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Opening day for bidding will be Monday, October 13 (10pm EST) - Last day to bid will be Monday, October 20 (10pm EST) Please click here on the pic below to go to the page where you can bid! | | / 7pm pacific, 8pm mountain, 9pm central for those who are not sure on the time difference on what time the auction starts. Here is what I\'m Offering - * 1 month ownership with the privilege of being my very first owner (Be gentle ;) Hehe) * #2 spot in my Family with the Family privileges to see my Family folders and shout box me for the month that I\'m owned. (Possibly kept on Family after ownership depending on how kind of a friend you are) * One SFW salute, no exception on NSFW salutes. I have a boyfriend and want to be respected please :) * 400 11s for the month in total - I\'ll use my 100 11s once a week to rate all if not most of your pics or if one of your friends needs help leveling I will help them and rate some pics for you (split 50 11s between you & your friend for that day if you like or give them the full 100 11s just lemme know) * 1 comment on each of your pics that you have posted :) * Rate all of your stash posted * 1 drink per Happy hour that I am logged on for IF a VIP, Happy Hour, 7 Day Blast, or Bling Pack is offered in bid - * My Yahoo screen name since I never give it out anymore and am willing to give it to the winner and my soon to be owner :) * Will buy you a Bling using my last credit * A gift of up to $50,000 Fubucks for being my owner * A surprise Big Pimping gift during the Happy Hour of my choice.
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