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Pedro El Awesomeo's blog: "Encephalon"

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I work with someone that has boundary issues.  Seems like everything they do, they want to run it by me.  E-mail, phone calls (both at the desk and on the mobile if I am not at my desk) at all hours to ask me questions or to just check in.  What is really annoying to me is that this person does not work for me, nor are they even on my team.  Yes I know a lot about the system, it is my design after all, but that doesn't mean I am on your 24X7 call because you are just unsure about your job. 

I really try not to let me frustration over the whole matter come out, but it's difficult for me.  I'll let you all know how to really annoy me fast.  Try to contact me with the urgency of a house fire.  Seriously, I got a phone call (which I didn't pick up because I didn't hear), a voice mail, a text and an e-mail all for something that could have waited for no less than six hours.  Even now just typing this I am getting a little annoyed. 

Anyone have an idea about this, should I A) Just get better at ignoring it, B)  Tell them off, C) Tell their boss to talk to them.  Option D) Beat them over the head with a shovel sounds like the best, but I am not sure if I could bring a concealed shovel into the office. 

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