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14 mile day set up camp at campsite right after fording south branch carrabassett river which is the third river I had to ford in Maine.  Rule for fording rivers: face into the current and lean forward.  Saw two full grown moose today ran across trail about 50 ft. in front of me.  Finished the book “the deceived” starting the book “bitten”.  The deceived was a good crime fiction novel it kept me interested unlike the Koran which was a complete bore.  Get this 2000’ climb done with today and then call it a day at horns pond lean-tos yes to’s there are two of them.  Oh and the 2000’ climb is only 3 mile climb.  I forgot to mention the privy at piazza rock lean-to is a dual privy with a cribbage board in the middle.  Passed the 2000 mile mark today YAY!!!!!! Set up camp at little bigelow lean-to.  From the elevation chart *GASP* the at appears to be shall I say is flat or shall I say at flat.  For 15 miles *GASP*. I have hit the 2000 mile mark three separate times now.  Guidebook said 2000 was at bigelow mtn. then a sign further north said 2000 mile mark then they have the 2000 mile mark painted on the long falls dam road.  Although it was at flat today it was all roots, rocks ,mud, puddles.  Awesome view of pierce pond aka: lake at pierce pond lean-to. I get to ride the ferry across Kennebec river tomorrow.  YAY. Stop in caratunk me check the hiker boxes since caratunk is only ½ mile off the trail.  Then monsoon will be the last town. 100 mile wilderness after monsoon.  The ferry was a canoe and a guy and I had to help paddle across the river.  Checked the hiker box at the caratunk post office and got some food then this British couple gave me two mtn house meals and a box of chips ahoy cookies.  Setup camp just as it started raining.  Suppose to rain rest of the day.  So I guess I will just read my book and call it a day.  150 miles to go. I finished my book “bitten” only about 30 miles to monsoon.  Setup camp at moxie bald mtn. lean-to after walking in mud,puddles,slippery rocks and roots all day.  Today took a spill first thins this morning scratched up my leg and knee YES THERE WAS BLOOD OH YES THERE WAS BLOOD. Heading into monsoon tomorrow for some work for stay at lake shore road check some hiker boxes for food.  The trail seems at flat for the most part till Katahdin.  As much as I love the outdoors after 7 months of nothing but climbing up/down mtns it is time for a vacation.  Sit around and get fat and happy for a week then search for work to fund my next adventure with a lot better planning this time.  Trail magic today another thru-hiker couple shared their lunch with me today and gave me $20 SCORE.  Made it into monsoon, me today and got some food from the hiker box at lake shore and the local mission here also grabbed a couple of new books from the mission as well. “more then courage” and “a painted house”  then white blaze put on a hiker feed today and tomorrow. All you can eat burgers, brats, lasagna, sodas etc. got a few beers from other hikers. Walking through swamps and fording rivers yes RIVER’S on the way to monsoon.  They don’t seem to believe in bridges here in Maine.  All you can eat breakfast pancakes, biscuit and gravy, coffee,oj, milk, provided by white blaze.  Then I got a free 12 oz bottle of alcohol for my stove from Shaw’s.  spent the day in monsoon, they had a band playing at the lakeshore pub.  Sitting lakeside beautiful view of the lake while listening to live music.  Great day.  Setup camp spending tonight on baseball field.  Tomorrow time to get down to hiking and get done cause it is COLD in the mornings and need to get done before it gets COLDER.  Hoping to be done in 5 to 6 days. Here's to hoping.  Started the 100 mile wilderness today.  Fell into little Wilson stream while fording it.  The rock bed is slicker then snot and injured my right elbow.  I get a sharp pain every time I bend my elbow now.  Hopefully it will go away by morning.  Set up camp at Wilson valley lean-to. Found me a nice spot just north of side trail to west chair back pond where stream crosses at.  Met a mute couple on the trail today.  They seemed quiet and peaceful J J J.  Setup camp at Sidney Tappan campsite.  The first 50 miles of the 100 mile wilderness going northbound is not “easy” but the second 50 miles seems to be a piece of cake till Katahdin.  After little Boardman mtn to at turns “flat” till Katahdin.  Set up camp next to a river with an already used campsite.  This trip has been great but I’m tired of climbing mtns. Everyday for 6 ½ months it definitely wears on you after a while.  BIG DAY tomorrow.  Going to put some miles down and hopefully be done with this is a couple of days.  Wishing myself luck.  Rain Delay today.  Nothing like a nice pot of steaming hot beef broth on a rainy day.  Setup camp at hurd brook lean-to left extremely early cause you have to sign in at Katahdin stream campground before climbing Katahdin and I September your climb has to be started by 10 am and since they are charging $10 to stay at the birches lean-to I am up early to hike the 3.5 miles to abol bridge then take the blueberry ledges trail to the birches which is only 4.4 miles rest at the birches then climb Katahdin.  YAY I MADE IT UP AND DOWN KATAHDIN!!!!! Now I got to see if I can get a ride into Bangor.  I hope so cause I am tired of walking/hiking.  For now that is.  Got me a ride into Millinocket.  Stopped at the good Samaritan thrift store asking about soup kitchens/food pantries/shelters since I am out of food and money.  The nice lady there gave me a ride over to the local ministry/food pantry where the guy there helped me out. Gave me some extra clothes, new pair of sneakers, got me a night at the at lodge in town, bought me supper at the at café where I had a Katahdin burger which was a double bacon cheeseburger that was too big for even my big mouth and fries, coke, potato wedges with bacon cheese and sour cream.  Not surprisingly I was still hungry after that.  Then gave me money for breakfast and bus fare.  He arranged someone to pick me up in the morning to take me to the bus station.  Raided the hiker box at the at lodge for more food and used some of the breakfast money and bought a large Canadian bacon and pineapple pizza from local pizza place and some pop at the at lodge. Weighed myself at the at lodge.  130 lbs.  all that food I ate must have made a difference huh lol.  Took a nice long shower as well. I feel 5 lbs. lighter now.  I am actually kind of glad to wake up and not have a mtn to climb or walking through bogs, mud ponds, slippery ass roots, rocks, boulders and other crap on the trail.  6 ½ months of that is enough for awhile.  I definitely glad for a break from that.  A nice soft be to sleep in as well. I will miss the freedom of the trail though which is why I started it to begin with.  But then again I  do need a break to let my body recoup and my wallet to recoup as well then head to the west coast for the from Washington to Mexico although I will stop at the border not go into Mexico.  Now if only I could talk someone into going with me.  It is kind of boring hiking alone although it is nice at times as well to have the alone time.  Just like everything else we will just have to see what’s what when the time comes. Such ends my Journey on the AT. 

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