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This man who makes you dream is somewhat your brother. There's nothing incestuous here, be reassured! No, the one who haunts your dreams is your double, your twin, your accomplice, your alter ego. Yes, it's the one who resembles you; the one who will guess your moods and go ahead of your desires; the one who will know how to laugh and play with you; the one who will take you by the hand to pull you into a universe of childlike loves, which are of course sensual but also dreamy and free, a universe where everything is permitted because, actually, when one is a child, nothing is really important, nothing is really perverse, nothing is really forbidden. The man of your dreams is young. He discovers the world with curiosity and eagerness. He's intelligent, plays at fine talkers, and he has the sense of humor. But when he tries to be smart before his cronies, you know that it's only to hide his inexperience. You guess that, once in your arms, he will suddenly lose his gift for gab and again become the dullard whom he is actually without willing to admit it. He will then be clumsy and dazzled, but ready for all sorts of initiations, even the most daring ones. He's a talkative student, a young professor with glasses, an obdurate intellectual who will try to put words on everything until the moment when your caresses make him stop talking. He could be your brother, he resembles you, he's your accomplice and not your enemy. With him, you can play tricks to others, sneer at conventional people, and tread all the roads of freedom.
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