) I feel it in my hands already :) and all because I had the balls to take up the challenge. It's only just begun.
Ok then here's the deal. This is my first blog for the new years! 2008 & Rat Year(universal and chinese new year. I heard this radio community reach thingy by JJ and Rudy from Malaysia and it was about procrastinating goals. It really hit home because this man kept saying next year everytime someone were to confront him of his excess baggage. (lol) Ok not funny since I too have MORE to offer :P but I'm not the attention right now. Procrastination is. So why do you want to procrastinate? why are we knowingly that those targets are important to us delay the WINNING process? Anyways, I did a bit of googling and extracted something from the archives of the University of Cambridge UK. Have fun reading Start of article If once a man indulges himself in murder, very soon he comes to think little of robbing; and from robbing he next comes to drinking and sabbath-breaking, and from that to incivility and procrastination. Thomas DeQuincey What is procrastination? The avoidance of doing a task which needs to be done - postponing until tomorrow what can be done today. Procrastination not only affects a person's work, but also commonly involves feelings such as guilt, inadequacy, self-disgust, stress and depression. Often we try to disguise our avoidance by being very busy doing things that may be interesting, and even useful, but don't contribute towards the main goal - even doing something we normally hate - rather than writing, for example, just before an essay deadline! Why do people procrastinate? * poor time management, often associated with a distorted sense of the time available * an inability to prioritise * overload of tasks at a specific time * anxiety about the task, so time is spent worrying rather than doing * difficulty concentrating * not knowing what is required * feeling overwhelmed by the task(s) * concern about failing or not meeting your own standards * fear of success and its possible consequences * perfectionism, often associated with unrealistic standards * negative feelings - e.g. "I'm stupid", "nothing ever goes right for me" * all-or-nothing thinking, where one setback is seen as a total catastrophe * being bored by the task * never having learned how to work or sort out problems while at school or living at home * avoidance of things which are disliked or difficult. How to overcome procrastination Overcoming procrastination usually involves both better organisational and time-management skills as well as a clearer understanding of its personal or emotional meaning. The former skills can be learned and improved with practice. Although there are some useful tips that can help you improve, it is primarily a matter of finding the ways of working that best suit you rather than trying to rigidly follow someone else's model. Counselling can help you to understand and change the personal or emotional aspects to your procrastination. Here are some suggestions to help you get started: * Accept that there is no magic wand: you will have to do the task! * The words that we use to ourselves in thinking or talking about the task matter! They have feelings attached to them which colour our anticipation and experience of the work. Try changing the words "have to" and "can't" to "choose to" and "choose not to" - this won't always be true, but it will probably be more honest most of the time. After all, you don't have to do this work - you probably chose to come and do this course, research or job, and you could choose to leave it! * Take account of the sort of person you are, of your values and your expectations. Assess whether these "fit" with the way in which you are trying to tackle the task - do you need a new approach with which you will be more comfortable? Patterns of working vary from one person to another, and so do the desired outcomes. * Recognise self-defeating behaviour and its associated thinking. Try to work out why you procrastinate: what do you gain from it? Find out how to overcome such behaviour. You might choose to sort it out yourself, to refer to a self-help book or leaflet, or to consult the appropriate person, such as your tutor, supervisor, director of studies, manager, colleague or a counsellor. * Identify goals and make realistic decisions about how to do the tasks, and prioritise. * Ensure that you have the right equipment, information etc. to help in tackling the task. Some time spent in preparation and planning is vital - but not to the extent that no real work gets done. So set a time limit for the planning stage(s). Plan a (small) section and then work on it. * Whilst spending time planning is very useful, here's a word of warning to those who make very detailed plans which go wrong within an hour and are then ripped up in disgust - plans need to be flexible! Don't plan all the hours in the day; leave plenty of unplanned times and spaces - to allow for things taking longer than expected, and for you to have extra time for relaxation when they don't! * Break down tasks into manageable bits. Set yourself small goals - to read one chapter; to write 1 page; to work for 45 minutes, take a 15 minute break and then do another 45 minutes work. * Boost your motivation. Dwell on your strengths, on tasks you have accomplished and feel good about, in order to remind yourself that you can be successful. * Give yourself rewards when you accomplish something. * When you are getting stuck, rather than just stopping work, try a different strategy - take a pencil and an old, half-used piece of paper out of the bin, and scribble unplanned and unstructured notes and ideas to yourself for the task in hand. Or start on a different section of the piece (you don't have to work from the beginning to the end), picking the least demanding in thought or creativity. * Quite often procrastination is connected to anxieties about the quality of the work you hope (or fear) you will produce! At times like this, it is worth remembering that it's better to produce something rather than nothing! (This part is a bit irrelevant but just to be included since it is part of the article) :- Where to seek more help - when you can get round to it... There is further help available. Tutors, directors of studies, supervisors and managers will have spoken to others before - you won't be the first (or last), and you are likely to find that they can make useful suggestions to get you back on track. But don't leave it until the situation is dire - it's then harder for you and for them! The counselling service is also able to help - not with your academic subject-matter, but with the personal or emotional aspects that are often so important - again, don't leave it any longer! For a list of books on study skills and maximising your potential consult our Self-help Booklist. End of article Here is a link of the actual post Actually you don't have to attend Cambridge to gfet the support you can get family, friends and colleagues and just people around you to get you back on track to your goals :) I hope this post has helped somewhat ! :) Much love to all
I haven't been blogging for quite a while now. Somehow or rather I feel that my muse has been stolen from me. Everyday feels like a struggle and I know I'm trying to run away from grieving over the loss of my mom. I mean it has been a couple of months. I need to move on. She wouldn't want to see me this way. Sad, hurt, frustrated. Tomorrow is Eid Adha and I'm supposed to spend it with my dad and my step mom. I hate her. I try to be nice but she always has some sarcastic comment and pretend to be oblivious to it because she's afraid that my dad might punch her in the face for being mean to me. I'm going to accept the fact that she's looney and stop seeing her.
It has been ages since I wrote in my blog. Well this deserves mention since LOVE is a popular topic. An everlasting one. It is a powerful emotion. Like it or not it has happened to you at least once in your lifetime. Even those who deny it's very existence is because they have felt it one point or another it's just that they have been disappointed by it that suppressing or rather dismissing it would be a good idea. Earlier I wrote about goals and affirmations. Today I would love to affirm with my heart and soul to love and to be loved eternally... SO BE IT
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