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Today was a day of crunching through simple stuff at work.  That means it’s a day I pull out my ipod and listen to whole albums.  Listening to this song reminded me of my not so little music project a couple years ago when I listened to all my songs.


Rewind even farther – the summer I got my ipod I heard a joke that ipods were expensive music players to just listen to your favorite 50 songs.  Now I listen to a lot and different music.  I’m not the type to get sick of a song within a week because I listened to it over and over and over and over and over.  So I decided to listen to every single song on my ipod, about 1,000 songs, as either my own little protest or show of defiance.  Back then my digital, vinyl, and cd music were still separate.  Now being an analytical type I did it in alphabetical order so I could track how far along I was.


I thought about doing it again over the years but it seemed overwhelming to listen to every song since my digital collection grew to over 5,000 songs.  Well, two years ago when I was laid off I knew that I’d be having a lot of time on my hands and thought I’d try it again.  I set up a synchronized playlist so that no matter where I listened - ipod, computer, or mobile - I moved through the list and I got “credit” for listening.  So I randomly listened to about 5,100 songs or 13 solid days of music – this time it took about 5 months.  And once again rediscovered many forgotten gems, unexpected song pairs, and an unusual string of songs that start with “Let’s”.

I’m remembering all this when “Busting Up A Starbucks” off of Haughty Melodic by Mike Doughty played this afternoon.  I forget that sometimes the best things are not the newest or flashiest but are laying there waiting to be discovered again.

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